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Sleepy head

Posted on Thursday, June 8th, 2017 at 9:30 am

I took five naps yesterday and slept eight hours last night.  That is usually a sign that I am worn out, pooped, weary, tail dragging, etc.


I have been cleaning up the bathroom and kitchen to make them usable, not a huge chore, but not light weight either.  The place was pretty trashed out from all the work being done.  It’s far from final, but it’s also usable now, in a limited degree.  The fridge is stocked lightly, not big cooking items, but quick fix stuff and sandwich makings.  I can eat and bathe and sustain myself.  Some of the hard drives are on the desk, but not all of them.  I have a burn session to do one day soon.  It’s slowly coming around between the naps.  I am functional.


And it hasn’t affected my sense of humor.  Myka is getting back into her routine and letting me out of her line of sight.