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We had a rowdy jam, electric. I didn’t bring any sound equipment, but two amps showed up, and we had a bass player, and the lead guitars were hot. All in all, a good time. There was an audience and we had consistent applause. It took a few songs for my voice to come around, but I found it for the second half.

I brought home a tub of chili, and it went in the kitchen freezer. I had to shift the hambone to the back, vertical, swapping it with the TLT boil stock. The chili sat atop the remaining poundcake.

I missed another spaghetti dinner. I held off eating heavy before the jam, and I zonked out after the jam. I’ve got to quit doing that. Sketti or bust!

I made a store run, a light pre-weekend list, no cart or basket, everything in my hands. Bread, bacon, Goldfish.

Tonight will be the last night forecasted in the 50s until October (?). We’re back in the 80s today. Windows will soon be opened full time.

I finished the poundcake. Now it’s Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla w/strawberry puree. I also had a hefty serving of spaghetti. Now if I can manage a pork chop and egg for breakfast, I’m set back on schedule.

Only thing lagging is laundry, and there’s not that much.

Night storm

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There was a storm last night that made up for the poor showing from the eclipse storm. About an inch total. And there is a cool (70°F) northwest breeze, 12/G 20, bringing sunshine with it. The front has blown out the rain and most of the cloud cover. I could open the windows on the downwind side of the house, but nah. Not worth it. The house is fresh enough.

I’ve been on the pokey side, not full lump, but nowhere close to manic either. I missed spaghetti last night, but considering the way that the spudacado filled my stomach, it’s understandable. I’ll be having another serving this evening. But I have almost finished the poundcake, and I’ll be switching to Blue Bell to finish the strawberry puree. I had a pork chop and egg for brunch, after a kolache for early breakfast. Myka enjoyed the nibbles.

I have a few dishes and laundry to do. Nothing arduous. It’s time to be resting for tomorrow’s jam session.

Marathon wake

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I have finished off the avocados, leaving me with spaghetti, pork loin, and potatoes as the mainstay. The marinated pork loin will go mostly as pork chops with an over easy egg for breakfast/brunch. The rest will be diced and go with the potatoes (+ cheddar). That leaves a serving of spaghetti for dinner. There are a lot of servings to go. It is the marathon’s wake. There are still tamales, brats, and andouille as filler.

Had a long soak while it’s still warm. A cool spell is coming for the next three days. (Cool is a relative term, forecasted lows in the 50s, the last of the season.)

Chores are done. Laundry tomorrow. Otherwise a routine day. Thursday is a jam session. Weather should be good. I intend on attending. I’m hoping to be ready for it.

I’ll be changing water bottles this weekend, from magenta to cyan, noting the change of seasons. Cool for summer, warm for winter.

Dark storm

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There was thunder during the eclipse, as a storm front made its way from the coast to here. The heavy rain missed, only moderate rain fell here. So being outside for the eclipse was not in the cards. Didn’t bother with photos.

I ate poundcake w/strawberry puree and whipped cream as consolation. It was also celebration for having finished off the four bags of protein in the fridge (TLT, ham, brisket, St Louis taco meat). I thawed a pork loin section, to be diced for use in spudacado tomorrow morning and as slab cuts for pork chops w/over easy eggs for breakfast. That will complement the spaghetti, which starts tonight.

No post-weekend store run, nothing was needed. The dents in stock were not deep enough to require action. I’m still racing time to finish the final freezer door push, not thinking acquisition. The circular releases at midnight, not interested in what’s on special. I can barely close the freezers as is.

It’s a slow evening. Not much energy.


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Spending lots of time sawing logs, ZZZZZZ. I need it, but it’s not helping the appetite.

Making sandwiches. Turkey, brisket, ham and egg. I need to make more so I can move on to pasta. One avocado is turning ripe, so breakfast will be spudacado w/St Louis taco meat. An uphill food fight…

I think I am lacking appetite, partially because I feel like I’ve done enough work in the kitchen already. I am rebelling at the thought of doing more, even if it’s minimal.

The windows got closed at midnight, a little late, but I was asleep. And then I promptly went back to sleep for another five hours. Alas, it’s the weekend, nothing much going on anyway.

There will be more relaxation today and tomorrow.


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Letting the air out of my tires. Breakfast was a sketti sandwich. I fell asleep before the spaghetti sauce was cool enough to transfer over to a storage tub. It was cool enough when I woke. So I ladled the sauce over to the tub and put it in the fridge. Then I grab a couple of pieces of soft bread and sopped up the sauce that the ladle couldn’t get. My favorite way of keeping the wash cloth/pad from turning orange. And an easy breakfast.

So when the skillet gets washed, I’ll be done with the last kitchen marathon of the season. It won’t be long before the oven is decommissioned for the summer (not turned on). Now there is the matter of dicing the St Louis Brown Sugar test strip into taco meat, but that is from a prior marathon, so it doesn’t deserve inclusion. Spuds will go there. *sigh*

Now I can kick back and rest for a while. I have full freezers, and a fridge that requires a healthy appetite. I am prepared for summer. Let the heat come. (Just don’t be in too big of a hurry.)

(Right click to view photos full size in separate windows.)

The dishes got washed and put away, all the meats are prepped for quick assembly, all chores are done. The fridge looks like a rush hour pileup, but the freezer doors shut. The episode is over, put to bed.


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Brisket, 9 lb

Tombstone Mesquite rub, 197°F at the fat end core. Cooling for cutting into sections and bagging.

Cutting up the ham into sections comes next, once the brisket is in the fridge.

Sliced, from the skinny end, above ^^ on the left

The brisket has gone from the fridge into the freezer this afternoon, sans the end piece, shown above, which is still in the fridge for a couple of sandwiches. Once frozen, the bulk of the brisket will be moved into the top loader. I’ve been hesitant to carve up the ham, wanting to see how much space there is left in the top loader when the brisket is added. Eight pounds of protein takes up a little space when bagged. The ham bone will stay in the kitchen freezer. And I’m a little sluggish after tending the brisket off and on for the last 16 hours. The kitchen is back in order, dishes washed, etc.

The strawberry puree is also in the freezer. I pulled one of the oldest two for thawing. That makes six in the freezer, one every two months. The Caribbean rice is now history. Myka just finished off the cooked shrimp, but I saved a few out of the package for her to nibble. So I now have a little space in the fridge, but it’s still pretty packed. Brisket, TLT, tamales, brats, andouille, dogs, cheese by the ton, cake, and a bunch more of the usual stuff. Easy reach is full, available space is by the back wall.

Sunny, breezy, windows open, mid 70s. A gorgeous day.

I am holding off on the shoulder roast until I’m certain that I have room for the excess stew in the kitchen freezer. I have all week to let the dust settle here. It goes on sale once a month on the average. I’d rather wait than freeze the roasts, and I can make it when it warms up a bit. No big hurry, as I just finished off the last of the previous batch, and I have spaghetti on the menu next week. But it is definitely on the list for the indeterminate future. And there is pulled pork in the crock pot to consider. Too much is too much.

Carving up the ham is next, at the proper time.

Well, the brisket filled the top loader. That reads: lean heavily on the bags to get them pressed low enough for the seal to close securely. I’m going to have to get creative with the ham. What can I thaw? Make spaghetti sauce now? That’s a starter.

YES!!!! The ham fit in the freezer! Whew!

I moved the seven burger patties from the kitchen freezer door to the large skillet on the stovetop to thaw. They have thawed and are ready to chop and fry, drain, and add the sauce. The newer patties in the top loader were moved to the kitchen freezer door, basically the same fit. I also thawed the St Louis Brown Sugar taco meat. That created enough space for the ham.

Of note, the ground chuck burger patties (1/3 lb) are on sale for $3/lb, basically $1 each. Bulk ground chuck is on sale for $3.79/lb. Using burger patties instead of bulk ground chuck saves 79¢/lb. I have no qualms in chopping up the patties.

The hambone went in the kitchen freezer, replacing the poundcake that was pulled to go with the thawed strawberry puree. So everything fits as only an experienced topologist could achieve. Creative Topology 241.

Fridge: TLT, ham, brisket, bacon, tamales, brats, andouille, hotdogs, a ton of cheese, cake, strawberry puree, eggs, and soon, spaghetti sauce.

So now, it’s sketti sauce time. Then I’ll be done.





Brisket and ham

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I made a run to the store to get two jumbo pineapples for 77¢, to make pineapple puree, but they were sold out. Alas, I got two 1 lb packages of strawberries on sale for 99¢ instead. That will give me seven pints of strawberry puree total. I wouldn’t have gotten them, except I have a tradition of getting 99¢ strawberries for puree, and while the earlier ones were on sale, they weren’t 99¢ strawberries. Ah, traditions, compulsive behavior, impulse buying, call it what you like.

I also got minis, a ham, and a brisket. The ham was a solid one, not the spiral cuts that were advertised and sold out, but the same 97¢/lb price. Since the majority of the use will be diced, I judged it sufficient. The brisket was sort of on sale, reduced price, but not a full reduction. I got the smallest one there, which should last me awhile with what I already have in the freezer. I will be roasting the brisket tomorrow, maybe starting tonight, since it’s the coolest day this week.

I think that I can fit the ham, pulled pork, and brisket in the top loading freezer. The pulled pork will be the fence sitter, since the Boston butt is still frozen, and it’s a slow cooker item. I’ll be getting shoulder roast next week when it goes on sale, for beef stew, another slow cooker recipe. The stew excess will go in the kitchen freezer, along with the strawberry puree. It will be a tight fit on both ends. The only thing not accounted on the cook-for-summer list is rib eye, and those can be frozen raw. And if they aren’t available before the heat turns on, I’ll survive awhile without them. I’m not going to go hungry if there aren’t any.

It will be around 50°F for the next two nights, good for the brisket slow roast. It’s the last major piece of meat to be in the oven this spring. I got the brisket at the price it was, because I didn’t want to delay oven use any longer than necessary at this point. The oven can go idle for the summer. I think the Tombstone Mesquite will be the rub. The pulled pork will get St Louis Brown Sugar. None for the stew and ham. I’ll be glad to get the final items on the summer target list behind me, get down to the strictly thaw and eat phase. Then I can get back to spring cleaning.

So there will be logistics in the kitchen, and the spaghetti will get bumped again, until I recover from the butchering chores, making little cuts out of big cuts (all day). But I have plenty on which to coast. The Caribbean rice has one serving, but the turkey has at least two more sandwiches, and a test piece of brisket will remain in the fridge until it vanishes. Tamales, brats, dogs, andouille, chicken fajita, taco meat, spuds… The schedule will adapt nicely, and there is a matching cool spell next week for the spaghetti.

It’s a nice sunny day, moderate wind from the north, low humidity. A pleasant afternoon with a fresh breeze through the house. There won’t be many more like this for quite some time.

11 pm

Tombstone Mesquite rub, 9 lb brisket

April Foo

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Back in the mad money. It was payday this morning. Haven’t spent any of it. Nothing on the shopping list. No wild hairs either. No hurry, after having caught up from truck month. The only foreseeable expenditure is Spring Fling at the end of the month, and I don’t expect much there. I may be grabbing cash back at the stores this month, since my wallet was drained of everything but ones by truck inspection and registration.

The windows were open all night, as it never dropped below 70°F. A bit of a Gulf bred fluke this early in the season, but a hint of things to come. Short sleeves, sweating glasses, AC, mosquitoes… But hey, better than winter any day. 82°F for the high.

Thinking about a second burger, this time with the Louisiana Cajun rub. It’s been long enough since the first burger test to not wreck digestion. Get it in sufficiently before I move on to spaghetti. Not complaining about the turkey and rice options, just an issue of timing. I don’t see another taco meat thaw until after spaghetti, and there are four to go (Santa Fe, Tombstone, St Louis, Tequila Lime).

There is getting to be space available in the top loader, enough for pulled pork. So I expect that to happen in the near future, even though I may not eat more than a single sandwich right away for testing. And tonight is the new grocery circular. Texas style ribs (stew), brisket, and rib eye are on the watch list.

A fairly slow day, chores are minimal. A little achey, but not bad.

Cajun burger report: I went a little heavy on the rub, but I’m brave when it comes to heat. It wasn’t quite what I expected, but not all that hot, at least while there was food in my mouth. The after-burn was more prominent than the burn, but it wasn’t anything that I’d call hot. The initial taste is savory, mild, but definitely with a cajun slant, and the heat only becomes readily apparent after swallowing. It’s not nearly as warm as what comes locally labeled as cajun. I think it is more suited for poultry, pork, or seafood than beef. Still, not bad. Glad I got it.


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I had the TLT/bacon/provolone sandwich for lunch. It was the fourth time I intended to eat one, but being the first one for Easter lunch was appropriate. It was enjoyable. Caribbean rice w/shrimp will be dinner. Myka will enjoy the nibbles. (again)

82°F for the afternoon high. A light overcast, but no rain in the area. Moderate breeze from the Gulf. A pleasant day. Short sleeves. A good day for spring fever.

Easter candy has been allotted for today, gobble it down with rationing limitations. It’s what it was made for.

Menu shift

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[For the 29th]

The prospect of brisket chili interrupted the projected spaghetti and TLT menu. Then the chili didn’t happen. So the sketti and TLT returned. But then I started wanting rice instead of pasta. And the seasoned burger satisfied at least part of my appetite for beef. So, the TLT half breast (#1 of 4) has thawed and is in the fridge. But instead of ground chuck, I’m thawing shrimp for Caribbean rice. I’ve been wanting to try the combo, so it’s on in place of the pasta. It’s never hard to talk me into shrimp.

It was almost crawfish étouffée, but I’ve had it before, fairly recently (the end of January). But I let my curiosity guide me this time. I doubt that I will be disappointed. And the étouffée will happen again. And Myka will love the shrimp nibbles. She has no idea yet.

There is not a whole lot going on today. I folded laundry, finally. The usual, Myka, horde, ice, et al. But nothing else. Diet has been finger food, no dishes. That will change, but it’s been quick fix for the last couple of days. Windows were open, southerly breeze, a spring day. 60s tonight.

It was a good Friday.

[For the 30th]

Caribbean rice with shrimp

I used salad shrimp (small) for this recipe, smaller bites, more bites. I have bigger, but it fits the dish well. I haven’t dived in yet, but soon enough. Myka approves the nibbles. And first TLT sandwich later.

Ran into the owner of the Pioneer at the ice kiosk. He asked why I didn’t make it. I gave the short explanation.

Windows opened before noon. High near 80°F this afternoon. An easy day. Things are going well.

Turn on, tune in, flop

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I had the truck loaded with sound gear and music, and at the last minute, it turned off, just not in the cards. So I managed to unload the truck. Not back in place, just inside. Oh well, onward with the sketti and TLT/bacon/provolone sandwiches. It wasn’t any one thing, it was just a cascade of many things hitting at once. Not completely incapable, but well below the bar for performing. I’ll get things back in place using priority. Stool first, get it out of the way. Mike stands, for the iPads. Guitar. Toys. Sound box.

At least that gets me off the hook on a store run. And I got chores done. Except feeding Myka, it was the last thing on the list before leaving, and first thing that didn’t happen. Otherwise, it’s a free night. (Well, folding laundry.) And Myka is hogging the LZB and not hitting me up for dinner.

I had a 1/3 lb burger, rubbed with San Antonio Porterhouse, w/gouda and bacon. Not bad. A little on the mild side, but savory. An enjoyable combo, smooth and tasty. Definitely repeatable. Favorable review. And a good way to test the rubs as a sprinkle seasoning.

I moved the guitar case into the office, one thing led to another, Myka is now at the door announcing dinner.

bypass surgery

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The truck had the heater core disconnected from the cooling system, using hose caps at the water pump, with the feed hoses removed to prevent mishap. The engine was heated and leak tested under pressure. So the truck is now road worthy and boogie ready.

When the heater core will be replaced is TBD. Around $30 online for the replacement. I have about 7 months before it’s needed again. But there is a period in the middle when temps and humidity will not be suitable for mechanical operations.

5.25 days to payday. There are no extraneous payments in April, and I still have $8 mad money. That will be gone this week. I have a short grocery list, half of it for Myka, though everything could wait until Monday. But there is no financial reason to wait. Nothing on sale attracts my attention, but I will no doubt get more Easter candy.

Chores are done, except laundry. Got into fresh duds after mechanic duty, but it’s too late to run the dryer. So it will wait until tomorrow. So the evening is mine.

One kitchen project besides spaghetti is testing the two new rubs. It won’t be on Texas style ribs, but it could be burger patties. San Antonio Porterhouse and Louisiana Cajun should work on burgers. The Tombstone Mesquite should work too, as a test reference for burgers. Otherwise, I’ll be dining on alternatives. There are plenty available.

It will remain on the cool side until Thursday. Slight chance of rain tomorrow in the PM. Thursday should be a nice day for the jam.

stewed out

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The stew is gone. I found out that Myka loves the soup from the stew. Unfortunately for her, it was from the last serving. I have my eyes open for Texas style ribs on special. Tonight the new circular comes out. I have all the other ingredients for it. I am also seeing space growing in the top loader, so pulled pork is on the horizon. All ingredients are on hand for it too. So the slow cooker will be busy in the near future. Spaghetti is the next thaw (ground chuck). One more hickory bacon taco to go before I’m down to alternatives. Not compelled to do anything about it. I enjoy the alternatives. Pizza, chicken fajita, brats, tamales, Popeye’s…

There was rain this morning, fairly heavy, but the train passed through without a lot of dawdling. I slept through most of it. 60s/70s, mostly short sleeve. Cleared out for the afternoon. Windows shut at sunset. Looking to bypass the heater core on the truck tomorrow. Should be sunny and 60s.

Things are fairly unperturbed. Stuff gets done without fuss. Isn’t that much to do. Lots of time for reflection and distraction. I still have $8 of mad money to go. I’m surprised I made it this far with any, but I haven’t been spending much, haven’t needed anything to speak of. Truck registration hit the cash reserve, but I still have lots of $1 bills for the ice machine. Only 3 days to payday.

I’ve been trying to figure out what needs to get done before summer. Before it stops for the heat. Before the oven shuts off. What I can do in AC. Trying to get a map of when the deadlines are. It’s that time of year.

Plop day

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It was a fairly docile Sunday, as most tend to be. Weren’t any chores to speak of, though I just got a bag of ice after filling the bin. Tending to Myka rounded it out. I didn’t mess with the heater hoses, it just wasn’t in the cards. I have the hose caps and band clamps (yesterday) for when the mechanical muse strikes. I preferred to take the day off. It has been a fairly eventful week. It felt good to be lazy.

Dry, but mainly overcast, not much direct sunlight. Mild temps, 60s, 70s, a little on the breezy side from the Gulf. Windows were open in the afternoon. A pleasant but slow day. Rain forecast for tomorrow.

Stew and taco meat #3 are the entrees. Plenty of alternatives on tap. Spaghetti on the horizon. No complaints, snacking a bit more than usual. Slowing the pace. I was eating pretty heavily to finish items that had been there awhile.

I’m about ready to turn my focus back on the office. I know when I’m focused on cleaning, other things are not misbehaving or demanding. I’ve been focusing on the next projects scheduling.

Hickory bacon

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Taco meat #3. (Right click for larger image in a new window.)

I got an avocado Thursday, and it is ripe tonight. So the thaw, slice, and dice of the Hickory bacon. Spudacado hickory will happen shortly. Tacos will come later. I still have stew to consume. Chili and cajun black beans and rice w/ham are history.

Truck is doing well. It didn’t go anywhere since Thursday morning. I still have hose and clamps on my mind, just haven’t pursued it yet. I spent a fair portion of the day and tonight catching up on sleep. So projects are slow in progressing. Slow poking.

Forecast is for the 70s, sunny, open windows, nowhere to go.

Hickory Spudacado

Checked and certified

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All three batteries topped off at 100%. And I topped off the tires as well. So the truck is roadworthy. My only question is whether the main battery will keep the charge, and I’m inclined to think it will. Time will tell.

So, the shopping list is empty, but I should make sure that the stock is weekend ready. I think I have enough bread. I have a fresh pack of tortillas. I can’t think of any shortage offhand. So no store run is needed.

There is rain in the forecast, and there is a patchy mass of light rain all around, with a few storms in its midst. Today is forecast for the 60s from the cloud mass. Tomorrow we return to sunshine and the 70s. We are firmly into spring.

Starting to think about a thaw for an entree. I may pull taco meat #3. Popeye’s wings is also an option, but neither is recipe stock. I am thinking spaghetti. It’s about time for pasta again.

More rain throughout the day. It got a little heavy at times. Not a whole lot got done. I finally finished off the beans and rice. They were still good. A tiny bit of chili left, and the stew has three more servings. Not going hungry.

I made a store run late this morning, during a dry spell Avocado, minis, bread, spaghetti sauce (replacement), kolaches, ice cream sandwiches, and more impulse Easter candy. (Yes, there is still mad money.)

The battery was good, energetic, charged strong after the start, as it should. My current prognosis is that it’s good to go for a while longer.

However, the heater core is getting worse. I need to bypass it soon.

The Continuing Adventures in Cold Wattage

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The spare battery took a full charge overnight. That gives me the confidence that I have a fully functional battery on the premises. I won’t be forking out any funds for a battery this month. I gave the stray battery a shot, but decided to put the charger back under the hood. That is where I want the next progress.

I have a feeling that the main battery will finish charging to full capacity. I think it was a gradual drain over the last several weeks/months, being connected during parking several times, and I haven’t given it a charge in quite some time (months, plural). It’s been slowly draining for quite some time, despite the highway miles chargings. But the battery is close to 5 years old.

The charger is 10A, and the battery is 650 CCA, 805 CA. That CCA equates (7.2X) to 90 Ah. Math says from dead state, the charge time is 9 hours. However, the dead state will not draw 10A from the charger, a safety mechanism reduces amp flow when the battery is low to prevent overheating, extending the time. So somewhere around 14 hours would be a closer estimate. I’ve already exceeded that. But there is a strong charge on the battery, starts well, lights are bright, so patience will supply the answer. And I’m not going anywhere.

Overcast day, low 60s at noon. Forecast says 68° for the high. I doubt that the windows will be opened today. Can’t complain about spring weather on the first day of spring.

About to break into the beef stew.

The main battery reached 100%. Whew. I’ll run it and see if it still keeps a charge. I have been neglecting them over the winter. It may still be fit. And I have a spare if it’s not. But so far, so good. The stray is getting its shot now. Then I’ll level off the tires and be done.

Enjoyed the stew. More to come.


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Well, the truck battery is good. I connected the negative terminal and the headlights came on. I think I turned the switch on to test the dead battery, and then didn’t turn it off. I don’t think it had anything to do with the battery drainage. It still hasn’t charged fully after 15 hours, but it should do nicely for errands, then finish the charge and get the loose ones too when I settle back home.

It’s down in the 40s this morning, a tad nippy. Hopefully this is the basement of the cool spell. Forecast says it is. It has me indoors rather than making progress on the truck. This afternoon will be far more progress friendly.

The meds are all ready at the pharmacy. Apparently the robo-answerer got the dates wrong, it was yesterday at 4 pm, not today. So with the active battery, I will run errands this morning. Nothing on sale next week that catches my eye, so I’ll get it all done today. Chips, cheese, tortillas, spuds. Not a lot on the list.

The stew has melted and is in the fridge, an all night process. Now I can wash dishes, when it warms up a bit. Chili, stew, beans and rice are the entrees. I’ll think about cooking heading into the weekend. I’ll make a run Thursday if needed.

I’ll be out with my phone’s camera to catch the state of the wildflowers today.

Bluebonnets and paintbrushes are looking good, though the rain sequence this winter, combined with mowing times, allowed the grass to compete with the blooms in most areas. Still, it’s looking pretty good.

Charging the spare batteries. The installed one still hasn’t reached full charge. I’ll go back to the main once the spares are full. I’m not full convinced that the main is going to prove trustworthy. I may swap out and see about a new one. But I’m not there yet.

The hair salon across the street looks like it may have closed. No one was there today. The decor has all been removed. There’s a sticky note on the mailbox. It looks dead as a business. Time will tell.

Oxalis articulate – wood sorrel


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New sticker on the truck windshield. Got the inspection and registration before noon. Done deal, to be forgotten.

This evening, the battery was dead when I headed out for ice. Of note, I left it hooked up after the courthouse run. And it has been a little sluggish the last week. It’s way past warranty, years. Even the replacement battery I got when I was having problems, is past warranty. But it has never been under the hood, just as a jumper battery. I am not concerned, the charger showed no problems with the battery, and it’s still charging, as it should. It hasn’t failed, but it may not be holding the charge as long. Both batteries, and the ancient loaner, will get a full shot. I’ll evaluate when done. I’m not worried.

Waiting on the scripts to get filled by the pharmacy. The robo-answerer said they’re in from central, they’ll be available tomorrow after 4 pm. I ordered Friday. They can do better. I’ll go Wednesday morning. I have enough for that long.

I may make a store run in the morning for a few items. Nothing on the list is dire yet. The Goldfish are getting a tad stale. Depends on where I get with the batteries. I also need to make the ice run, though I have a full bag and full bin.

I finished off the eggs ackley. Back to kolaches or flautas. I still have a few beans and rice, still good, and over half the chili. I’ll be having chili cheese spud tonight and make a dent there. I’m thawing the half gallon of beef stew for the cool days ahead. Won’t be cold, but cool enough.

I got to check out the wildflowers on 36 S today. Starting to fill in nicely. Nothing I want from the store is refrigerated, so I may pack my phone and hit the premiere spots. It’s getting there. The rains helped.

Nothing to complain about. It’s spring.

Brisket chili

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The jam session at the Pioneer has resumed with the spring weather. Second and fourth Thursdays. There were three leaders, small but adequate. The new strings on the Egee performed quite well. I didn’t follow on guitar, because my pads were not up to it. I followed on percussion (cabasa, clapper, spoons) which my anatomy could handle. That worked out well, as I lasted the whole session, voice and pads. I had a good time, and one of the kids in the audience complimented my playing.

I also came home with a tub of brisket chili. Last night, I had four chili cheese dogs (two at a time). Quite enjoyable. So I am cruising through the weekend on chili cheese spuds and dogs, cajun black beans and rice w/ham, and eggs ackley for breakfast. I used up the last of the still green avocados on breakfast tacos yesterday. No complaints, even though my appetite isn’t at max. I’m not hungry this morning, Saturday brunch seems likely.

I didn’t get the truck inspected yet. I was feeling on the funky side during the time slot I had for it on Wednesday, and I slept it off (as noted prior ↓). Since then, things haven’t been right for it. Next week. I still have two weeks to get it done.

I ordered refills for 5 of the 6 tablets online, but it didn’t take, and after not hearing from the pharmacy, I called and ordered them for Monday. I have enough to get me through Thursday on everything. And I don’t need anything on the shopping list this weekend. I might run out of Goldfish, but I can survive that.

Chores are light, laundry, litter, a few dishes, ice, Myka. Nothing burdensome. Weather is cooling, no more 80s for a while. 60s and 70s for highs, 40s and 50s for lows. Sleeves back on. Temps will start rebounding on Thursday. Had a little rain yesterday, not a ton, but some to help the wildflowers. Strong chance for more rain today and tomorrow.

All in all, doing well. Getting plenty of sleep. BP is behaving, for the most part, nothing extreme. Nothing specific fussing at me for long. Not complaining.

Harmonic overload

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New strings!

The Egee has a new set of Martin M190 strings. Strings are lock set and snipped close, tips bent down to avoid snags and pricks. She is tuned and thundering harmonics like a banshee. Only error I made was 1.5 too many winds on the E2 (the heaviest string), but it has so few winds, I feel a little safer that way. As usual, restringing 12 strings is a chore, but the stock, fret board, and sound board under the strings got a good dusting with a micro-cloth. So she’s clean and ready for the stage.

The jam session at the Pioneer is set to resume tomorrow night. I plan on being there, if it doesn’t rain. Forecast says it will hold off until after midnight. I look forward to it.

I had intentions on getting the truck inspected today, but my body disagreed. I ended up having to take a nap this afternoon, feeling a little woozed out. I wasn’t about to get behind the wheel in that state. The nap helped, but set me back into the high traffic hours (school/rush). Maybe tomorrow, if not, next week. I still have two and a half weeks to get the truck certified street legal for the last time. Next year, no more inspections.

Short shopping list for the weekend. I’ll have to think about it.

Thinking about a bacon gouda burger for dinner. I need a day’s break from the beans and rice, digestively. No reflection on the taste, which is quite enjoyable. A future note, one box at a time.

Dub a rub, dub a rub

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The rubs arrived this morning, a day late, due to the new USPS money saving, delivery delaying distribution protocols with the tracking not yet updated to match. They endured a bouncy ride, and the plastic containers were dented vigorously, and the plastic caps were broken, one worse than the other. The safety seals were still intact. I emailed the company and requested a pair of caps, and the reply said on the way. I like these folks.

So I now have: Tequila Lime BBQ, Louisiana Cajun, San Antonio Porterhouse, Santa Fe Woodfire, Tombstone Mesquite, St. Louis Brown Sugar, Hickory Bacon, Chicago Prime, Original. The first three are the large size. Add to it over half a dozen local rubs, cajun, tex, and mex. And the remnants of a few of my own. New toys in the spice box.

Another batch of eggs ackley

I finished the cooking projects on the menu, with eggs ackley, a 7 egg batch. It was made later than intended and anticipated, but alas, it got made. Lime juice has preserved the avocados. The black beans and rice w/ham is the other entree, with quick fix as the optional third course of the day. Tonight, le troisieme de la jour is pizza. Dessert is still chocolate creme pie.

Trash is on the curb, kitchen is in proper order, the floor swept and swiffered. All laundry is done. Fresh bag of ice is in the top loader. Besides feeding me and Myka and the related dish washing, and closing windows when it cools for the evening, there is restringing Egee. It has to be done, I can procrastinate no longer. If I don’t do it tonight, I will stay home for the jam session Thursday. As is, I’ve already cut it too short. Strings will be stretching, harmonics will be deafening, my fingers will be sore from the breaking them in… ugh. But then I can procrastinate for another five years. (Well, maybe cat years…)

The pharmacy keeps calling me, and when I call back, they don’t know why they called. Twice now. Closest I got was a question about some medication, but they couldn’t formulate the question. I’m more puzzled than they are. (At least on this one question, I don’t have any logistical issues with my meds on my end.)

Bluebonnets are showing, not full carpets yet, but definitely there. Another week or two and we’ll be nose deep in tourists. We have rain coming later in the week that will trigger them.


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Dishes are washed, washing machine is running, ice bin is filled. Only thing left on the list is eggs ackley, which is waiting on the cutting board at the bottom of the damp drying rack. A typical Sunday, most things are done, energy is low, last day of the weekend.

The Caribbean rice has vanished. Sweet and lightly sour, good with seafood. A delicate flavor, easy on the pallet. A full course of black beans and rice w/ham is waiting. The avocados are holding their green. I will have eggs ackley done before midnight. I’m in no trouble.

The rubs are due here tomorrow, as far as I can decrypt USPS tracking. Last definitive report I saw on Thursday read central California. Politic vague assurances since. It better be in Houston and headed directly here, it’s express mail.

It’s almost warm enough outside to open the house, almost. The house is pretty fresh from the week prior. And I’ll just stink it up sautéing onion and bell pepper anyway.

Everything happens at the proper moment. Or it doesn’t happen.

Rice revelry

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Cajun black beans and rice with ham. Yum.

It was a cool day, and it got off to a slow blustery start. But toward noon, at the end of my second morning nap, the Amazon delivery arrived. Myka got to sniff boxes, and I got to make room in the cupboard for the 23 packages. One of the boxes of Caribbean rice got made, along with the two remaining boxes of the first batch of black beans and rice, w/ham. They were staggered, the Caribbean rice finishing as the larger black beans were coming to a boil. I managed that by dicing the ham (Myka got nibbles) after the Caribbean rice went into simmer. There was just enough time to get it to a rest before beans came to a boil and the timer got reset. 30 seconds lag max. I got a taste of the beans, but that’s it. I’ve had it before, and I was curious about the Caribbean rice, which I enjoyed. So one more serving of the rice, four or five of the beans.

That leaves the eggs ackley, which is lagging. But I scooped the two remaining avocados and covered them in a splash of lime juice. That bought me a little time. Tomorrow. With a link of boudin, they menu should hold me for a few days. Plenty of alternative options.

Chores got done, the only ones waiting is washing the pot for the beans (soaking) and doing a load of laundry (daylight, neighbors). So I’m on top of things. Myka has been tended. Ice was managed for Myka. Pretty boring stuff. But that’s the weekends. It usually is.