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Downers and silver linings

Posted on Saturday, June 16th, 2012 at 7:41 am

Car died in the HEB parking lot yesterday (103°F at the time), shortly after transferring the title, forcing a tow home (some 20+ miles).  Fortunately, the driver was a very nice guy, driving his own truck, and we got a very good deal on the tow.  I owe thanks to the guy at Sears automotive for saving our hides and the ice cream and other cold stuff we’d bought.  Now I get to work on the car to see if I can isolate the problem and get it running again.  I know it’s ignition issues.


I slept 10 hours last night after the ordeal.  My body was severely taxed yesterday.  My blood pressure was very high, and it is still elevated this morning.  The heat, exertion, and general stress was not good for me.  I didn’t go beyond my ability, but I came close to the limits.  I will be resting quite a bit today, and I’m sure that I will bounce back.


The Oi reactors in Japan were given the okay to restart, declared safe, even though the reactors sit on a fault line.  Idiots…..  I foresee an election to oust Noda in the days ahead.  He’s too closely tied to the banks and utilities for the likes of the Japanese people, and he’s lied far too many times.  His days as PM are limited.


Well, I get to drop my auto insurance Monday.  With the problems yesterday, I didn’t get home in time and was too occupied to call the insurance agent yesterday on the cell phone.  At least  I got my check in the  bank.  I also get to start dealing with the hospital’s financial office Monday, now that the car is out of my name and not subject to lien.  It feels good to get that away from hanging over my head.