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Posted on Thursday, September 6th, 2018 at 4:02 pm

Headed tomorrow to housesit in Bryan, Friday to Monday morning.  Feed birds and Squirt and new feral cats.  I’ll take care of business while I’m there.  Haven’t made any Music Schools recently.


Paid auto insurance today.  Ouch.  Still staying afloat though.  Only have storage left to pay for the month.


Starting to look at next month’s exile.  I will have fresh 90 day scripts for everything, so no pharmacy juggles.  Looking at what I need to pack for a 30 day w/ Myka jaunt.  I will probably take the audio mixer and do some recording.  I expect to do a little jamming as well.


Not much to worry about in the meantime.  Lots to eat.  Just killed off a loaded pizza.  Had a chicken/broccoli alfredo before that.  Steak, ribs, and smoke turkey/provolone sandwiches are filling out the main courses.  A risotto is for when I get back from Bryan.  Still not gluing the plates in yet, but the partial helps a good deal when eating without them.  That is about to change, though.