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Long Lost Sandwich

Posted on Monday, February 26th, 2018 at 4:25 am

It has been years since I had a bacon/avocado/alfalfa sprout sandwich, at least until a few hours ago.  I like the aluminum pans from the pound cakes as a sprouting vessel.  It makes enough for two sandwiches or a large salad.  And I can stage them days apart, so that I have them fresh at proper intervals.  And a half an ounce of seeds goes a long ways.  I just have to remember not to buy an avocado until the day of the harvest.


Looks like I’m heading back to work later today, slideshow video.  This should be the final segment for the CD release.  Well, maybe a jukebox/playlist on the website, but that isn’t real soon and not release related.


Had a cool day yesterday, but it’s warming up again.  I’ve been out of layers for better than two weeks, and I love it.  Spring is here.