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One more

Posted on Tuesday, December 11th, 2018 at 4:12 pm

Another year under the belt.  Hasn’t stopped me yet.


Posted on Saturday, December 8th, 2018 at 9:27 pm

The rain stopped and moved on, now the cooler temps move in.  Myka’s grass is back inside, which means she’s on the desk staring me down politely.


The days are moving toward solstice, still shrinking, sunset earlier, sunrise later.  Looking at a 60s/40s thing for the next few weeks through solstice.  Ran across the song Don’t Get Up from The Gong Show Movie.  A good tune for this holiday season.  It was earwigging, so I learned the chorus.

C G C C7 F Fm C A D G C


The zipper on the alpaca is fixed.  (I am prone toward an emoticon of ecstatic bliss here.)  I now have a zipper repair kit that won’t stop.  Now I can forget the logistics that brought it together.  Ugh!


I’m digging in for the winter.  Time will get me through to the spring.  I am well prepared for the cruise.


Posted on Friday, December 7th, 2018 at 5:42 pm

Texas is wet.  A Pacific mass has wandered across Mexico and is dumping rain over 70% of the state.  It’s pretty much a constant moderate rain.  A couple of inches is what I expect, maybe a bit more.


WordPress 5.0 released today.  Did all the backups, including the entire website.  I’m not sure that I like it.  It’s a little too modular for my taste.  At least the theme still works with it.  I will survive, but I’ll probably grumble a bit.


Myka has been fixating on the LZB whenever I’m not in it.  The only time the chair is empty is if:

  1. I get up when she is in deep sleep.
  2. There is food or oat grass being served or the perception thereof.
  3. She is up running through the house from room to room.
  4. She is bored and pestering me.


Go figure

Posted on Tuesday, December 4th, 2018 at 9:03 am

Yesterday, in frustration over the zipper sliders in limbo, I ordered more from a different location.  This morning, the original order arrived in Brenham from Houston, where it had been hanging out for a week, rent free.  Go figure.  Don’t see any way to cancel the order.  Oh well, it was only $9 for a 75¢ item.


In the 30s last night.  I brought the remains of the sprouting oat grass inside, and Myka has been pestering me to no end.  Grrr.  Rascal.


Not much else to convey.  Store run later for batteries (pre-paid pick up), prescriptions, and other stuff (including frozen Belgian waffles).  I will wait for it to warm up a bit.

Jambalaya night

Posted on Monday, December 3rd, 2018 at 7:38 pm

Got a batch of chicken, shrimp, and bbq pork loin jambalaya resting on the stove.  The weather is turning cooler, so it will be a nice warming dish for the next few days.


Kitty attacked the planters with Myka’s oat grass, taking out at least 60% of it.  I’ll need to bring it in for the next few nights, so I may end up replanting, at least the small aluminum tray.  It got hit worst by the dirt digging cat.  I’ll probably sacrifice what remains of it to Myka and just start over fresh.  I was lucky to have a wire basket over the big one as a leaf shielding cage, which prevented total devastation..


I broke down and ordered new zipper sliders, this time from Seattle, on the far coast.  Hopefully one of the two will eventually reach me.  Not particularly happy with USPS now.


Posted on Saturday, December 1st, 2018 at 12:28 pm

I sanded down the rust spots on the truck (cab and hood) and sprayed them with converter.  One step closer to a waxed truck.  I don’t think I’ll get to polishing and waxing this weekend.  The weather is right, but I’m not quite up to the whole job in the next day and a half.  I need to do some more stripping with Purple Power, and that will probably be tomorrow at the car wash (again).  This is mostly for the roof of the cab and the camper shell, ladder work.  I need for the rust converter to set before I do that.  I may give the truck a once over with the car wash spray wax to seal it until I can get to the polishing.


Zipper sliders are still in postal limbo in North Houston.  *Sigh*


Risotto and sloppy joe in the fridge, plus a thawed bbq’ed pork loin section.  Plenty to keep me going.  The kitchen is fully stocked.  Jambalaya coming up next week for the cool snap.


Enjoying the opened house.  Currently 75°F outside.  Myka is parked by the front window, taking in the view with full audio.


The first of the oat grass sprouted.  Should be some leaves to feed Myka within the next few days.