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Warming trend

Posted on Wednesday, January 8th, 2014 at 9:07 am

Just went through two cold nights, temp in the teens for one of them.  But blessedly, it is warming again, low in the 40’s last night.  And my blood pressure is easing a bit, not drastically and not back to optimum, but still, out of the scary zone.  And I’m starting to get some tolerance for the cold weather, not greatly, but still not as cold natured.  But my hands blush a lot recently.


The Photoshopping has also slowed.  It’s also not completely snuffed out, but only lingering.  I’ve ended up with quite a collection of images from the spurt.


Check needs depositing, but the Check Engine light is coming on in the pickup dash.  But it goes out once the engine warms and I get it up to 45 mph.  I need to test it out on the highway a bit before I make the run to Hempstead for the bank transaction.  It seems to be running a little rich.