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Bryan and Myka AWOL

Posted on Sunday, March 19th, 2017 at 8:34 am

Well, I have spent my third night in Bryan, helping out in the aftermath of Doug’s cornea surgery.  Everything has run pretty smoothly.  Doug did have to go back down to Houston on Friday to have the protective contact lens replaced because of irritation.  But all is smooth on this end.  I have fed the critters for three days.


However, back in Elgin, Myka has turned up missing after being let outside on Friday.  She was last seen late Friday, hanging out under the porch of Grandma’s.  So that is two nights that she has spent outside.  She was in a bad mood when I left, so I find her behavior less than surprising in hindsight.  However, she has worried those taking care of her in my absence.  I may make a run there today to see if there is something I can do to call her out of hiding.  (Assuming that she has not come to harm…)  I need to make a phone call first to see the results of the treat test that was done yesterday, to see if she showed up to eat it.


I wil be back either today or tomorrow.  I still have business to conduct (truck registration, etc.) here in Bryan.  So I’ll be packing light if I go.  If nothing else, I’ll get an extra dose of wildflowers alog the way.  They are pretty this year, and it’s still early.