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Posted on Monday, January 20th, 2014 at 5:58 pm

New fan belt on the pickup.  Took less than a half gallon of antifreeze.  Glad I only bought one gallon.  I am once again mobile.  Check engine light came back on, though.  The disconnect battery cure didn’t work.  I need to get out on the road and blow it out, see if that cures it like before.  It was only showing when the engine was cold, so not too worried.  Could be air filter being dirty when the electronic “choke” is engaged.


Now a run to the store.  I can see if they have compression socks.  Had first batch of jambalaya last night and today.  Lifted my spirits considerably.  Need bread and a dozen other things.  I could wait until tomorrow when it’s not a holiday.  (MLK)  Avoid the crowd.  I have libations and more than enough food.  I just want cookies….  Argh!  I’m tough.  I can hold out.  I have Rolos.


It’s 78°F right now.  Ahhhhhh…….  Don’t want to do anything but enjoy the warmth. Doors are open, light draft through the house.  Absolutely perfect.