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Posted on Sunday, May 15th, 2022 at 2:21 am

The rebuild kit is in Houston. It will be here tomorrow (Monday). The truck should be mobile in 40 hours. There is one piece of bread left, and it will get a slice of gouda this morning.

So, I shouldn’t have to postpone the doctor appointment again. But I haven’t filled out the online registration yet.

I am healing on my right ring finger that Myka slashed when she was jumping onto the desk, on the rear paw boost on my leg. The slice parallels the cuticle. At least I can still play guitar. It should be healed by the time I wield a wrench.

There is not much going on. I have avoided laundry because of the six power plants going offline at the same time. No blackouts, but there is a deficit for full capacity on the grid. The rest of the few chores are done.

tap tap tap

Posted on Friday, May 13th, 2022 at 2:27 pm

Still waiting for the rebuild kit to ship.

Peruvian lilies are blooming.



Posted on Thursday, May 12th, 2022 at 6:43 am

The shift lever and retaining bolt arrived and were perfect for the truck’s shifter. However, it turns out that the shift stub retaining pins are also broken. I ordered a shifter rebuild kit from San Antonio. I’m hoping that it will be here by Saturday. More money. More involuntary laziness…

The bread is still holding out, but the cornbread is gone. I can always order delivery. I have enough ice for a week. Spaghetti is gone too, but the chicken/broccoli/rice dish is half there. I’m not worried.

Hanging out, hanging loose, not much else to do.

The shifter rebuild kit is shipping today. Delivery tomorrow is possible, Saturday a bit more probable. It depends on the route taken.


Posted on Tuesday, May 10th, 2022 at 5:33 am

The lever w/bolt shipped from Nebraska yesterday afternoon. The delivery estimate was upgraded to Wednesday (tomorrow), provided it doesn’t get hung up in Dallas. I should be able to make it through this without an emergency loaf of bread.

Not a whole lot happening, just hanging out and slothin’. One more serving of spaghetti left. Ground chuck goes on sale tomorrow. I have a 2 lb bag left with a number of burger patties. Debating whether to buy a 5 lb tray and make a couple more 2 lb bags and more patties.

I need to break up the bottom chunks of ice from the last three bags and ziplock them for Igloo cooler bags. I put them all in one bag, getting ready for trash to the curb day. I need to thaw a quarter of recipe chicken for the rice dish. All of this to be done before it starts warming up. Dew point at 74°F. The extended forecast shows mid 90s all week.

Other than that, movies, video games, naps, cornbread and the last of the sketti, staring out the window…

2nd gear ice run

Posted on Monday, May 9th, 2022 at 11:54 am

I finished off one bag of ice (16 lb) in the freezer, and while I had a second one ready for use in filling the ice bin, I decided to make the run to the self-serve. I made sure to have at least 6 quarters, in case it didn’t accept my one dollar bill, which it didn’t. So I made the right choice in being sure. And I got the bag in the freezer, now at full capacity, good for at least ten days, probably more. Myka has become a heavy ice user too.

Second gear and reverse are both pull to engage, and at the far corners (L&R), so it’s relatively simple to engage those two gears. Second will move from a stand still, top out at 40 mph, and reverse is only needed to back into the driveway. I took the precaution of waiting for plenty of clearance before pulling out onto Market St, twice. Otherwise, it was a smooth run.

The only thing I didn’t foresee was water in the cooler from the Bryan/College Station trip. I should have emptied and dried it over a week ago.

Otherwise, I’m hanging out at home, keeping my schedule intentionally slow and spread out. Zero hurry, zero anxiety. I can probably make it on the bread if it doesn’t mold too soon. I’ll be making a chicken, broccoli, and rice dish to follow the spaghetti, and there is cornbread as an alternative for the heat of the day. Tamales, chicken fajita tacos, pot pies, pizza, and more are on hand as filler without needing bread, in case I decide to forego a new loaf until repairs are made.

I may not alter the kashakas. After a little practice as they are, I decided that it may be best to just use them as shakers. I can clack them, but catching them with the little finger is going to be difficult, even with longer strings. It’s not a quick learning curve. And they are good, loud, double shakers, with wrist action. They’ll add to the toy box in good fashion.


Posted on Saturday, May 7th, 2022 at 8:39 pm

The shift level retaining bolt has finally become worthless in keeping the lever attached properly to the shifter stub, making it virtually impossible to shift while driving. Seeing how there are no junk yards in Brenham where parts are available, I resorted to eBay. $108 for a used lever with bolt and nut (I hope, the photo showed it). Delivery estimated for Friday the 13th. I get to sit around at home for a week.


30 year old engima

HEB delivers groceries for $5, if I run out of bread and the convenience store doesn’t have any. I can put the trans in second gear and make local runs, store, ice kiosk, Family Dollar. The trick is parking without needing reverse, like facing uphill or having nothing in front of the truck.

The spaghetti sauce has been made. The shift lever went wonky when I made a store run, at least coming home is mostly downhill, so I resorted to coasting home as I often do. But I got plenty of shredded parmesan for the sketti, cornbread, smoked turkey, tamales, replacement spaghetti, etc. I will not go hungry. I am well stocked. I just need to focus on tacos and rice/pasta/spud dishes that don’t use bread. No burgers, pulled pork, or brisket after the bread runs out, unless I get more.

Rib eyes are on special this week. I have too many in the freezer already and no space for them.

I bumped the doctor appointment back a week. Not in the mood to second gear it over there for that. No hurry for a routine visit.

Pulled a bunch of movies with Time in the title, seeing how I have plenty of it on my hands. Winding down today has not been easy, thinking of all the feasible options available for the warm week at home. But I have another five sedentary days to fill, and there is no sense in being in any hurry.

The kashakas arrived. I won’t discuss the USPS tracking adventures or the 14 hour local delivery. I like them, but the strings are a little too short, so I will be modifying them. I can clack them, but I can’t catch them. They will make nice shakers until I make the modifications.

Round about

Posted on Wednesday, May 4th, 2022 at 11:13 am

The kashakas I ordered went from Bakersfield, CA to Portland, ME on their way here. What is it with California postal workers? My shipments from that state are always screwy.

Semi-lazy. I’m getting chores done, but I haven’t cooked the spaghetti sauce yet. But it’s set up to roll. AC has gone on full time, more for humidity control and day sleeping than the actual heat. Dew point is 74°F.

Not feeling much ambition. I have things to put behind me, mostly away from the house, but the impetus is waning with the coming summer. Dentist, vet, Moderna booster #2… The storage run is not as urgent as it was, but still looming.

The city trucks are here to start cutting up the oak by the power pole.

Rib eyes went on sale. No way I can fit any into the freezer with five already there.

The city cut away anything that might fall on the utility lines. There are still limbs wholly on the property that will fall if not cut. With the exception of one limb, none will fall on anything of value.


Posted on Monday, May 2nd, 2022 at 1:51 am

Myka’s birthday has concluded. She got brushed several times, a new scratch pad w/catnip, two old scratch pads taped together as a floor bed, marinated pork tenderloin, ice cream, got to munch directly on the pan of oat grass, and lots of attention. I will pay for it today. (What do you mean, “My birthday was yesterday”?)

Summer weather creeping in. I managed Sunday without AC (but not Saturday). Dew point in the 70s. Windows are open full time. Things are slowing down for summer.

I ordered a pair of kashakas, large, for the toy box. (Inspired by YouTube…)


I need to refinish the purpleheart bones. Weather is just about right for it.


Posted on Thursday, April 28th, 2022 at 10:02 pm

Got my trip to the ophthalmologist behind me, finally. Pretty much the same as my last visit three years ago. Good results on the in-depth tests of retina, etc. Right eye is still 20/20. Doc said he’d give me a script if I fail my driver license eye test.

Got to see Doug and Ellen. A nice 90 minute visit.

Sixteen more pieces of Popeye’s spicy in the freezer.

Avocado spud (pork tenderloin) for dinner tonight.

Payday tonight.


Posted on Monday, April 25th, 2022 at 7:41 pm

2.5″ rain. A few boomers. Windows closed, mid 60s.

I took solace in beef stew and poundcake w/strawberry puree & whipped cream.



Posted on Sunday, April 24th, 2022 at 9:08 am

I have been dragging tail this morning, finding it difficult to find interest in anything. Age, medication, delayed projects, the devil is in the details. It’s not depression, it’s numbness, fatigue, weariness, physical suppression, the body not wanting to get bouncy. I’m tired of being old and drugged. Not that I can’t cope, but it’s just getting old. And it makes the errant details annoying. Being an overcast Sunday morning doesn’t help.

On the other hand, things could be much worse. I have beef stew and strawberry puree in the fridge. I should boot Myka from the LGB2 and grab a few more winks.

How to make it linger

Posted on Thursday, April 21st, 2022 at 12:34 am

Moving toward May and the start of summer. Windows staying open, days getting longer. Bluebonnets have folded, now in the rainbow flower stage. The peruvian lilies are putting up stalks. It won’t be long until it’s the yellow stage. It won’t be long before the heat arrives. Ah, how to make spring linger.

It’s time to wash my everyday alpaca poncho.

The jam is this evening. It’s been seven weeks since I last attended one (but I had Spring Fling). My pads and voice are ready.

I’m doing better, but I’m not great. Keeping up with chores, slowly. But projects are a different story.


Posted on Sunday, April 17th, 2022 at 6:43 pm

I got some sleep and ate, skipped a dose of everything. My blood pressure has been dropping. Currently 96/66 @ 68. I must have had quite a build up of medication byproducts there. I am feeling considerably better about 24 hours after the onset, more my old self.

I managed to get the dishes washed and the stovetop cleaned. Sifted the litter box. Tended to Myka. Next is the kitchen floor, then laundry. I am feeling better.

It’s starting to rain, a quick forming thunderstorm. Myka is in the office with me. The thunder probably won’t last very long.

Had my first brisket sandwich from the bag I left in the fridge. Life is good with a brisket in the freezer. And ribs. And chicken. And Popeye’s. And… The top loader has never been so complete, and no vacancy. I am sitting pretty there. I have the summer covered.


Posted on Saturday, April 16th, 2022 at 11:51 pm

Had a prolonged and intense reaction to medication this afternoon/evening. Dizziness, head spinning, nausea, weakness, high blood pressure. I’m inclined to think spironolactone, but it could be the valsartan. I am skipping a dose of everything, just to be sure. I hope to get more sleep to flush the system. It’s receding, albeit slowly.

I had almost finished the chores of cleaning up after cooking. The stovetop and kitchen floor still need cleaning, litter box needs sifting. I need to do laundry when I change clothes. Myka has had to fend for herself, though I did fill her kibble bowl this morning. I ran out of steam last night and never got it back, and then POW. As much as I’d like to get it behind me, none of it needs to be done today.

At least I got to eat the avocado before it spoiled. Thanks to our governor, there might be a shortage of produce for a couple of weeks. The price on avocados has already jumped. At least I stocked up on produce on Wednesday.

I feel like I will recover, I just need patience. Not much else I can do to hurry it along.

Honk if you like BBQ

Posted on Friday, April 15th, 2022 at 4:51 pm

Here’s to Texas Easters…


Spare ribs

Add a dozen chicken leg quarters…


Posted on Tuesday, April 12th, 2022 at 7:48 pm

Hu-boy do I feel this one. Owwie.

Still sleeping like several logs.

I got the last of the unpacking done today. The old cooler was dry enough to pack away all the stuff in the tub, and I was finally able to wash away the party residue. I can finally go to the store.

Tomorrow, brisket and spare ribs go on sale for Easter. Add a bag of chicken quarters. Two chicken quarters and two Popeye’s legs (dinner) in the fridge after thawing in the sink.

Trash gathering night (not much). Laundry. Cooking (chicken penne alfredo). The chores aren’t piling up on me, but they aren’t going away either. The kitchen is ready for action, swept and washed. Ice bin is full. Myka needs dinner, otherwise she’s been tended. Could be worse.

Remnants of the party keep rolling around in my head. Being told by several that I don’t age. Being told how much I’ve been missed. The heartfelt smiles. Playing with others. Absence makes…


The Sunday morning circle that I spawned…


Posted on Monday, April 11th, 2022 at 2:28 am

Spring Fling was most enjoyable. The music was excellent, the food enjoyable, and seeing everyone was a much needed pleasure. As usual, I played on Friday and Sunday, and I enjoyed those with whom I played. And I passed out when I got home. I still haven’t unloaded the truck of anything not essential.


Posted on Monday, April 4th, 2022 at 9:37 pm

Made a bank run to Navasota today and grabbed a 16 piece box of Popeye’s mixed spicy, with 2 biscuits for the road. The truck ran well on its return to the yellow stripes. Crossed the three new bridges for the first and second time today. So much more relaxed in crossing. The wildflowers were hitting peak and looked very nice. It was an enjoyable return to the road, a good shakedown.

I made a store run this evening. I got Myka a 32 pack of poultry paté to fill in the gaps and a couple of pouches of salmon Temptations. Snickerdoodles, flautas, Reese’s white eggs… I am fully stocked in the kitchen, for the moment. The Popeye’s (14 of 16) is in the upright freezer. I was going to get gas, but the station had all the lanes blocked off. I need another bag of ice too. Tomorrow, no hurry. Wednesday or Thursday for party supplies.

Party logistics have begun.

I am still experiencing a reaction to exertion, shortness of breath, tightness in the chest mostly. Sitting and relaxing brings everything back to an even keel. I need to take things slowly.

A’ pril

Posted on Saturday, April 2nd, 2022 at 6:42 pm

There were no April fool’s jokes this year. However, there was a need to lay off the diuretic due to physical manifestations. So I did not sort and haul a load to storage. I stayed home and recovered instead. I’m improving, but it’s not quick in coming. I doubt that I will get to moving stuff until after the party. So I am considering a bank run to Navasota early this coming week.

I haven’t thawed anything in about a week, cooking has not been one of my strong points since I made the eggs ackley. Quick fix has been the rule, with my body complaining as it has been. I’ve thought about recipes, but I haven’t moved in that direction. Not that there is a need, there is plenty in the fridge and freezer for a quick fix.

It was in the mid 80s today, a warm one. No AC yet, I’m adapting to the warmth well, almost eagerly. Denim sleeves at 80°F. Honestly, despite the heralding of the return of the mosquitos, I am tired of the cold. I’m tired of covered arms and layers. I’m ready for t-shirts and cotton socks. And I don’t hear any ACs running, so my guess is that I’m not alone. Lots of blue skies the last couple of weeks.

I got free internet, a new offer from AT&T has me running 100 Mbps without a limit (never hit the 1T limit anyway). The only catch, autopay. Okay, I can live with $0.00 autopay. I have a credit on the account for $7.67, and I wonder if I’ll ever see it again. I could have gotten their FiOS for about what I was paying, 300 Mbps or more, but I was happy with 75 Mbps, and this is marginally better. (Tests at 93.4 Mbps, 11.6 M/s. Upload shows 20.1 Mbps, 2.4 M/s.) And it’s free.

Logistics for the party beginning.

VVRRROOOOMM screeeeeech

Posted on Tuesday, March 29th, 2022 at 12:49 pm

The truck is legal for the next year, and roadworthy. And it didn’t cost as much as I had anticipated.

I went to the local dealer’s Quick Lane service, first come, first serve, shortly after they opened, and got the truck seen quickly. I had no problem getting them to replace the part that I bought elsewhere. However, the leaked DOT3 had really gummed things up, and what should have been a 20 minute job took over two hours. However, they only charged me the standard 20 minute rate, and fixed the emergency brake without extra charge. That didn’t fix the soft brake pedal, however, so I authorized a full brake line flush, which did. Total came to $233. I have a new habit to learn for braking.

After a brief break at home, I went for the inspection, then to the county courthouse for a registration sticker. The new sticker is now on the windshield. The truck is road ready. I made a store run last night for a few items, to get the urge to drive down a notch. I made a brief tour of the area on the outskirts of town this morning to check out the wildflowers. They’re not as thick as I’ve seen in previous years, but still nice.

So that leaves me ready to take a load, including LZB1, to storage in Webberville. I need to make room in the freezer for Popeye’s chicken. I’ll have business in Bastrop while I’m passing through. I was thinking of a visit to Elgin, but I decided to drop that, as the reasons evaporated. No sense in burning extra gas for no reason.

The weather has continued to see highs in the low 80s. Windows are open most of the day, most of the days. Sleeves are getting rare. It’s about time to wash the alpaca poncho.

Post tree

Posted on Friday, March 25th, 2022 at 3:32 pm

After of two days of chainsaws, skid-steer loader, and rapid fire Spanish, the neighborhood is quiet again. The circus, which consisted of over 20 people (neighbors, landlords, onlookers, city officials, etc), has vanished, the street once again uncluttered of vehicles, trailers, and machinery. Nothing of their presence remains except a big hole in the sky.

It’s 80°F, a cloudless sky overhead. A mild breeze from the desert west ushers in a 15% relative humidity, a dew point of 30°F. This is unusual weather for this close to the Gulf. Windows are open with no need for a fan.

Made a pharmacy run this morning. Got litter for Myka as well. I managed to find things that have chronically been out of stock, buying locally online at good sale prices not available at the stores. So no need for a store run this weekend.

Thawed and broiled a rib eye from an earlier batch than the most recent. I haven’t dived into it yet. I also thawed a pack of spiral cut ham for egg sandwiches. Part of the pork loin will go into eggs ackley, which should get made this afternoon.

Wildflowers are starting to fill out. Still a little early for peak bloom, but they’re getting established.


Posted on Wednesday, March 23rd, 2022 at 10:56 am

There is a latino tree cutting crew next door, preparing to take down the massive sycamore that was struck by lightning. Just what I wanted, the sound of chainsaws all day. Oh well, at least the balls and fuzzies will be gone. Nothing green survives next door, scorched earth. I had to ask them to move their truck so that trash could be picked up. And then another shows up to take its spot. And the pickup is blocked in.

Jambalaya is gone. Working on a section of pork loin. Lots of stuff in the fridge, mentioned below. Made a store run to try and take advantage of sales, but everything I wanted was out of stock. *sigh* But I’ll survive with alternatives. Sausage pattie, egg, and cheddar sandwich for breakfast.

Still need to get the truck fixed. One thing or another…


Posted on Friday, March 18th, 2022 at 11:43 am

Windows have been open, though not today. 50s/60s, not cold, not mild. But the hard stuff is over. It’s spring. Aaaaah.

Bluebonnets across the street. I assume they have been sprouting elsewhere. I’ve been making store runs at night, so I haven’t done any extraneous touring yet. They’ll get thicker.


Jambalaya in the fridge. Myka appreciates it. Got an array of unopened entrees; boudin, brats, dogs, tamales, and pastrami, plus a serving of pork tenderloin. Plenty of bread. Spuds. I’m down to three chicken quarters in the freezer, so I think I’ll concentrate on them and get another bag to roast. Chicken penne alfredo sounds good. I’m due another rib eye too.

Truck maintenance slid, as I haven’t been up to it the last few days. I still have two weeks.


Posted on Friday, March 11th, 2022 at 10:01 pm

The last cold front of the season. Currently 40°F, N 25 mph/G 32. A possible passing freeze around dawn. Thermostat up a notch, alpaca poncho, foot warmer (when she’s of a mind). Cocooning as much as I can stand it. It’s for the last time.

Windows will be opened daily, starting Monday. Spring is here on the classic schedule, mid-March.

Getting the truck roadworthy is in the cards, this coming week. But for this weekend, not much is happening.

Watching The Prisoner (1967) in the ITC sequence. In retrospect, there are some very timely bits of tech, a good chuckle.

Brats, pizza, fajita chicken, flautas, pot pie. Haven’t thawed anything yet, not in the mood for washing a bunch of dishes until it warms up.

Let there be

Posted on Wednesday, March 9th, 2022 at 4:58 pm

It seems that after eight months of darkness on the street, and three phone calls to the city government, there will now be 5000°K LED light. I say seems, as night has yet to fall to provide proof. But the maintenance cherry picker truck just pulled away from under the light fixture. Sometimes, you have to squeak often to get some grease. And the right place and time helps too. Ah, serendipity.


LED – 5000°K

Chili is gone. Made a pressed burger in the minipan for lunch. Got all the trash in the can before it went to the curb. Nothing open in the fridge. Pizza and chicken fajita are on the menu. Not thawing anything yet, but jambalaya is nudging my brain. I could use some seafood.

Took off the poncho for the afternoon. Denim shirt open. Low 60s after a cool night. Sunny after a wet spell. 70s forecast tomorrow, then another drop, maybe the last of the season.

Been finding a number of live feeds, nature/wildlife oriented for the most part. Easy to eat time just watching. Disappointed in the TV that I’m seeing online. Almost there in so many aspects, but it’s still TV. The willingness to suspend disbelief isn’t being touched.

Taking care of finances, getting stuff squared away for the truck’s inspection and tags. Topped off the tank (3 gallons) in the rain before the price went up (+30¢/gal) overnight.