Chicken in the corn

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A slow weekend. A store run Sunday pm. Otherwise, it was hunkering in the cool cave, same ol same ol.

Sore pads

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I was the only strong leader at the jam last night, though there were four leaders total. But I had to support the others as much as I could. Hence, my pads failed me toward the end of the evening, about two hours of music total. It was a warm night, so the crowd was minimal. It was fun, and I brought my own stool, so my glutes survived. And I brought home the chili, as usual these days.

There isn’t a whole lot else going on. Summer is keeping things down. The dryer was connected and runs, but there is no wall vent for the hot air to escape. So there is still no dryer in operation.

I am looking at toolboxes. I decided that the one I have is inadequate, too small for the tools I have. They fit, but only with the skills of a topologist. I need something a little more forgiving, but something that fits in the same spot in the pickup bed. So I am looking for specific parameters.

I have lots of projects to tackle this summer, outside truck repair, when I have the energy and ambition. Tool handle dipping, purpleheart bones, wash and wax the truck, MIDI set up, backup the drives… The list is a long one. I will stay as busy as I like.

Dryer Stick

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The installation of the 220V line for the dryer is done, all that remains is connecting each end and cutting a hole in the wall for a vent. A work break is in progress, so Myka is freed from the office for the time being. Myka was perplexed by the sound of drilling under the house. Ironic that my clothes finished drying while the installation was in progress.

I got the 512G USB-C stick, and it has been reformatted, excluded from Spotlight (while it’s empty), and otherwise readied for use as a bootable clone for the new MBP.

Ordered more vanilla Piroulines from Amazon using the Texas card, my first online purchase with it. Another batch of Knorr too. Shouldn’t take too long to get here.

Haven’t cut my hair yet, but any day now, when the distractions let up. Haven’t cooked either. I did get the list of installations done, excluding the MIDI/VST stuff. That is notorious for issues, so I left it for later to make the process smoother. I’m getting close to having the drive set for action.

Hazy Laze or Lazy Haze

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It’s summer, and the distinction fades in the haze. I am still a cave dweller. 95°F at the airport, 91°F outside the window, 89°F in the house, 77°F in the office. No brainer. Had a soak, getting hair ready for the annual lop.

Jambalaya is gone. Next, I think, will be chicken penne alfredo, I think (maybe shrimp too). The future is a bit hazy. There is pastrami, Popeye’s, smoked turkey, brats, and freezer stuff to hold me until it’s cool enough to cook.

Have a new list of installations, more than a few gig. Many are updates, but a fair chunk is MIDI/VST. I’ll get to them soon enough, when I find the ambition in the haze.

Having a chance to get my sleep, which I have been doing. I’m about caught up, feeling a little better for it. I want to make progress on the truck.

It’s summer. There is a rhythm to it.

Yes, Virginia, there is a summer

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It’s summer. Cave dwelling, vampire shift, minimal cooking, movie watching, waiting for sunset summertime. From here to September.

I’ve already accumulated another installation list. However, a fair portion is updates. Not in any hurry to get them in place.

The new electric lines have been installed by the city, ending the upgrade (I think, they might remove the old ones). I’m wondering if they got the street light reconnected.

Made the store runs, finally got a 90 day script for the spironolactone. Did some maintenance on the truck, but it still needs work. I added some fuel cleaner to the gas tank, which should help the roughness. That leaves brake cylinder and alternator.

Had avocado spud today with pork tenderloin. Put me down hard for the afternoon.

What gets wetter the more it dries?

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A: Texas

The interior of the truck’s hood was fairly dry today, and the ignition was good. I might be able to start a decent diagnostic. It needs attention.

I’ve been a homebody lately. I need to refill a script, grab a few other things. I think the truck will manage that during daylight.

I rescheduled the ophthalmologist appointment to December 10th, the first slot available. My primary is okay with that, after seeing my blood pressure readings. I’m doing well, in no hurry for medical attention.

There is not a whole lot going on. Made the jambalaya, but haven’t been all that hungry. Haven’t washed the dishes either. Again, no big hurry. Laundry, ice bin, those are on the list. A lot just waiting for it to dry out a little, with the dew point consistently forecast for the mid-70s. In the 90s this week. It’s finally summer, here to September.

Laptop continues to progress, not in huge leaps very often, but it continues to shape up. To remind myself: Art is a state of fascination applied to a sensory medium that results in a state of fascination. Subjective scheduling, everything happens at the proper time. Not in a hurry.

My pads are peeling after half a dozen songs. They need a coconut oil soak. And more playing.

Ordered a 512G USB-C stick as a bootable clone for the MBP. $30, less than I expected.

Head keys

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The headphones are nice. A nice long cord. Proper sound quality, excellent isolation. Well worth the $30.

The Akai MPK mini MK3 is a tiny monster. The software manager app is a royal pain. Registration at four websites. No moving the apps once installed. Security at the expense of the user. Nice for getting started, but the DAWs will be the meal ticket. It plays notes, I laid down some basic progressions (1-4-5-4, 1-5-4-5, 1-6m-4-5, etc), but hardly music yet. Give it time. It will be a gem with a learning curve.

Truck seems to run okay, though I need to reset the battery terminals. Too wet to get serious on diagnostics, though hopefully I’ll get a dry spell to work it. (Eau d’ lemon eucalyptus.)

Piroulines (dark chocolate) due today. I won’t need to ration the last can of the first batch.

Gravy and risotto are gone. Time to cook, probably jambalaya. Popeye’s, brats, pastrami are the remaining fridge stock.

There was no jam session, called on rain. (No chili.) Just as well, because I was not ready on several counts. Lake Somerville is 5.4 ft above stage. There is no drought anywhere in eastern Texas. Skeeter Fest 2021. Indoor living.

I could probably use a bit more sleep. Not suffering from a lack, but I could use more.

Stupid Deal

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I ordered the Akai MPK mini MK3 from Musician’s Friend yesterday. I was lured by a $100 set of TASCOM professional studio headphones for $30, the Stupid Deal of the Day. I also got a 9′ long, 1/8″ stereo to dual 1/4″ mono splitter (computer output to amp or mixer), a 1/8″ stereo to 1/4″ stereo adaptor, and a sustain pedal for the MPK. $200 damage. Everything allows me to augment the audio studio with looping MIDI and a drum kit. Everything is on the way.

The truck repair is on hold because of more rain. It looks like I’ll have to postpone the ophthalmologist appointment. November is the next available slot. My primary will not be pleased. Then again, a quick check just now showed that it might just be a battery terminal issue.

Chicken and marinated pork tenderloin is in the freezer, maxing it out. Risotto and sausage gravy in the fridge, along with a half of a Popeye’s spicy (4 pieces) and a previous half of a pork tenderloin. Brats, pastrami, and smoked turkey round out the options. Jambalaya in the wings.

Down to my last can of Piroulines. *sigh* Dark chocolate is my next batch.


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The new laptop now has the base set of applications on board, topping 400 titles. I haven’t configured them all or set navigation aliases for all that are wanted, but the chore of installing the base load is done. It will be awhile yet before I perform a backup on the 8T, as there is still more to do. I also need to get a 512G USB stick for a bootable clone.

372.8 GB on board, 625.81 GB available.

I have to say, it feels good to have an updated and decked out machine again. It’s been a few years. And I’ve never been so free of hardware limitations. I am a happy camper.

Now not everything is on the drive. Some of the standards don’t work in OS 11 yet. And some of my favorites have been abandoned by their developers. So I will still be networking and file sharing on occasion. But not too often. And it will evolve. Still plenty more to add, support content, plugs, presets, etc. for the current set, and new apps along the way.

In other news…

More rain yesterday evening. One lightning bolt struck the sycamore tree next door (to be confirmed). Myka was totally freaked and required consoling. I’ve been that close before, so I was able to recover my wits quickly. It was an intense two seconds.

The truck has another issue. The power steering pump cap came loose, and some of the fluid got into the air intake and messed with the burning of the gas. I need to run a few tests and pin point if it’s the plugs or injectors or something else. I think it’s cleanable. One more issue on top of the alternator. More time under the hood when it dries out.

I need to eat. Nothing but a few snacks in the last 24 hours. Now that the laptop is assembled, I will turn to cooking. I got a bag of chicken and four pork tenderloins, to be oven roasted (pork will be marinated) for recipe stock, before it gets hot. I also have a half gallon of milk to use this weekend, cheese risotto and sausage gravy. And if I need more freezer space, chicken/pork tenderloin/shrimp/scallop jambalaya.

I am sitting the horde this extended weekend. The RV is getting a shakedown.

Payday is Tuesday. Memorial Day didn’t accelerate it. Then again, it’s not Tuesday yet, so that is not penned in. Nothing being spent until it clears the bank.

Payday. I had a feeling it would be early.

Alternate reality

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The rain, which resumed after a short spell of sunshine, has finally found its way elsewhere. Somerville is now 2.7 feet above stage. All drought status is now gone, the rain soaking well down into the ground. We don’t need any more for a while. (There might be a chance of rain Saturday, but it shouldn’t linger.) AC has been running, more for the humidity than the temperature. Dew point in the mid-70s.

The issue on the truck is the alternator, a blown diode on the rectifier bridge. I am waiting for it to dry out before swapping it out for a warranty replacement. The truck can get around town for limited use in the meantime. I haven’t been driving much recently.

I have been making a push to flesh out the new laptop. Comparing application folders of the new and old, finding updates and upgrades and finding out what works and what needs an alternate. Making serious progress. Some problems with a few major applications and the new system, but I still have the older versions on the old laptop. Setting the problems aside to maintain pace and not crying yet.

Not sure if payday is tonight or next Tuesday, considering the Memorial Day holiday. Or some time in between.

Almost done with the chili, enough for a spud or two. Chicken quarters and pork tenderloin to be roasted before it heats up. I need to do some thawing to make room in the freezer. I think jambalaya is coming up this weekend. Fried chicken too, which will both make room in the freezer.

My kingdom for a pillow

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The jam was fun, but I didn’t quite make it to the end. My lungs haven’t been hitting full capacity for a few days. It might be the new power pole with its fresh creosote. Or it might have been something else, an unknown volatile chemical I smelled for a short while. Some irritant has kept me from breathing as deeply as I usually do. (That is the most probable cause.)

But I was one of the last two to quit, so it wasn’t a big deal. Part of the reason I quit was the stool on which I sat did a number on my glutes. They are still sore. Next time, I’m bringing a pillow. A sore tush is the pits.

I brought home the usual tub of brisket chili. I went and got a package of hotdogs to go with it. I have a few spuds left too.

I need to do a diagnostic on the truck battery. It’s not charging properly. It might be a terminal connection, the battery failing, or the alternator. If it’s the terminal, a simple cleaning. If it’s the battery, buy a new one. If it’s the alternator, it’s under a lifetime warranty, and I have the tools.

I am considering getting an Akai MPK mini, a little more each day. It would be a good addition to the multi-track digital music system that the new MPB offers.

It resumed raining, though not as heavily. The sun is currently shining, but that might not last. There is a low pressure cell over San Antonio stirring up things.


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Jam session tonight, and it quit raining. The sun is out, 80°F, nice day. Nice to see things drying up. Looking forward to the music. I have about three hours to prep and warm up. I need to eat.

The power was switched from the old pole to the new one. Power was out for about 30 minutes. Rather painless. The truck noise was the worst part.

Made a big installation push last night on the MBP. Got about 70 apps added. Aliases for the dock filled out. It’s getting close to where it should be, but there’s still a lot of configuration to do. It’s not finished, but it’s functional as a work horse. It is getting to be comfortable, I can work on it if I want to spend a little extra time setting up the defaults and exploring new features. But the basic tools are there.

I want more USB 3 ports. Another adaptor hub…

Still keeping expenditures to a minimum. $10 outside bills on the debit. I could drop $150 without thinking, but I am resisting the mad money momentum.

Radar looks clear for 50 miles and it’s not approaching.


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It’s been raining for a few days. Looks to be around 4 inches thus far. Some places nearby have had considerably more. The cloud cover has been thick and has shortened daylight hours considerably.

Still plenty of beef stew in the fridge. I’d freeze some of it if I had room in the freezer. The kitchen is well stocked.

Bills for the month are paid. Been keeping expenditures down to a bare minimum this month, especially on the bank account. About $10, counting gas and prescriptions. A big difference from Mad Money economics. Tempted to get an Akai MPK mini MK3, having seen it in action on YouTube. Maybe later, when mad money returns. I have enough at the moment to keep my attention on the new laptop.

Not much going on, mostly passing time, getting plenty of sleep.


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Five quarts of beef stew are in the fridge. The crock is washed. The ice bin is full. Chores are done for the day.

I have milk, so sausage gravy and risotto are coming up. But I have an avocado to finish off today. I left the largest spuds in the bag for other uses when I made the stew. So I am well stocked.

Lots of rain in the area, but most of it is missing us. Temps are comfortable, but it’s a little on the humid side.

Getting the feel of the new laptop arrangement. It’s starting to get settled into new habits. But there are plenty more to make.

I fear that I will be getting an iPhone SE (64G), $400 before taxes. Plus $30/mo. I am considering going without a phone. Or switching to a cheaper provider. Not sure what the future holds. I am not a happy camper.


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I got tired of sandwiches all the time and decided that it was time to cook. So I got three pounds of cubed stew meat, carrots, mixed veggies, and beef broth (already have onion and a fresh bag of spuds). And I got milk and pan sausage for gravy (and risotto). And I got an avocado too. I have a full freezer, but nothing was punching my button. I was looking for an alternative to the usual.

I need to cook a bag of chicken quarters and some pork tenderloin, as I’m getting low on both, and it’s not getting any cooler for the oven. But they were out of chicken quarters. (People are obviously bbq’ing this weekend.)

Spent the last couple of days doing digital house keeping. Tossed all the installer duplicates. I discovered that I have 150 folders to burn to DVD. I may give up that practice and place them on the idle 4T drive. It’s cheaper, takes up less physical space, and the drive seldom spins, so failure is not likely. I still have 1T on the catch-all drive, so no hurry.

New laptop is taking its place in the workflow, now that it’s got the bulk of its muscle. It is hosting the movies off the catch-all, testing out the graphics card.

Getting into doctor appointment season. Primary for 6 month followup, ophthalmologist for an overdue exam, and dentist for a new liner.

Not hitting the 90s yet, a late starting summer. But tonight may be the last night the windows get shut for the night. The AC will run when it’s humid, dew point in the mid 70s or higher.

Just a jump to the left

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The new laptop took residence on the desk. All the laptops rotated left. The eldest that Sarah gave me is now on the camping table. The tablets remained where they were. This gives a strip down the middle of the desk where there is nothing crossing the gap. (External drives connect to the left now.) New laptop is connected via ethernet, oldest via wifi, for the moment.

And the alarm went off for evening meds, and I went to the wrong laptop. *sigh* New habits to learn, but for the best in the long run.

New power pole on the curb, next to the existing one. The linemen trucks had me homebound most of the day, so I closed off with the AC on and slept through most of it. The RV had disappeared and reappeared to the rear of the house, the gate and parking bed (iron ore) finished for it. I have a feeling these two things were related. But it’s off the street now. The power wasn’t transferred over, so I expect the city to cut power to swap the feed to the new transformer.

Not much happening otherwise. Chili, spuds, dogs, and chicken are gone from the fridge. Working on tamales. Also had fajita chicken tacos. Lazy meals.

Empty folder

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The install folder is empty, at least for the moment. The big guns are on board, except for five that didn’t register properly. And one of those has a different version that does. New system security blues. This is not to say that everything is done. I still need to launch everything, configure, add content and plugs, etc. And the learning curve. And there will be more installations. But it is a major hurdle that was cleared today. 715G left on the SSD.

There was also a system update when I finished.

The rest of the day was pretty laid back. AC came on in the afternoon, as much for the dew point as the temperature. Not a big appetite, a couple of chili cheese dogs has been it for the day. Sleep has been the commodity of the day, despite the installation surge.

I had to dabble.


Saturday night R&R

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Starting to recover from Thursday night’s jam session. There were five leaders, and the music was consistently upbeat. A good night, a fair amount of applause from a laid back audience. I played some of the familiar, some other stuff too. And I brought home a tub of chili, which is about half gone (4 chili cheese dogs and a chili cheese spud). The Popeye’s bag in the fridge is shy three out of four pieces. The other eight pieces are in the freezer with the remaining four pieces from the last batch. (13 to go.) Gourmet tamales are the next slot. Thinking of some pulled pork.

Expecting a store run in the next day or two, taquitos, shrimp, scallops, etc. Been waiting for the weekend crowd to mellow on this sunny stretch. Only treat I got on the prescription run was macadamia/white chocolate cookies. In no hurry, as I am well stocked.

Starting to recover from activity, bank run, jam, chores, etc. Been sleeping quite a bit. Been staring into space, watching movies, occupying the LZB. Giving my body a chance to mend from the physical stress of good times.

Starting to install the small guns on the new MBP. Freebies, easy registration, nothing that requires a lot of work getting established. Good tools, but mostly specialty items. Three that would’t work, errors I’ve never seen before, requiring some learning curve. Getting the clutter out of the way for the big guns. Moving what apps I can into category folders. Aliases to come later on when it fills out. Feels good to whittle some of it away.

Cinco de Bayou

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Made the bank run today, and a Popeye’s digression (12 piece mixed spicy and two biscuits). A nice sunny day, mid 70s, lots of black eyed susans and gaillardias along the roadside. Texas has turned yellow, time to get those final spring chores done. The truck handled well.

So my finances are set for the month, except for storage. A very early month financially. I ended up well set after the MBP purchase. I’m also well stocked with food. (I finished the turkey dressing.) Without mad money to burn, I should see low expenditure for the month.

It’s still slow on the laptop. It surfs and entertains, and it will become productive in the course of the weeks ahead. I’m still gathering, but not installing more than a few apps a day, the easy stuff.

Jam session tomorrow night.


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Just turned on the AC for the first time this year. 88°F and warming. Myka stood in front of it to feel the cool air. Then she promptly wanted out. She was never a big fan of the AC. Or the closed door. One of the two. I think it’s the high pitch whine of the compressor.

A front is on the way, and this is the preceding tropic bulge. The coming highs will be around 80°F, but the lows will be in the 50s. So cooler, but not drastically so. Snowing in Colorado.

Finally getting around to laundry. The relative humidity is low enough to air dry for a change. Expecting a soak in a bit. Good day for it.

Planning on a bank run Wednesday. Popeye’s too.

Not much to discuss. Just more slow times. Ambition will return soon enough.


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Myka’s birthday was yesterday, and she discovered silvervine. It’s similar to catnip, but more potent and effective longer. She loves it. I was going to hold it for her, and she went into “MINE!” mode. She was not going to be denied. And the feather boa was also a hit.

It rained for two and a half days. Lake Somerville has risen a couple of feet. It led to a lot of idleness, delayed chores, and general laziness. I have been waiting for a drop in humidity to do laundry, which is starting today.

The upgrade has stalled for the most part. The system is secure, the fluff is suppressed, it surfs the internet, and it makes for good entertainment. The primary obsolescence is under wraps. I’m doing a little here and there, but the focus is elsewhere. If I need something, I’ll install it. Otherwise, I am not going to rush into it. I have time and I’ve waited long enough, a little longer isn’t going to hurt too much. And I’d rather take my time and do it correctly, a piece at a time.

I made the turkey/veggie/cornbread dressing casserole, plenty left. And I had a baked potato with butter, bacon, cheddar, and avocado last night. Carrot cake and turtle creme pie adding to the Piroulines. Plenty of alternatives. Bacon and provolone sandwiches for brunch.

Internet bill not paid yet. Not pushing financial issues, since mad money is history for the nonce. It will take a while to gather funds and get back to it.


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My neck is stiff and sore from the craning while working on the new laptop. The tables were not ideal, so I went with the bigger table. I think it will keep my neck from bunching up. It will eventually make it to the desk when MBP1 is retired.

I sort of took yesterday off. There was an update to the new laptop and the iPad, and that added an update to Xcode. The Xcode installation maxed out the 8 cores for a few seconds, surprised me. That sort of got me involved, though not heavily.

Today, I concentrated on the Mac App Store, grabbing free stuff. Some of it mirrors apps on the iPad. I’m not marathoning, but I am making progress.

Still not cooking. Overcast day isn’t inspiring me much, nor is the neck, even though it’s improving. Windows stayed open last night. It is beginning to encroach on summer as May nears. Myka stays on the floor most of the time, and she is showing signs of the summer shed.

Flavored Tapioca

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First post from the new MBP…

The hard way. I have basic security set, Safari has the most pertinent links and passwords. Navigation is pretty solid. Lots of applications downloaded, but not many work tools have been installed yet. The annoyances have been tamed, for the most part. It’s a start, a good one. Sure feels longer than 36 hours since it arrived.

Not eating much, not sleeping much.

Listening to music, no external speakers, a good sound. Full fidelity. A good experience.

I have it at stage one, where it can be used to conduct business online, interact with others, basic functionality, bookmarks (trimmed), passwords, secure. It will be a slow build, I’m not hurrying it. Performing a proper assembly from the ground up. No residual upgrade issues. Takes a little longer, but saves pain down the road. But the first wave is done.

Just ordered a protective travel case made specifically for it. Navy blue.


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My brain is entering the tapioca stage. I have made the basic system changes needed to proceed, like firewall, Default Folder, monitors, primary folders, annoying system feature deactivations, cookie management, etc. But I still have a looooooooong way to go. Far too many details to describe, but mostly ones I’ve done before.

One thing I wasn’t expecting was 11.2.3. A lot of familiar tools won’t be available, because Apple disabled a number of protocols. This forced a number of developers to rewrite software from scratch and others to simply abandon it. So I have alternatives that I need to uncover, if they currently exist.

I’ve started downloading gigs upon gigs. It’s productive and essential, but it’s not as taxing on the grey matter, giving me a bit of a refresher.

One issue I’m facing is whether or not to rebuild the password base/keychain, from scratch, manually, rather than put up with the quirks of migration. Rebuilding is a pain early, but less of a pain later.

Shovel, shovel, shovel…

Finished the brisket chili cheese dogs, but a little of the chili is left for a spud. Not going to do any major cooking for a few days, but I can coast for weeks. I’ll broil a rib eye when the MBP reaches a usable point.

Waiting for the Piroulines to arrive. It’s a late mail day.


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Arrival time for the MacBook Pro has been moved to tomorrow. I’m not ready, but that’s okay. Not my first rodeo. I know how it goes. Importing things like certificates and passwords is going to be a pain. It will get done in time.

Still waiting for the ethernet adaptor. Window is the next 5 days. Shown online to be out of stock, and I’m probably part of the reason for that.

The Piroulines are still in-house at Amazon, shipping to one of their centers near here.

Brisket chili cheese dogs got started. Haven’t been eating much since the last of the sketti. Slowly making room in my digestive tract.

Tabbed The Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond yesterday.

Windows are open, 72°F for the high, overcast, rain tomorrow. Not warm, but manageable. The warmth starts returning tomorrow and increases as we approach May. A couple of fluctuations in the forecast, but no more dips. Next 40s is likely in October.