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Vet hospital

Posted on Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011 at 10:38 am

There was an incident here in the yard the night before last, while the house was asleep.  From the nature of the wounds suffered by Pup and Austin, primarily to the lower torso region, the intruder seems to have been a large raccoon.  Each dog suffered about half a dozen gashes and punctures to their undersides, requiring extensive surgery.  The vet bill was almost $3k (ouch) for the pair.  So yesterday was one of those days, with the dogs being dropped off at the emergency clinic before morning rush hour and picked up shortly before midnight.


Today begins two weeks of tending to widely shaved dogs with metal stitches and cones around their necks to prevent their licking at the wounds.  Dispensing of antibiotics and pain medication, seeing to their comfort, and managing everything else around that, for the next two weeks will be a part of my life.


Oh well, it’s too hot (104-106°F) to do much of anything but stay inside.  I guess it came at a fortunate time, if anything about this can be considered fortunate.  I’m redesigning a website, a fairly radical facelift.  So I’m keeping an ear open while I work, and periodically cleaning blood drops on the floor, dripped from Austin’s tube.  It comes out tomorrow, I believe.