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The pea green is 95% to 100% relative humidity.

Temp and dew point are at 82°F, again. Gee, thanks, Barry.

The good news is that Barry siphoned off a fair chunk of the excess heat in the Gulf, which will reduce the chance of another Harvey happening this year.

Just got back from AutoZone. They have the warranty data on the alternator on their computer. It is a DL7744, as I suspected. All I need to do is pull it, take it in, and swap it. If I get the celebrex this evening, I should be able to walk it over, 300 yards there and 300 yards back. An early morning chore. I expect the new one to be on before this weekend, fates willing.

Making a chicken/broccoli/cauliflower fettuccine alfredo today. I need to do prep before it gets too warm. Doesn’t take long to cook it. Plenty else to eat, brats, pastrami, baby back ribs, pork tenderloin, a bunch of cheeses, and more.

Hopefully my scripts will be in today, and I’ll only have to try three times to get them. I expect a sunset run. I am not going to sit at 36 @ 290, waiting for a green light in 150°F concrete heat.


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Saw the doctor today, got prescribed a mild diuretic and Celebrex for my back. Waiting for the temp outside to drop to go get them. They had to be ordered from another location and they hadn’t arrived when I went over this morning.

Haven’t gotten over to AutoZone about the alternator warranty. Medicine took precedent. Time is not a big issue at the moment.

It’s warm out there at the solar concrete realm of 36 @ 290. Got to 97°F in the shade today. Heat index of 109°F. Dew point at 78°F. Thanks, Barry. I think we got a couple of drops.

Another eight weeks of summer to go. Life creeps forward through the warmth. Sleep as much as possible during the heat of the day. Some days are better than others. Texas summer nights… an old friend.

At least I got in my store run today. Found salmon pate with extra gravy for Myka. That should punch her ticket tomorrow.

Sun heading downward.


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Got a store run to make. Not a big one, and I wouldn’t fall to harm if I didn’t go today. I might spend a few extra bucks in the long run. I’ve got until tonight to make up my mind on just how lazy I want to be today.

Myka has bounced back from her vaccinations. She is pestering me for treats again. Typical rebound.

No progress on the truck since the new determination. (^See above.^)

Ice bowl

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Myka has learned the joys of ice water. She continues to tank up heavily whenever I drop a few ice cubes in fresh water in her water bowl. She is officially a big fan now.

I managed to find that I need a new alternator on the truck. The rectifier bridge was one of the sources of the low resistance across the battery terminals. Pulling the plug dropped the draw when the power distribution box was disconnected. The PDB is still a problem, somewhere between there and the key switch is the second short. Meter readings are making much more sense with the two issues segregated.

The good news is that the alternator is the one I got at AutoZone a couple of years ago, and it has a lifetime warranty. So, unless I need a new battery (pro-rated warranty expires in September) or the key switch is the problem with the PDB, this issue will not cost a lot of dinero. It ate a lot of time and effort, but not actual greenbacks. Not sure if I want to deal with the serpentine belt to replace the alternator myself. Nothing I haven’t done before, but it depends on the warranty details and what sort of deal I can get on labor.

I got the disconnections reconnected, and the truck is back in limited local service again. Now that I have a good idea of the actual issues, I’m not in a huge hurry. The low this morning is 78°F with a 76°F dew point. Not nearly as agreeable as yesterday morning was for outdoor labor.

Only things on my schedule today are taking trash to the curb this morning and soaking in the tub during the heat of the day (the part in which I’m awake).

Myka is starting to come around from the vaccination reaction. She is still not very spunky, but she is more active and more focused on treats. I’m glad to see her coming around.

Inverted prune

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Okay, I haven’t gotten very far this morning on the truck. I have instead spent time on the work space. I parked the truck nose first, and I pruned the star jasmine and the intertwined to clear the sides and overhead. It will be a better parking lot as well when I park rear first, nose to the road. Placed a better marker for parking alignment.

Tool kits are out, ready to use in disassembly and reassembly. I’ve done a number of things with the meter, made a few decisions on the path to take this morning. I’m currently resting my back, waiting for the ibuprofen to kick in. But it is a good morning to be tackling the next progress. Dew point and temps are down, a pretty morning.

I still need to boil some eggs, when I knock off of working on the truck.

This afternoon will be a soak in the tub, get clean from climbing around under the hood.

Looks like Barry will hit New Orleans on Saturday. Not expecting anything here.


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Nothing worse when cooking sausage to make gravy, than opening the flour canister to find weevils. Quick $10 store run.

Myka doesn’t want to come into the office, so I turned the carrier around where she can’t see the cage door. If that doesn’t work, I’ll throw it in a trash bag and cover it with shoes.

Got two four packs of HEB 3 cup storage canisters, rectangular instead of round, kind of tall and slim, which will make for good freezer storage. And the bodies and lids are the same colors. Important thing, the depth makes them better for spooning the puree. It’s an adaptation that I can make.

Catching my breath before I get back to the gravy. Mid70s at the moment. Other than the 100% humidity, it’s a good time to cook.

Cat vax

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Myka got her annual vaccinations today. She was more resistive than I’ve ever seen her, claws and teeth bared, probably due to the way she was restrained. And she got car sick on the way over, which didn’t help, nor did the long wait (they were busy). But that is over now, and she is back home and got her wet food.

A good thing that I had plenty in the bank. The prices have gone up. But it wasn’t a burden, well within budget this month. And I have the Advantage Multi.

So now I only need to worry about my own medical visit on Monday morning. It won’t be nearly as warm as it was this afternoon, nor as expensive. Until then, my time is my own. And I should eat something. I held off eating, like Myka, but for me it was to keep from getting sleepy and missing the appointment. Now I can eat and snooze away.

Sausage gravy is tonight’s endeavor, so I can make a dent in the bag of spuds. The camembert is history, shifting over to the brie. The tenderloin has one more serving, a sandwich. I have brats and pastrami as fall backs. Plenty in the freezer too. Thinking about a chicken penne (whole wheat) alfredo.


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For a summer lunch, I highly recommend few slices of a bbq’ed marinated pork tenderloin, cooked medium, served cold, with a chunk of camembert, and a small dish of sauted vegetables, on club crackers. Marvelous! (Seriously, Myka approved, five claws up.) For dessert, pound cake with strawberry puree and whipped cream.

Just made a four cheese risotto. Waiting for it to settle out.

Replaced the lampshade on the porch. It had finally deteriorated to a dire state of fubar.

I have been sleeping mostly during the heat of the day. Some days I revert to day shift, but it’s summer, and there is no sense in riding out the heat of the day and sleeping during the coolest part of the night. That is for masochists.

The weather has shifted gear, the furnace has been turned on. Myka is much more favorable to the office and ice cubes in her water now.

July the 4th be with you

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Four pork tenderloins have been marinated (lime/mesquite) and are waiting for the proper temperature to begin. Three and a half will be in the freezer when they are cooled down enough in seven packages. The eighth will be in the fridge, or at least what portion survives the day.

I haven’t thawed out any rib eyes, though I may do that later. They are on special this week, but I haven’t committed to cooking or buying any. Definitely under consideration, but not written in ink. The thing to do would be to cook all four and then get more, freezer willing.

The rain of June has finally departed this morning. Forecast is for sunny skies and mid 90s. At least its not the typical upper 90s or worse. But summer has arrived, the furnace has been lit for the next couple of months. Winds will be steadily out of the south, so hopefully no cyclonic upper level high over Texas this summer.

Nothing much to report, as the light rain has been keeping me in the office most of the time. Mostly this and that, nothing noteworthy. Taking care of things. Myka has her vaccination appointment next Tuesday afternoon. I have my appointment the following Monday.

Blood pressure went down for a while, but it’s back up again. Looks like I may be in for an increase in dosage.

Happy 4th! ♫ Oh the monkey wrapped his tail around the flagpole… (Apologies to Edwin Eugene Bagley.)

Pork tenderloin (yum) fit in the freezer. Strawberries cored and pureed. Jambalaya is in the past tense. Time for post holiday menu planning.

The 256G USB stick is now “bootclone”, a bootable copy of the internal drive. Rewrote the stick with the proper partitioning, then copied the internal drive over. It even boots on a hub, though that slows things a bit. So now I’m protected from boot failure all around.

One more drive (4000) to back up on the 8T and I’ll be done with cloning. Still a little cleanup and copy from 2000 before I start that up.


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Went to the store this morning to get strawberries, as today was the last day of the sale, and I thawed out a tub of puree so I’d have room in the freezer for it. I also got a couple of 3 lb. pork tenderloins, also on the last day of the sale. I’ll marinade tomorrow and cook on the 4th, possibly a couple of rib eyes too.

I got sugar, as the canister was getting low. Found out when I went to put the remainder in the cabinet after topping it off that I already had an unopened bag. But that bag had solidified in the humidity. Need to take a hammer to it when I add it to the canister.

Haven’t been all that hungry, but I need to eat up the food I have in the fridge plus spuds. I need to get hungry.

Blood pressure has spiked in the last several days. Doctor said stay on single dose for the sake of evaluation. Appointment in two weeks.

Got my bi-annual archiving done. Now I can finish up cleaning up the document drive for backup to the 8T drive.

Ordered a couple of USB sticks, a 64G and a 128G. I had skipped them when I got the 256G stick for a mirror bootable for the MacBook Pro. So I’ll have one of each of the following: 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256. As a rule, I get them when the price reaches $10 for the size. The 128 and 256 were the exceptions, but the 128 was $15, so not that big of a deviation.

Need to make an appointment tomorrow at the vet for Myka’s annual vaccinations. She will not enjoy it.

Musical hashtags

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I discovered the hard way recently that YouTube is repressing hashtags in the comments, even if they aren’t hashtags. Example, if you write F#m as a chord designation, YouTube algorithms see it as a hashtag and blocks the comment from public view. Only you can see it, if you are logged in. You need to designate it as G♭m, which is a keyboard nightmare. Thanks a lot, Twitter.

Jambalaya got made, and Myka is thrilled about the shrimp and scallops. Half a gallon left over after a big bowl last night. I killed off the cornbread before I made the jambalaya. Dicing the chicken (+ skinning and deboning) and ham was a hurdle the availability of cornbread kept in check.

Dew point this morning is 70°F, air temp is 71°F. Won’t see 90s until the 4th. Not complaining, but the daily rains are kind of a crimp in my aspirations. 40% to 60% chance for the next four days. But the kitchen should be fairly busy, with at least one oven lighting, maybe 2 or three.

Got paid early this month. At first, I thought I would, but the first is on a Monday, so that is usually not a cue for early deposit. So I wasn’t expecting a Saturday clearance, especially when it wasn’t on the account Friday. I ended up paying bills earlier than normal. Got $100 on the GoPhone, so no payments required for a year.

Managing to stay relatively busy. Tonight is the bi-anual archiving. Doesn’t take too long, but it keeps things in the office putting along smoothly.

Polished up Al Stewart’s Year of the Cat. That was a Montgomery tune (pre-2007) that never made it to PDF. Still, fun to play, and Myka likes it.

Having half a halfling halving

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Another rainy spell coming to an end. Most of the precipitation skirted town, but it was enough to wet the ground surface.

Decided on jambalaya: chicken, ham, shrimp, scallop. I need to get scallops in the morning.

Slowly performing a back up to the 8T drive. And I mean slowly. But nonetheless. Nothing is moving quickly. But I’m not worried. It takes time to square things away before the actual transfer. And I’m not hurting badly enough to accelerate things.

A cooler than previous week is ahead, so a good time for the truck, now that the rain has stopped.

drying out

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The dew point dropped Monday morning from 80°F to 69°F in less than 10 minutes, thanks to a rain storm. That isn’t a contradictory as it might sound, since dry air moves under moist air, forcing it upward to where the humidity condenses and forms rain. The temperature dropped from 82°F to 70°F, so the humidity stayed up near 100%. But saturation at 70°F and saturation at 82°F are two totally separate critters when it comes to the effect on the human body.

So the low temperatures are in the low 70s now, not the 80s of the last couple of weeks. So it’s much easier to deal with the weather outside the AC in the office. I set up the fan on a barricade in the front door frame, set up to where Myka can’t get out through the tattered screen door. It makes a big difference being able to actually cool down the house overnight.

With all the news of hackers and cyber warfare in the news, I decided to update the backups of all the hard drives and SD cards in the office. Not that I fear intrusion, as my security is tight, but rather hard drive failure being my biggest concern. So I’ve started the cycle, which means that I’ll not be surfing the net as much to avoid RAM issues that could drastically slow things down. Instead, I’ll watch movies or do things outside while the weather is more forgiving.

The good news is that the dew point will stay in the low 70s for this coming week. That will allow me to work on the truck. I juiced up the battery today to prepare for that effort tomorrow. So I am hoping to finally track down the short. I have moved from measuring values to the next stage, disconnecting branches.

And it’s just in time to cook stuff, as I’m running low on the ready to eat things like pre-sliced brisket sandwiches, diced baby back rib tacos, etc. The kitchen will be bearable in action. I just know it won’t be burgers. I had my fill and then some this last week.

I am glad to see the soup gone.

And an interpreted line from Attack of the Giant Leeches, “Just remember, a wounded rubber suit is twice as dangerous.”

Happy Solstice

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The days now get shorter and longer rather than longer and shorter.

This morning, the dew point was 83°F. Happy happy… Stayed in the AC as much as possible today. Dew point got as low as 74°F in the heat of the day. That is pretty soupy.

Not very motivated for much, except passing time. Had quick baby back rib tacos for lunch. They were good for the afternoon snooze.


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Yesterday morning, the dew point was 80°F. Walking through soup. Today, the heat index is forecast to be 110°F. The Gulf is working its humid charm of summer. AC time.

It has almost dried out from the rains we had Sunday night/Monday morning.

Lost electricity for 30 minutes last night due to a downburst that passed through with a small rain band. Was barely a sprinkle, but the trees were dancing up a storm. Wind gusts were measured at 46 mph. The outage covered several blocks.

Did another thaw, brisket, baby back ribs, and ground chuck. The brisket wasn’t intended, removed with the impression that it was ribs. I sliced up the remaining ham, the brisket, and ribs (diced for tacos). The effort was separated by the blackout. The only reason that I’ll need the cutting board is to dice ham for a stovetop dish. I was thinking of doing the chuck as sloppy joes, but now I’m wavering on that. Not sure that I want 4 big burgers either. Too soon for a spaghetti repeat.

Waiting on things to dry out before continuing on the truck. Changing tactics from measuring voltage and resistance to unplugging stuff when I resume, and I don’t want to accidentally drop something under the truck on wet ground.


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Last Night 3:41AM

It was a humid day, and it’s being a thunderous night. Didn’t get much done on Sunday, at least outside. Got a supreme pizza and mozzarella, and the storm cooling made the kitchen well suited for an oven run. 3/4 is sliced and in the fridge.

Got Myka a 24 pack of Friskie’s Extra Gravy styles. The salmon is her favorite, the beef I’m not too sure if she will eat the chunks. But the gravy is always a winner.

I started this blog ten days shy of ten years ago, and this is the 1000th entry. (This, being cardinal, means there are 1000 posts inclusive, but the last of the first k, not the first of the second.) An average of 100/yr. That is roughly twice a week. It’s served two purposes, letting people who care know my general state of being and dating my creative endeavors. I know the dates for requesting recordings of me playing at parties and jam sessions. I have a good idea when I rendered what and what was paralleling the work. It’s been a useful search tool.

While round numbers have a certain appeal, they are, after all, just numbers in a flowing sequence. The destinations are only markers that serve the journey. ♫ You know you can’t memorize zen… Smile at someone, begin to begin.

♫ The wheel is turnin’, you can’t slow it down.
♫ You can’t let go, and you can’t hold on.
♫ You can’t go back. and you can’t stand still.
♫ If the thunder don’t get you, then the lightnin’ will.

Post #999

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Troubleshooting the truck, running electrical diagnostics. The more I discover, the less I understand. My latest point of focus is the wiring harness (if a harness can be a point). I have more tests to run to try and end the logical contradictions. It’s too complex to read, much less to write.

The chicken, broccoli, cauliflower, rice is half gone. Still plenty else to eat before the next thaw.

The LZB is giving plenty of shut eye. So nice to wake up in the chair to that gradual transition of sitting up and rising again.

Doing pretty well, all told. Not 100%, but considerably closer to it.


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The La-Z-Boy is back in place, back in service, back in my heart. The curing was sufficient for use, though it will continue to cure for a week. The screws and dowels are sufficient to hold it together while it finishes curing. My, but it’s nice to doze off again, and to wake up without having to get up off the floor.

Got most of the chores done. Airbed deflated and folded, Myka’s bank boxes back in place, kitchen floor mopped, ice bin filled, dishes washed, all items back in their default locations. I’ll be cooking the chicken/rice dish later. And a brisket sandwich to make before that. A load of laundry. But the majority of work is behind me for the day. Back to SOP again…

Been watching the collection of Keystone Kops. Interesting history of scandal and tragedy that surrounded the studio.


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10 am: Step 1 complete. LZB block cleaned, glued, and clamped. I’ll give it 4 hours to set before drilling for screws. Once, the screws are set, I can remove the clamp and drill for dowel. The chair will need a couple of days for the glue fumes to subside enough for AC. So timing is fairly forgiving.

Ham, chicken, and brisket are the current fridge fare. Chicken will join broccoli, cauliflower, and rice. Ham will join spuds and a ham, egg, and cheddar sandwich. Brisket will be sandwich fodder, as usual. Steamed veggies. Easy to fix, good summer menu.

Watching Curse of the Undead, a western vampire movie from the 50s. More B&W drive-in scream fodder.

More later…


2pm: Steps 2 and 3 complete. Holes drilled and screws set (8). Holes drilled and dowels in place (2). Tools put up. All that is required is a little curing time.

And feeding Myka.

Wind down

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Well, I started on the LZB, and my right foot started protesting. Might have been the compression socks, might have been the edema. BP is 126/78. I am rather waterlogged, my eyes are puffy, have a fluid deposit behind my left ear that I can hear gurgle. If it’s capable of retaining fluid, it is.

I sat in the office chair, socks off, and kicked my feet up on the long table. That helped. (I could use the LZB about now.) I need a diuretic with the valsartan. Either that or quit drinking fluid for a few days, which isn’t healthy either. I’ve already cut back on intake.

Added six more renderings to the Surreal gallery, making it 18. It’s enough for now. Satisfied the itch. Maybe someday in the future. 72M for 71 renderings, 26 seed images.

Need to figure out what to fix next in the kitchen. Today is covered. I’m thinking ham and chicken, probably rice based. Ham, egg, and cheese sandwich. Need to kill a few small spuds first. The gumbo is a tough act to follow.

Myka is back in the LZB. She saw me working on it and decided it was a good time to occupy it. I’ll have to bribe her if I want to get back to work on it.


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I added a new section to the gallery. It is a compilation of some of the renderings that I did with Deep Dreamer.

The application has some controls, though they aren’t extensive. The biggest factor is the base image, the layer option, the render option, and the rendering sequence. And then there is Photoshop to clean them up a little.

Still no surgery for the LZB, though the dew point is dropping. Soon. Looking at a temperature drop tomorrow, highs in the mid-80s. Tues-Thurs will see dew points in the low 60s. Today is forecast for a 96°F high temp.

Working on the gumbo. Zero complaints, with a ways to go. I’ll need to make more rice.

Canceled my Austin house sitting duty for next month, due to a doctor’s appointment. Didn’t realize it at the time they gave me the slot, but there weren’t any others anywhere close to the date my prescription runs out. Stamina is just not up to packing it up and shifting base at this point. Best I stay grounded for the time being.

Been watching some early B&W Roger Corman flicks, pure 50s drive-in fodder. Mixing that in with a little Steven King screen adaptation.

Trayed out

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I got four more ice trays this morning, giving me two full sets of seven (7 active, 7 in reserve). I am hoping that they will hold me over for the rest of my life. They are that good, now if they just last and don’t turn brittle.

Finished the risotto and had baby back rib tacos (sans the rib bones). So now I get to fix the gumbo: skin, debone, and dice chicken, add chicken stock and extra shrimp, let it heat on the stove while I make a pot of rice. The last of the spare ribs and brats will fill out the alternatives.

More rain today, and the dew point is staying in the mid-70s. It will be dropping this weekend and should be in the 60s by Tuesday, thanks to a slight cool front. So I’ll have a good window of lower humidity for repairs on the LZB.

If it’s too humid tomorrow for the chair, I will try to advance the tests on the truck electrical system.

Oven day

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The prevailing rain kept the temperature down today, enough to crank up the oven for curly fries, onion rings, and recipe chicken. Gumbo is next, which will use one of the quarters and some shrimp. It all fits in the freezer, minus the gumbo, chicken quarter, and ribs. So the power eating is not as intense as expected. Good to get the baking and roasting done before we don’t see any more cool days.

I have everything set to go for the LZB surgery, but today was too humid for gluing. It hung in the upper 90% range until the sun was diving downward. Myka is having a condensation licking marathon.

On a new ice cube diet. I finally used up the last of the silicone tray lot and filled the bin to a heaping level from empty with the seven new trays. I am very pleased with the ease, and that it will need filling about half as often. Now if the trays last for any length of time, I will be thrilled.

HEB had the gall to put quality sirloin on special when I am fresh out and have zero room for any in the freezer. Pffft. No tenderized marinated steak for a while. I’ll just have to be happy with rib eye, tenderloin, and brisket. And pork loin, baby back ribs, ham, turkey, chicken, shrimp, and… The gall, I tell you.

Old Tailless

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One of the older geckos here keeps losing his tail. Not sure how, be it bird, rodent, or another lizard. But he keeps losing it and regrowing it, identifiable by the stubbiness, a definite Δ to the diameter. And he runs off all the smaller ones with beautiful tails when he shows, grumpy old tailless thing that he is.

The La-Z-Boy is ready for surgery. Everything there in place. It will happen soon. It was 94°F yesterday, so I soaked in the tub instead.

Cheese risotto is the next dish to cook. I have grown to like it a good deal, and it’s a good way to use up a pint of milk.

New ice trays. Found them in a bargain bin at HEB. They are cheap, thin walled, and I’m not sure how durable at this point. They are extremely flexible, and a simple twist and flip empties the tray into the bin. No more frozen fingers from the silicone trays. Seven in the freezer, three in reserve, and I may grab a few more for insurance. The cubes are bigger than ones that the silicone trays make, a bit over twice the size, so they won’t melt as quickly. And the seven should fill the bin from empty. Just in time for summer.

New ice tray.

Now I need to do something with the freezer. I restocked the frozen nukeables. I had to thaw the gumbo and the last of the spare ribs to make room. And I still have a tray of chicken quarters to cook on Wednesday (rain in the forecast, cooler temps). I will be eating a lot this week.


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Roky Erickson passed away yesterday. A flood of memories of the Elevators at Love Street Light Circus and Feel Good Machine at Allen’s Landing in Houston. I am honored to have have had them in my life. How different things would have been without them.

I keep finding myself saying “I learned this song while he was still alive.” more often these days.