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More Summer

Posted on Tuesday, August 14th, 2018 at 12:31 pm

August remains fairly mild, mid-90s, high humidity, symptoms of a typical Gulf coast summer.  A little rain here and there, not excessive, but enough to keep things green.  Staying in the A/C most of the time.


Still waiting for the sore on my gums to heal.  It’s almost there, but not quite.  Not suffering, but not gluing in the lower plate yet.  Spending most of the time without them, which suits me fine at this point.


The headphones are working fine.  I’m familiar enough to use them properly, powering up and down as needed.  They charge with the same charger as the phone uses.  All in all, what I wanted.


I will probably make Music School tomorrow.  Was at Julie’s yesterday, playing the Egee.  Voice has been neglected the last month while healing.  But I’ll blow out the pipes soon enough.