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Black walnut and photoelectric rope lights

Posted on Tuesday, September 20th, 2011 at 7:51 pm

It was a day of working with wood carving tools and wire nuts.  The front of the house now has daylight switching LED ropelights to illuminate the front of the house at night.  It’s no longer a black hole in the front yard at night.  The side of the house awaits an extension ladder.


And it was a day of working with black walnut, peach, almond, and other woods from local trees.  Getting a chance to use new tools for making custom carved items.


It was also the day the stage equipment was ordered.  A 12 channel PA system with 4 mikes and 4 speakers (/monitors), 8 wireless mikes, 12 mike stands, 6 music stands, 4 guitar stands, cables, drink holders, an acoustic amp, and a bass amp.  Pretty penny, but the barn has its sound system coming within the next week or so.  Fais Do-do will have quite a kick.


The boat party was fun, an interesting venue.