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Two weeks later

Posted on Thursday, May 7th, 2015 at 5:17 pm

Just back from Bryan, Music School, light shopping for things not found locally.  Good time, but taxing.  Highway 50 through the Brazos Valley was flooded, creeks not even visible, a severe storm that split Brenham and Bryan, but touched neither.  The soil will soak it up.  Good for the crops.


The last couple of weeks have been pretty low key.  There have been highlights, like the party next door, at which I gained groupies.  But by and large, it’s just been the daily routine with lots of naps.   There was the marinaded pork loin, which was irresistible.  The new mini charcoal pit is fun, some smoky food for a change.  The freezer is packed.


Lots of little things, nothing major, just trying not to aggravate the hernia is the big thing.  A period of minimal exertion.  A fair bit of watching the ISS, movies, etc.  Time in the recliner ungirdled, which why there are so many naps.


New ice cube trays.  Now it’s 4 instead of 2, and hopefully I won’t have to slightly melt the edges, floating the trays in water in the sink, to keep the ice from fracturing.  That was getting old.  Just in time for summer.