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Well, the hard drives are all in order like ducks in a row, three 4TB USB 3.0 externals and the 500G Firewire system clone/catch all.  The backup drive still has the old folder order, but the backup files are all there, just needing a little shifting.


The desk has more room with two drives removed, making Myka happy.  That is not likely to last long, with the Mac Air addition expected this week or next.


I am trying to get the Esther’s photos retouched.  Eight have been completed and uploaded.  Almost halfway there.  My eyes are a little sore, but I did a pretty good job on the first ones.  One or two more days of Photoshop and I’ll have the existing scans delivered, internet willing.


Looks like the rain is finally drying out.  Temps will be returning to the low 90’s for summer’s finale.  Forecast is not calling for any more upper 90’s.  Not complaining.

New drive

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Well, the new 4TB drive has been erased and formatted, and all the 3D files have been copied over from the backup drive.  The 1.45TB transfer took 25 hours 14 minutes.   I am basically back to where I was before the SMC problem and the fry job on the 2TB.  Hopefully there won’t be any further problems.


I will be transferring the contents of the two 500G drives over to the 4TB and retiring the pair of USB 1.1 drives from the line up.  That will give me three USB 3.0 4TB drives and the 500G Firewire (+USB 1.1) system clone/catch all drive.  It will be a reduction of external drives from six to four.


Still no headway in finding the 2TB drive outside of the USB port reader in System Information (profiler).  Two options, get a USB 3.0 housing, if it doesn’t show up on the MacAir (when it arrives).  If neither of those work, the drive is dead.  $20 – 30 to verify would be worth it if the 2TB hard drive is still intact, and not too big a price if it’s a door stop.  It’s a 50/50 chance of it being the drive or the controller.  However, because the SMC was to blame, my suspicions lean toward the controller being fried.


Anyway, I will have old USB drives for whatever purpose.  But it feels good to be back to quo.  Now I can move the desk and get the new fi-op internet feed installed.  That was a delay that neither I nor my wallet needed.  The MacBook Pro is slipping further away.


On a lighter note, the Myka and the gecko story continues.



more baby back ribs

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Cooked another rack of baby back ribs.  Yummy, yummy.  Taking advantage of the cool August temps.  (Not everything is working against me.)



2 TB down

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Well, the 2 TB USB drive (3D collection) crashed.  Fortunately, it was all backed up and cataloged on the 4 TB backup drive.  Whew.  I have been having cut out problems with the USB in general, but I reset the SMC (System Management Controller), and that might have solved the problem.  Unfortunately, it may not have been soon enough to save the 2 TB drive.  I was able to bring up the drive, though there were problems, but now it won’t mount and it won’t display in Disk Utility.  I don’t know if it’s the drive or the USB controller, though probably the latter.  The data is still probably on the drive.  It’s probably cheaper, not to mention easier, to get another drive unit than a new housing for the hard drive.  Another expense I don’t need taking away from the new Mac purchase.  But at least there is no loss of data.  But I won’t be doing any 3D for a while, until I get another drive.


Since the SMC reset, the mouse has been steady, the catch all drive works fine on USB again, and things look okay, at least for now.  I’m hoping it stays that way.  There were a number of small problems, such as the temperature monitors, that were also giving me problems right before I’d lose the mouse.  So I think the solution is the right one.


Looks like I’ll be getting internet here, AT&T looks to be the choice.  Another $50/month drain on the finances.  I was hoping to sign the contract today, but alas, the USB issue has prevailed, setting the cleanup back another day.  I need to get some sleep.


For what it’s worth, the temperature has been downright pleasant with the Gulf system keeping everything overcast and rainy.  Had a low of 72°F last night.  I haven’t seen a temp that low since May.

three digits

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It finally hit three digits for the high temp, so this definitely qualifies as a mild summer.  And rain off the Gulf is headed in this direction, as well as approaching from the west.  It should give me a couple of days for cooking.


Still haven’t nailed 98.6°F, though the deviation is less than 0.5°, mostly subnormal.  I haven’t been expecting a swift recovery, but two weeks, with over a week of that being residuals, is better than three weeks of potent wide spectrum antibiotics.  I’m just about there, symptoms are all but gone.  Feeling pretty good by comparison.


Net connection has been the pits.  Can’t download anything without it dropping the handshake before it’s done.  I’m ready to get a new connection.


Blew out the kitchen sink drain with the puffing nozzle, and it drains better than I’ve ever seen it.  Well worth the money spent.


Pinching pennies.  I’m hoping that I can get a new laptop at the first of the month, but it may be October.  We’ll see.

Non-24 hour bug

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The fever lasted after the 24 hours in a couple of relapses.  Seems longer than 60 hours.  I’m ready to start eating again.

24 hour bug

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Just got done with a particularly nasty 24 hour bug.  Everything hurt, muscles, nerves, head, plus dizziness and nausea.  About the only thing spared was my respiratory tract.  Fever hung between 101° and 102°F for most of the time.  Lost 10 pounds of fluid.


Now to get cleaned up and back on with my life, which is already in progress.

Two years prior

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Me at Liberty Lunch in 1978.  Photo by Dan Hendricks.



scans and cameras

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Been giving the new 35 mm film scanner its first heavy assignment.  Some of the film has damaged emulsion, not real bad, but a Photoshop retouching nightmare.  Not all are bad and some will have quality image alternatives.  But it adds up to extra time.


Anyway, I found the original 4X5 copy negative of the Ratchett and Rose photogram, and I shot it with the Nikon at 14Mp, then subjected it to all sorts of Photoshop, and it came out rather well.  Not quite the original, being digital, but good enough for printing.


And I fond a few photos of me in my late 20’s up to 30.  This one was taken by Jeanne Baxter at 29, upon a return trip to visit Austin.  This was the look that won me second place in a Halloween contest for “coming as myself and having no one recognize me”.






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Been going through the proofs from Esther’s.  Songs and memories emerging from every corner of the brain.  I have everything set up for the scanning, the proof and negative boxes with quick and easy access.  New compressed air and cleaning brushes.  I’m just about ready to roll, four images to go, the ones that I knew would take the most work finding.


Did a major meat conversion this morning, from frozen raw, to frozen delicious.  Pork loins were $1/lb, so I thawed and marinaded the frozen one and froze the new one.  I’m working on the last section of cooked pork loin, so it was a timely endeavor.  The early morning aromas confuse the neighbors.  I have a pretty good selection of cooked stuff in the freezer now, easy on the summer diet.  I also thawed out a tub of strawberry puree.  After all, it is the middle of summer, and there is no pie, danish, cheesecake or other delights.


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Blue Bell Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream exists no longer.  It died this morning in the very wee hours.  Will Blue Bell resurrect it?


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Summertime lulls have arrived, cooking late at night, holing up during the day, and sleeping a lot.  Inspiration and ambition is hard to find.  It’s just so much easier to let time pass when the weather gets warm and muggy.


Focus is on not spending money.  The last two months have been expensive, spending most of what came in.  The good news is that I’ve gotten everything I need for now.  And I still have ample money in the bank.  But I need to clamp down if I’m going to get a new MacBook Pro any time soon.


Things are okay.  Can’t complain.  Just can’t get excited much.

Off to Bryan

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Heading to Music School today.  My fingers and voice have been sorely neglected the last six weeks.  Tonight will reveal just how badly the neglect has set in.


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I am relieved from kitten duty.  I think Myka misses her, as strange a twist as that may be, considering all the hissing.  Or maybe it’s just disbelief that the kitten is truly gone.


Time will tell if she’s wrong.

Teh Kitteh

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Here she is, very affectionate.



Kitten duty

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I got volunteered for kitten duty again.  This one is a solid black female, adorable and very affectionate.  She had an infected eye and a mild cough.  She has responded well to treatment, and the eye is now clean and the cough all but gone.  I am ceasing the eye drops, as they are a major hassle.  The oral antibiotic she is lapping down like a kid with ice cream.


Myka has not been amused, as I figured, turning into grumpy, hissy cat.  Before, she didn’t want in my air conditioned office, now she stays in it, unless I kick her out for being a grumpy cat.  All of her stuff (food, water, catbox) is in the front room, well away from the kitten in the kitchen.


All of this has shot my schedule to pieces.


The scanner works wonderfully, much better than the previous one.

Settling in

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Been back for five days, and I’m starting to get back in the groove.  Long holiday weekend is midway through, so I’m still taking it easy.  But I am feeling more recovered from the trips and chores.


The scanner still hasn’t been shipped so I guess it will be at least a week before it’s on the road here.  I appreciate the low price, but service could be better.  I’ll need to make another run to storage for a poster and the image of the Ratchett photogram.  Those are still sitting in the D shed in the art box.


July is kicking off with its usual warmth in the upper 90’s.  I wish the dew point would drop some more.

Back home again

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Arrived in Brenham 48 hours ago.  Getting settled back in, and Myka is assured that I’m not running off again in the immediate future.  She hasn’t stopped hitting me up for treats, though.  Nothing quite like the La-Z-Boy to ease my bones.


Purchased a new 35 mm film scanner to scan photos from Esther’s.  The visit was an enjoyable one.  Lots of 36-39 year old memories.  It was a good time, and I have a list of subjects for scanning.  The sad part is seeing how few of the original cast and crew are left.


It was a good month for seeing my animal friends, and human friends as well, though the animals did get the bulk of my time.  But it’s good to be back home with my own little diva.


The battery held up fine, nothing out of the ordinary, though I should probably stick the new battery charger on it to see how far down it went since the top off when it went dead a couple of weeks ago.  With all the daytime highway miles since, it should be right up at max charge, unless there is a problem with the electrical system, like brushes on the alternator.


Learning Guy Clark’s Homegrown Tomatoes, inspired by the ones I picked in Austin.  I haven’t played much music this month, mostly learning No Banker Left Behind.  So my pads are a tiny bit soft.


June was an expensive month, but I still managed to put away funds toward the new laptop.  While high rolling in Austin, I still spent less on food than average.  Part of that was due to Doug and Ellen’s cooking.


Well, summer is here, as expected.  A shift from low 90’s of June to mid-90’s of July is kicking right in on schedule.  It’s been fairly moderate so far with all the humidity from the heavy rains.


Austin again

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Third day in Austin, taking care of the Tootoos and Monsters.  Been taking advantage of the local eateries, mostly shrimp and chicken (stir fry, grilled, sweet and sour, with plenty of rice and veggies).  Also a chunk of baby back ribs that I brought with me.  It’s been a splurge, but I can afford it.


Monday is the day I head to Esther’s to select photos for the coffee table book.  Until then, I will probably be lazy.  Still sleeping a lot.

Almost recovered

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Been sleeping like a rock since I got back Sunday, sometimes five times a day.  I take that as a sign of being tired.


But I am coming around.  Grilled a sirloin steak and some beef sausage today.  Took a long soak in a warm tub that stayed warm afterwards.  So I’m starting to get a little steam back.


Headed out mid-week for Austin, so the rest will come in handy.  A six day stay, with looking at proofs included..


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Today is packing day, preparing for my return to Brenham.  It’s also my last full day of chores.  So it will be a fairly busy day, though not what you’d call back breaking.  I never got that unpacked.


I had a number of plans for my time here that didn’t get done, mostly computer stuff and research, and I have to point to the furniture.  It just isn’t comfy enough to stay at the computer that long.  But no biggie.  Nothing was that time critical.


Looking forward to seeing that moody cat of mine.  And I’ll be glad to have my La-Z-Boy.


I still need to think about the Austin run.  And medical stuff.  And new computer stuff.  And projects.  And…

1st weekend

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Approaching the halfway point in Bryan, things are quiet.


Squirt now naps in my lap.  I’d call that progress.


I think the rain is going to end tomorrow, for a few days, at least.


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Been in Bryan for 48 hours, finally settled in.  I had to wait for the bi-weekly cleaning to be finished before I set up.  So the place is clean and it’s just me and the critters.  I made the southern errand run, gas and cookies, etc, and I still need to do the western run (shorter), bank and a handful of things from HEB, probably tomorrow.  Don’t need a whole lot as there is very little storage room in the fridge and things need eating before they spoil.


More rain is just about to hit, as if we hadn’t had enough already.  The heavy stuff is to the south of I-10. but it will fall here nonetheless. The evening schedule will be delayed briefly.


Doug and Ellen arrived in the Bahamas this afternoon.


Tomorrow is the first.  Monthly deposits will arrive.

Splish splash

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16.5 inches of rain in Brenham, 18 inches outside town.  Not an extreme amount of damage except for around the creeks east of town, mostly lowland agricultural.  Sam had some structural loses on his place.  Not as bad as Tri-Lakes, Oct 93 (26 inches in 32 hours), but similar in nature.


Myka is seeping like a log.  All the thunder and lightning took its toll on her nervous system.  She started getting jumpy after about 16 hours of it.


Went without internet for 14 hours.  Lots of electrical down around town, but I kept mine except for about 30 seconds when the breakers did their dance of isolating damaged branches.  It was a dead info time of depending on my dumb phone for postage stamp sized radar thumbnails @ 2¢ a pop.


Learning Ry Cooder’s No Banker Left Behind.


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A little photoshopping.