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Posted on Saturday, January 27th, 2018 at 6:00 am

Made a lot of progress on Vince’s site the last couple of days, getting the hardest parts behind me.  The learning curves, html babel, puffy eyes, and scrambled brains are receding, but not entirely gone.  While the bulk is done, it probably won’t be finished until some time in February, as Sarah undergoes stem cell transplant next week.  But most everything is on the pages and just needs responsive layouts and tweaking.  The hard part is done.  Whew.


The weather isn’t quite as warm as it was, but it also isn’t freezing in the 10 day forecast.  I can deal with that.  February looks to be an early spring, much like last year, though the Gulf isn’t as warm as it was last year.


Got a portable Canon flatbed scanner this week.  It’s not a top of the line scanner, but the price was right for as seldom as I need one.  I haven’t had the time, energy, and focus to install the software to run it yet.  I’ll probably give it a shake down next week.  It’s USB powered/LED lit, so it can operate on the run from the laptop battery.


Sketti is gone, multi-thaw in progress.  Steak, chicken, ribs, brats…