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Posted on Tuesday, May 1st, 2018 at 9:03 pm

Spring Fling was last weekend, and my body is still fussing at me.  I’m not in the least bit surprised.  I was there from Friday until Monday, and I left because the 64 pounds of ice I bought on Friday was down to less than 2 pounds.  I needed it to get the leftovers home in good condition.


It was a musical monstrosity, music going non-stop for 12.5 hours on Friday, 17 hours on Saturday, and 17 hours on Sunday.  And I mean non-stop literally.  And the new talent was exceptional.  I came home with sore fingers, though I paced myself and played a little on Monday morning.  I was accused of slacking on Sunday evening, but the manic nature of the music circle told me that I wasn’t needed until everyone folded.  I would sit and lead, and I’d be over-ridden in short order, so I backed off until I was truly needed, finally exonerating myself of the slacking charges.


I wasn’t able to chow down as much I would have liked, as I wasn’t able to do a proper training to empty my digestive tract.  But I did sustain myself well, and what I ate was yummy.  I bbq’ed two pork loins, and they were proper.  They even made it on Monday breakfast as Canadian Bacon.  But I brought over one loin home.  (I gave Julie about four pounds of it when we got back to Brenham.)  There was more than ample food.


So the freezer is jam packed again.  (I got three sirloins on special today, last day of the sale.)  My body is sore and needing regular doses of ibuprofen.  Today was garbage day, and I thought it was Friday because of it.  (Brain is still fuzzy.)  But I got most items unpacked, washed where needed, and I can sit and vegetate now.  Well, maybe a run to Music School tomorrow, though I won’t be playing music all night.  I got a little extra sun, pink but not burnt.  So I will primarily be indoors for the next few days.  The memories will keep me satisfied.  It was a good party.