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Posted on Wednesday, May 9th, 2018 at 9:48 pm

Cut my hair today.  Got a thumbs up.


Myka got a new scratch pad, belated birthday.  She has gone nuts over it. Not sure what she’s smelling (didn’t open the cat nip bag), but she has been all over it.


Getting ready for dental work.  A little slower than first projected, but not a big problem there.  I have ample window for it.  The ball is rolling.


Almost recovered from the Fling, still tail draggin’ a bit, but things are getting done.  Stayed home from music school tonight.  Looks like a typical summer this year.  90s coming on schedule.  Still no steady high dew points, but they can’t be far behind.  A/C is ready to run.  Fan is sufficient for now.  The wild flowers are folding.  A farewell to spring.