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Pink eye remedy

Posted on Saturday, June 28th, 2014 at 5:57 pm

I hereby personally attest that the first attempt at curing pinkeye (pink watering eye, no yellow or green pus, viral infection most likely) in a cat should be using virgin coconut oil (expeller pressed preferred). Smear it with a sterile q-tip around the edge of the eye, letting it go onto the surface of the eye so that it gets up under the lid with blinking.  If it’s cold enough to be a gooey solid (below 76°F), the cat’s body heat will quickly melt it.  Repeat 24 hours later.  Results should be total within 48 hours.  Watering should stop shortly after the second treatment, if not before.


The oil doesn’t adversely affect the eye, no stinging, no irritation.  The eye may swell slightly after the first dose as things are dislodged, but that will be gone shortly after the second dose.  The cat will naturally try to clean the eye, and the oil makes it easy for the cat to remove the secretions. But the cat should be discouraged from washing the eye for at least ten minutes, giving the oil a chance to spread to all infected areas.


By the third day, it will be impossible to tell the cat ever had pink eye.  It’s clean, painless, odorless (well, a slight smell of coconut), and easy.  It’s the best first stage treatment I’ve seen for pinkeye.  If the pinkeye persists, the apple cider vinegar treatment (1:1 with filtered water applied on the nape of the neck) is a second option, but odds are, if the coconut oil doesn’t work, the vinegar won’t either.  If it persists, see a vet, as it might be a serious condition.