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Eh, what’s not up, doc?

Posted on Thursday, June 9th, 2011 at 9:02 pm

The Fukushima earless rabbit needs a name.
Heck, I bet I could create a dead ringer in modo.

Stoned, for the first time

Posted on Friday, June 3rd, 2011 at 6:45 pm

Did a bit of digging on the kidney stones, and found that the cause is rather rare, at least statistically. They were formed from an excess of uric acid. Now I’ve never had them before, and gout doesn’t run in the family, so I am assuming that the illness was responsible for the excess levels that it must have taken to create them. I wasn’t dehydrated, so I can only surmise that it was the illness that attacked the purine in my body and converted it to uric acid, and that it wasn’t a diet issue.
I passed about forty to fifty yesterday, a nasty little clump of abrasive demons scouring my urinary track from kidneys on down. None were big enough to clog the tubes, thank goodness, though they did leave their calling card. But I haven’t passed any since, and I feel better now that they’re out of my system. So I’m hoping that it will fade from here, and I’ll get better.
If not, I’ll be going on a uric acid reducing diet. (UGH!) I’m knocking on wood until my knuckles hurt. Maybe I’ll actually be my old self again, some day soon.

On the other side, knock on wood

Posted on Wednesday, June 1st, 2011 at 4:53 pm

Well, it seems that I am on the other side of the three month fever, knock on wood. I haven’t registered a fever in six days, though I still have some subnormal temps. Then again, I’ve been sleeping a lot, some days logging ten to twelve hours of snooze time, counting naps, so subnormal is to be expected.
But I’ve been passing kidney stones, and probably why I’ve been sleeping so much. This is a first for me, and fortunately the stones are all the size of sand granules, so there is no blocking of passages and forced scraping under pressure. But there is still some irritation from the orange pumice textured specks, and my body seems to be focusing a lot of its healing attention there. So it’s not what I’d call a speedy recovery, and I’m reasonably certain that the kidney stones relate to the third stage of fever that had no overt symptoms. But hey, it is a recovery, even if it is a slow one, and I am glad for that.
Today, I am burning DVD’s, 15 of them, getting stuff off the hard drives. I had run out of jewel cases, and I was fortunate to find a sale of 50 for $10. So today is catch up day on the burner to make up for the months of less than energetic neglect.