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WIFI adjustment

Posted on Sunday, June 29th, 2014 at 8:32 pm

I made a few adjustments to objects that were positioned between me and the wifi unit, and it makes a big difference.  Mind, it’s not full speed, but it stays above threshold full time, or 99% of it.  So I’m not kept offline for a large part of the day like I was.


It was a warm muggy day today, and the low tonight is around 80°F with a high dew point.  So I removed the plastic covering and cranked up the AC.  It’s not super cold, but at least it cools the middle room, with aid of fans to move cooled air, to where I can sleep without sweating.  I am still in the kitchen with the laptop, where it’s still rather warm.  But I can take the heat, as wifi is better in the kitchen.


So that’s two things that makes my life much more endurable.