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Boing boing

Posted on Wednesday, August 8th, 2012 at 8:35 pm

A run to Houston and back, through Bryan on the return, in 12 hours.  Yesterday was taxing, but encouraging.  Helen went down to the hospital and then came back with me, and we stopped and saw Doug and Ellen and ate out after I closed my P O Box.  I’m now legally a Webbervillan.  Driver’s License arrived today.  I also dodged jury duty (a second time) in Brazos County.  Why am I always slipping jury duty when I legally move?  Not that I mind….


Helen a little tired on the return home, partially because she is still not producing blood cells at sustainable levels.  But enough to slip free for a few days.  She will get to watch the jam this week.  I’m thinking indoors.


Paid the hospital today, $400.  Conflicting statements on what the hospital covered.  I need to dig deeper into this.  Grrrr.


Today was as lazy as I could make it and not go nuts.  Helen is continuing to enjoy being home.