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They Call It Stormy Friday

Posted on Friday, April 29th, 2016 at 5:48 pm

Well, I went to the store and spent $1.80 from the remaining balance of $1.81, leaving a final balance of 1¢ on the card.  That has a certain ring to it, like a penny tip.  A 2L soda and 4 Ramen noodle packs (shrimp) did the card in.  It is no longer residing within my wallet.


Expecting more rain to see the month out.  Early May also looks wet.  I hope it doesn’t rain too much in May without signaling an early dry spell for summer.   SE Texas has already maxed out in April.


Myka is beginning to avoid warm places to sleep, preferring wood surfaces to padded ones, unless there is a fan blowing on her.  It’s an issue with me too.  I’ve dug out the evaporative cooling towels.  I haven’t plugged in the A/C yet.  It only warm, nothing I’d call hot yet.  But the cool weather clothes will be put away as soon as I do laundry.