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#6 Egee

Posted on Friday, July 6th, 2018 at 4:51 am

My 6th guitar, hereby dubbed Egee is a Takamine EG523CDX12.  (12 string)  It has just entered my possession.











#1 – Electric solid body, unbranded and unnamed, purchased with S&H Green Stamps in 1966.  I experimented it to death, since I never really learned to play it.  (I still have the amp and it still worked the last time I plugged it in a few years ago, despite a slight tear in the speaker cone.)


#2 – Ny A nylon string guitar that I bought in 1968 for Sharon, who gave it back to me when we broke up.  I don’t remember the brand, it wasn’t expensive.  I took it to college and performed on stage with it, gaining SROs at the Basement.  I gave it to a friend after getting #3.


#3 – Yammer Hammer A Yamaha FG160 dreadnaught acoustic that I bought in 1974 from a co-worker when I was working for Automatic Electric. It turned out to be an exceptional Yamaha.  I wore it out in the 24 years I played it, housed in the denim print carry bag.  Lots of fond memories and stories.  I was offered three different Martins for it, trades which I declined  (Stored in the closet.)


#4 – Meenie A Takamine G335 12 string dreadnaught acoustic that I purchased new in 1997.  18 years of joyful service until the bridge popped.  Plans are to get it fixed.  My favorite guitar thus far, with more than a few good stories. (Stored in the closet.)


#5 – Maha My second Yamaha, a FS720S concert acoustic that Vince Bell sent me when the bridge popped on the Meenie in 2015.  It is also one of the exceptional Yamaha gems, and played much the same way #3 played, so adapting to it was easy.  Most noted is the StarWars b/w hard case.


#6 – Egee The Takamine EG523CDX12 jumbo that I brought home 11 hours ago.  This one was was accepted from a friend, in lieu of money to be repaid.  It plays much like the Meenie, and it has the TK40 electronics/tuner built in.  It’s also the first time in my life that I will have two working guitars together for any length of time (assuming I survive long enough).


(6 hours until dental surgery)