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Sensation misinterpretations

Posted on Friday, October 20th, 2017 at 7:11 am

The mesh is making for some unusual sensations around the abs.  It prevents fine pressure sensations along the abs, turning them more into an area sensation.  The skin is also a little numb in that area from post-surgical trauma, which is not uncommon for a while afterwards.  So tactile sensations to the abdomen are not what they used to be.


Case in point of the dream I had this morning.  Myka has taken to sitting on my abs to be pet, which is not a problem at this stage, but when she decides to leave, she uses my abs as her launching board, since they are fairly stiff and firmer than elsewhere on my stomach region.  And that is a problem.  The force needed to launch an 11 pound cat airborne, focused on two paw sized circles, is intense.


To prevent a surprise feline launch while I slept, I covered my abs with my hands.  The dream started with a group of people including myself coming into a country house I owned, much like the house in Montgomery, TX, late at night after a drive of some length.  We spread bedding out on the floor around the various rooms of the house.  I ended up being next to a lady who proceeded to move next to me.  A few provocative moves later, she was pressed next to me in a nude embrace.  The warm hands on my abs felt exactly like my hands on her lower back as I woke from the dream.  That drove home the realization that the mesh is going to be a lot stiffer than I anticipated.


I have to face the fact that the mesh is going to change the nature of my abs.  It’s not going to feel the same, the soft pressable belly is gone.  The abs are not going to give in a dent that moves intestines.  It’s going to be a washboard that feels more like my back than my stomach.  (Beast with two backs?  Nah!)  But heck, as strange as it might be, at least I won’t be extruding.  It’s a solid belly again.  And I mean solid!