The Guacs of March

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The photos say it all. It’s a guacamole weekend. Last night kicked it off with a buttered gold potato, layered with diced marinated pork tenderloin and shredded smoked gouda, with a green top. Zzzzz.

Cool again, a good thing that I didn’t put up the poncho for summer yet. About five days of a reminder, ending mid-week. I got all the errands done while it was warm, so I’m not too concerned. No frosts. Back to thermal socks. Myka gets more blanket time. Could be worse.

Got the inspection on the truck, went down to the square in the middle of the day that Blue Bell broke its daily tour record. Tourists as thick as flies. But the sticker is on the windshield. Only thing on the todo list for the rest of the month is mad money.

Popping out

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Brenham is blooming.


Bluebonnets and paintbrushes

Made a pharmacy and store run this morning. Not much bought at the grocery, but I was in the neighborhood. Replacement spaghetti and sauce was the big item. I put off the inspection, as the truck injectors were a little dirty. I added some injector cleaner to the gas tank and went wildflower photographing, to clean them a bit. Maybe tomorrow or Wednesday.

DST is a pain. Getting used to 0000 UTC being at 7 pm takes a little patience. Thank goodness I don’t have a regular schedule.

Just another splat on the wall.

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It was a busy week, and my body started complaining loudly. So I had Friday as lump day, over 12 hours sleep. But that was after sputtering Thursday. Saturday was a little better, but I decided, “Why spoil a good thing?”

Weather has been more ping pong, cool and warm. It was warm this afternoon, in the lower 90s, and the AC was tested for a few hours. It’s also had the windows closed for 50s. Winds have been serve and volley. Winds are about to turn around to the north again tonight.

I have a number of errands that I put off, that I still need to run, pharmacy, grocery, truck inspection, AT&T Store… Next week. At least I had a good soak while it was warm. There are a few chores, laundry, ice bin, Myka. But most are done.

I finally tried ChatGPT, yielding to their request for a phone number for security purposes (texting a code). It’s useful as a research tool. I found inaccuracies, but by and large, it’s a good platform for hunting down first round/ballpark information. But it is of no use whatsoever to comedians. It has a terrible sense of humor. It doesn’t appreciate literary license. Another grammar cop.

I finished the first two seasons of Mandalorian. It was okay, though definitely Disney.

Switching to DST.

Alphonse Mucha

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Stable engine rendering in the style of Alphonse Mucha.

I have rendered 50 new AI images (Stable Diffusion) with the following text prompt, “Beautiful woman with flowers in her long flowing hair, 8k resolution, painting by Alphonse Mucha.” I will cull the 50 into what I feel is an entertaining new gallery here on site. Some, like the title image above needs no photoshopping, while others are begging for a retouch. I don’t have a specific number of images planned, but rather what is suitable in effort at retouching for a person my age. (I may as well start playing that card.)

Mucha helped immensely to define art nouveau in the end of the 1800s in Paris. His work always fascinated me, and it seems a good test for the AI engine. With testing, I found that the Stable Diffusion engine produced the best style. Some have been delightful, some have been challenging, some have been a train wreck. It will give me something to do to bring the project into an exhibit.

I thawed 2 lb of ground chuck for spaghetti sauce, to be made in the very near future, as in hours. One serving of baked potato soup is left. The tuna mac is gone.

I had to repair the toilet. The refill valve/float clogged. I had a replacement, but the hose broke, and there was no replacement. I had to get a valve and hose the next morning (Monday), shut off the main water and water heater and replace the assembly. No leaks, no breakage, a proper installation. I’m flushing again.

I took my selfie stick and phone and photographed the truck’s muffler, and there is no problem with it. It’s still in great shape after 6 years. So off to get it inspected this week.

Windows are open for the second night in a row, with another in line to join them. Lower 80s/upper 60s.

In like a lion

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Cool front passing through, some rain, a 15°F temp drop, with another 10°F to go. Not cold, but not balmy either. I’ll need sleeves before the night is over.

I went by Pioneer tonight and saw no jam session. I didn’t see any customers either. So I didn’t miss anything. I’ll need to inquire. It might be seasonal. Or it might have been the weather.

Rafael Cruz announced on the US Senate floor that March 1st is Texas Independence Day. Fine and dandy, except that it falls on March 2nd.

Half way through the baked potato soup. The pulled pork is gone. Made tuna mac, much to Myka’s glee. She has TJ for a few days. Nothing on sale at the store that interests me. Spaghetti coming up fairly soon.

Next week starts the truck red tape.

Wind out

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Winding out the month of February. Sunny, mid 70s, moderate breeze from the northwest. A pleasant morning. The tree pollen, primarily oak, has been raging at 8 – 10 times normal bloom. I went through a pretty intense antibody adjustment, mostly behind me now.

March is truck month, inspection (it’s ready) and registration. Insurance got paid on the 20th, I got the card. So hopefully I’ll have it all done in the first week of March. (I learned my lesson to wait a couple of days for the inspection stations and registration to get updated forms and stickers.) I’m ready to roll.

I got the baked potato soup w/pork tenderloin made and the burger and sausage patties pressed yesterday. Glad to get those behind me. It was a good day for washing hands and dishes excessively.

Payday is Wednesday, the 1st. March is the month of the $214/mo income reduction. Been giving thought to what is extravagant in my diet. Actually, my spree with Apple is probably where it will adjust the most. Not worried that much about it. I can trim the fat. But not the baked potato soup.


Baked potato soup

Cool down

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We got grazed by the winter storm, the front stalled between here and Houston, a 10 – 15°F difference. In the 50s tonight, 60s tomorrow. Back in the 80s on Sunday.

I got the ground chuck Wednesday morning, 5 lb, two 2 lb packages added in the freezer, 1 lb in the fridge to press quarter pounders. The sausage patties will be pressed at the same time (when it warms back up). I also got milk, and baked potato soup is coming up soon. Boudin and pulled pork in the meantime. Maybe a bacon gouda burger.

I spent a couple of warm days doing spring cleaning chores: floors, rugs, stovetop, sinks, and more. The windows were open, and the healthy breeze whipped all the airborne dust outside through the screens.

I’m sitting the horde this weekend. They got put to bed last night, how eager they are to get in their cages for a biscuit. Two nights, for the duration of the bbq championship in Houston (rodeo).

Doing well in general. No big complaints. Myka is being an eager foot warmer, maybe for the last time for a while.


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It’s spring. Windows are open, afternoon temps in the low 80s, sunny, moderate southwesterly breeze from Mexico. People are active outside, yard work, construction projects, walking, driving, just being outside and soaking up the emergence from winter.

There is a grass sprouting in the front yard that Myka likes, so I can let the oat grass go dry and brown. It’s not crabgrass, but she seems to find it acceptable.

A near miss solar eclipse is happening now. Both the sun and moon are at 49° altitude here, and their paths are crossing, so less than a degree off from a shadow cast.

Pulled pork and pork tenderloin are thawed. I’ll make a store run tomorrow for milk, to make baked potato soup with the tenderloin. There are still refried black beans, and one more serving of tamales. So a lazy variety without complaints this week. Ground chuck goes on sale tomorrow, I’ll be stocking up. I plan spaghetti on the next cycle, using up what I’ve got in the freezer. I’ll have a pattie press day for the chuck and pan sausage. (Nice warm days for washing hands a lot.)

Trash and recycling duties today.

On the flip side

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The 32.2°F came and went this morning. Good riddance. It’s spring. Thoughts of hand washing my alpaca poncho, but not quite yet. The forecast is promising, but alas, it’s a forecast, not a prophecy. The cherry laurels are blooming. The remaining berries dropped overnight to concentrate on the flowering. I can wash the truck now.

Beef stew is lunch, a thawed quart divided three ways, not the usual two. Tamales and refried black bean/cheddar tacos fill the shortfall. A chocolate creme pie splurges.

I made the store run last night, grabbing fajita chicken, Easter candy, minis, flautas… Stocked up.

Mardi Gras weekend.

YouTube did indeed change the protocol, less than 8 characters centered around an @, an easy fix.


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The last cool snap of the season (knock on wood) is in progress, temps in the 30s this morning. Forecast shows that unbroken spring starts on Sunday, with a string of 80s through the week. While there is always a chance of a cold snap in March, this could be the last poncho weather until autumn.

I might or might not get the kibbles for Myka delivered today. FedEx shows them in Dallas, but they could be on their way to Bryan, as their tracking can lag. Tracking still says on time. Tomorrow is plenty soon. The rest of the order is currently in Bryan, showing on the truck and out for delivery today.

Stable engine base images are now free at NightCafe. DALL-E 2 is still 1 credit per render. I reached 1236 credits. I went through my collection and enlarged favorites. Now I’m down to 1170.

YouTube has switched streaming protocol, wrecking all the video download clients. Waiting to see how long it takes for the developers to respond.


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Coming to the third day in a row that reached the 70s. Windows were open yesterday. A green lacewing landed on the screen. The cherry laurels are blooming again, while dropping their berries. It’s spring, early on, but it’s spring. Tomorrow won’t feel like it, but it’s spring. Wind is forecast to turn around from the north after midnight.

There is two tacos’ worth of guacamole left. Whew! What a batch. Chicken fajitas will finish it off.

I think today is tire day. I think. I’ll know if and when I get there.

The week has been pretty uneventful thus far. Lots of sleeping. Myka has adopted the boxes as her new home, lots of elevated privacy for her there.

I got the tire for the truck today, took a little over an hour, mostly waiting for a stall to open up. I managed to pass the time playing games on the phone. On the way home, the truck did not pull to the right, even on a crowned surface. So no alignment needed. It’s done and behind me. Now it’s ready for inspection and registration (and insurance) in March.

Myka’s kibbles is not in stock in SE Texas, so I ordered some online. Two bags, plus Temptations (could buy locally), and a 1T USB stick, for free shipping. The stick is USB 2.0, which is why it’s so inexpensive. But it completes the line of sticks, one of each: 4G, 8G, 16G, 32G, 64G, 128G, 256G, 512G, 1T. The important thing, Myka escapes the great kitty kibble shortage.

The windows have been opened for two afternoons, weather getting up around 80°F, with on and off sunshine. 7 pm and the windows are still open. They are forecast to close for three days, then back to spring in progress, through the end of the month. Winds to turn around shortly after midnight.

The guacamole is gone, the last of it vanishing with chicken fajita on a couple of flour tortillas. What an event. So now I’ll thaw a liter of beef stew for the cool front. Boudin, brats, tamales, spuds, refried black beans… Plenty of quick fix. Probably a bacon gouda burger in the mix.

If I can pay for truck insurance late this month, mad money is handled. Storage paid.


I can be lazy today.

Pant pant

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I’m eating guacamole as fast as I can. Started with the fajitas, then chips, then squishy tacos. I’ve put a dent it, but there’s still plenty to go.

The Super Bowl was exciting this time.

No 30s tonight. The poncho is off. In the 50s, dropping from the mid 60s. 70s coming for a few days.

A tire is the next project. Best get it behind me.

Fajita guacamole

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Chicken fajita/guacamole tacos, definitely a winner. I’ll try a bacon gouda burger with guacamole tomorrow. Other options as well, perhaps eggs ackley.


Sunny weather, on the cool side, mid 30s tonight, 50s during the afternoon. There is forecasted to be one more cold snap on Thurs/Fri, then springtime, if the forecast can be trusted. I’m ready for it.

Myka has taken to the boxes in the front room, big time. She is up off the cold floor, good view out the windows, comfy cardboard, happy cat atop the stack.

Neighbors on the corner moved out today. UHaul truck, strong backs, trash bins on the curb, cars and curtains are gone. I also got a glimpse of the neighbors on the other side, a couple, 20s or 30s. Still no sign of kids or pets. Lots of totin’ goin’ on in the neighborhood.

Avocados are 23% cheaper in the US, compared to the first of the month.  This year marks the second highest import of avocados from Mexico for Super Bowl weekend.

Sliders arrived, not what I was seeking. Maybe if they can be broken in.

if I could only fly

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I wouldn’t need to go get a new tire.

…and my arms would be very tired. (Get a camera drone.)

Three large green avocados (on sale) are sitting on the kitchen counter, and fresh pico de gallo is in the fridge. There will be guacamole for Super Bowl Sunday (regardless of whether I watch the game or not).

The front room might get filled this afternoon. Not counting chickens.

Finally got around to doing laundry.

The rain finally went away and let the sun shine.

The boxes got moved in today, a couple of short rows at eye level (4 high). Myka had a heyday sniffing everything. I think she’ll like it as soon as she gets used to it.


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The windows are open for the second day in a row, following 18 days of cold and wet enclosure. One more nice day of airing out the house before it closes down again, though not as cool as what lies behind. It’s time to close the windows for the night.

Got the blood draw this morning, a quick in and out. There was only a single vial this time. The results are not available yet, so I’m not sure which test was done. The fast was the nuisance. Breakfast was a pleasure.

Had to make a store run on Saturday night. The melamine scoop for the litter box broke when trying to dislodge a wall clinger clump. So I got a couple of cheap, flimsy scoops, the only thing I got. (Self-checkout to save face.) I then ordered a couple of the hefty melamine scoops, along with a pair of slider sandals and a meat tenderizing roller, to make free shipping. Scoops due Thursday, the rest next week.

Just got a fresh bag of ice. No competition this time of year.

Had Popeye’s spicy last night, with onion rings and curly fries. The latter was so that I could rebag the new fries and rings in zips. They got me through the fast, largely because they put me to sleep for more than half the fast time. Tonight, dinner will be brisket sandwiches. No complaints.

Tomorrow is tire day, I think. I don’t have anything else planned, and the weather will be nice.


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Not spring yet, though low 70s are forecast for this weekend. Crawling out of the wet five day tunnel that didn’t get out of the 30s. At least we didn’t get the ice storm that hit west and north. Dodged a bullet. Tired of the cold, but at least it was a good bug killer. I am looking forward to the rebound, and I know I’m not alone in the sentiment.

In contact with Apple, seeing if I can get rid of the two factor nag on the phone and pad. It’s getting ridiculous.

Made a light store run Thursday evening. Bread, tortillas, minis, flautas. No further need until Monday, if that. Brisket and baby back ribs are the mainstay. Finished off the pastrami. Brats before that. Still have pate, dogs, and tamales.

Quiet weekend thus far.

As I suspected, the nag is part of the base system, considered an upgrade feature. It can not be cured or toggled. It just must be tolerated, and perhaps it might be addressed to remove the nag window and stay in Settings. I spent an hour and a half in a second phone conversation with Apple Support.

It made it to 64°F today. Aaaaah…

Cold and messy

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It has finally reached 40°F, after five days of constant 30s with rain. The freezing rain was a near miss, the ice storm to the west and north knocked out a lot of power locally. So while quite miserable for the better part of a week, we dodged a bullet. I haven’t shaved since it started, so I am sporting quite a stubble.

The front room is still empty. Not my problem.

I postponed the blood draw until Monday. I’m glad I did, yesterday was a most miserable morning to be out.

Another bag of ice. No competition at the self-serve.

I fumbled through the freezer when it was 33°F to thaw some brisket and a couple of baby back ribs. My fingers did not fare well and required lots of hot water to recover. So I dug up my my heavy marker (still wet after 10 years) and labeled the bags. Now I don’t need to guess, just read and grab.

Nothing planned this weekend, but I will get a tire and alignment, plus the blood draw, this coming week. It will be considerably warmer.

The migration

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I have emptied the front room, to make room for Tom’s storage. It was two days of creative topology. The house will be chaos tomorrow. Myka has been trying to deal with all the changes, and she’ll have lots to sniff tomorrow when the dust clears.

The Anchor Hocking glassware and the breadbox arrived today, adding to the chaos. They are getting their first washing tonight. All the round ones plus caps are currently in the drying rack. I had to wash dishes first, as there were too many to work around. All the migration elsewhere created a sink jam by priority. Two square bowls and breadbox are waiting for the round ones to dry. The lids are not as tight as the 1 cup set, but I like them nonetheless.

The second kitchen chair is now in the office, to my right, between the long table and aluminum folding table. A perfect fit. Myka likes it, watching my every move, just out of reach. It doesn’t look all that different, but there are some tight fits that were not there last week. Subtle alterations. The only thing obvious is the empty boxes and bags of packing (bubble and peanut), and that which isn’t used will depart via the bins.

The mad money got spent. The only event on the immediate horizon is the blood draw early Wednesday morning, after an eight hour fast. What a way to greet the month. At least I get to put off the storage run until the weather improves. It’s been wet, every day, with a few more to go. Steady mid-30s for 48 hours… Bleech. Get a tire when the weather clears.

There is not much else going on. The place is prepped, my work is done. I need to get my focus on a blood draw and containing Myka tomorrow.

Winding up the month

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I managed to get the storage rent to go through, and I put off the tire until next month. I ordered a 30 piece set of Anchor Hocking snug fit bowls (15 + lids), like the ones I have, only in multiple sizes. I also ordered a snap lidded plastic bread box, to serve as a second ice bin, which can travel inside the cooler. They will arrive early in the week. That leaves me with $14 mad money to spend before Wednesday.


New neighbors at the rental, no clear sight of them yet. My guess is middle age couple. No sign of kids or critters. Time will tell.

Lost a neighbor on the other side, it seems. After the police incident a week ago, the blond haired woman with the silver pickup seems to have left. I saw furniture in the back of the truck the last time it was parked on the curb. I haven’t seen it since. The other two cars remain in the driveway.

Made mashed potatoes, essentially baked potato soup with less milk. Spuds, milk, butter, pork tenderloin, garlic, lightly spiced, w/cheddar topping. It prevented me from finishing off the stew in the fridge, for a few hours at least. Plenty more in the fridge to eat when they run dry.

Blood tests on the first of the month, early in the morning. Eight hour fast before on Tuesday night.

Slow down

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End of the month details, mid-week details. I’ve been a home body for the better part of a week, leaving the house only to get ice. I’ll be making a pharmacy and store run later today, not a big one. I’ve put off the truck tire until early next week. I want to see how the storage rent, which hasn’t shown on the bank account yet, turns out before I buy. Haven’t cooked anything since the stew, haven’t needed to. Well, mashed potatoes need to happen before the spuds and milk turn.

Trash and recycling were the main chores. I have a few dishes to wash, nothing nasty. I just tend not to want to do dishes on cold days, with evaporative cooling. Otherwise, I’m on top of things. Hasn’t been that much to do.

Playing more music lately. Watching Wednesday (Tim Burton). For all its plusses, it’s still TV.


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Beef stew

It took a while to get the stew started, because of other things wanting priority, and a dose of procrastination, but it got done nonetheless. It was planned for 16 hours cooking, but ended up 12 hours, as I fell asleep before switching from high temp to low. No harm done, except that it was done shortly after breakfast. It totaled six quarts. Three full one quart containers went into the freezer, while a full two quart container went into the fridge. The remaining one quart went into me. It took awhile afterwards before dessert would fit inside me.

The house next door is being shown, but no one has bitten yet.

It got down to freezing this morning. Not below, but just at, at least at the airport. I think it was 34°F here. Not so cold, mid 40s, forecasted for tonight. Lots of blue skies and sunshine.

The three new Apple products updated tonight. I managed to catch it during a relative lull. I had a software non-function, so I updated it, and in the process, discovered the system updates.


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Myka was on the other side of the furnace from the kitchen when the can of tuna was opened. She never heard it coming. But 15 seconds after the first puncture, the first aromatic molecules went through the central heating and met Myka’s nose. Two seconds later, she is in the kitchen, talking her head off. Monster. But a happy one. For now.

Kitchen is ready for making beef stew. Most of that is washing spuds and carrots, and wielding a blade. Everything else is done. Stage center.

It rained today, not too uncommon lately. Not a whole lot, we have been getting a lot of stray cells, five minute showers. Things are close to the vest, a couple of quick store runs for the stew, but otherwise in the warmth. Lots of 50s outside.

The police showed up next door, on the corner. Two cars, and then a specialist. I heard sirens on the way, but not here. I wouldn’t have noticed it, had it not been for the strobing colors on the wall. Not going to get nosy.

I finished cleaning up the jam tracks. Some have merit.


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Marinated pork tenderloins, at a price I just couldn’t resist. Now can I find the freezer space?


Turn around

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I spent four hours plus in Bryan yesterday, plus an hour there and an hour back. It was a fairly active visit, no idle down time to speak of. And I came home with music files. It was quite an enjoyable visit.

It was serious lump time when I got back. I didn’t eat all evening, because it meant getting up and doing something. The bbq sandwich I had there, plus a few snacks, was sufficient to carry me into today. It took awhile to get to sleep, wound up from the day’s activities. But I finally did. So I should recover.

I now have chores, marinating the pork tenderloin, folding laundry, filling the ice bin, feeding Myka, feeding myself, etc. I also need to go fill the truck. I got gas on the way out of town, so no serious need to immediately top off. There are a couple more days of warmth and open windows before it turns cool again, and that spell will linger through the end of the month.

The weekend was a quiet one, starting cool, but then bouncing back into the 70s. Not a whole lot to speak of happening outside the usual. I sat the horde for a couple of days. Lots of same ol’ same ol’. The second batch of guacamole came and went, chili cheese spud, refrieds and rice, finished off with chips. Made sausage gravy, one more serving there. No major complaints.

AI chit chat

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The avocados are getting there, but they’re taking their time, like the first batch, but darker. Chili dogs are gone.

I have chatting online at using the folding chair character. It’s a comedy routine, but like any of the characters, it operates on what it learns. To analyze any AI, you need an array of inputs. First, ask it about itself, let it fantasize. Second, answer some of its questions. Third, give it purely human experience. Note: be careful not to get too original, it absorbs everything like a sponge.

I’m pondering giving my phone number. I have access to plenty of AI. I understand their desire for security, but I have access to most of their software elsewhere online. I don’t need to go to the source. I’m not looking for the API. I’ll think on it.

Chores getting done in good order. Windows were open today, but not likely for the next few ahead. Next week will be nice. Had a hot soak before the cool down. Taking in a few movies.