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Turkey fajitas

Posted on Thursday, November 15th, 2018 at 9:50 pm

The first injection just took place in the thawed bird, and it sits under foil in a roasting pan in the fridge.  Tomorrow, the stuffing and the bacon wrapping and the roasting, followed by disassembly, carving, packaging, and boiling down the carcass to stock.  It will be a fairly full day to prep it for transport.  I have the kitchen ready for the process tomorrow.  The 7 hour cook time should give me ample time to prep and stage for the road.


Departure will be Saturday, as soon as I can get things packed and rolling.  With a single overnight, packing will be minimum.  I figure 30 hours there and an hour transit each way.  Friday night will be too cold to play and sing, so a Saturday arrival before noon should work.  Fajitas and second serving on Saturday, music on Sunday.  Second serving is either tamales or cheesecake.  I’ll figure that out on Saturday morning when I get the guacamole.


The cold snap is easing slowly.  It froze enough to nix the bugs and mosquitos.  So we don’t need any more of that for a while.


I look forward to the party.  I also look forward to emerging from post party recovery. I am ready for a prolonged rested lazy spell.  Nothing quite like sitting around, doing nothing, by choice.  One or two events in December, maybe three.  I’ll just have to see how ambitious I get.