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Garbage day

Posted on Friday, January 4th, 2019 at 2:31 pm

The sanitation department for Brenham just performed residential pickup here for the first time in two weeks. Thanks to Christmas and New Year’s and the period between them being a holiday for the pickup crew, we went Friday Dec 21 to Friday Jan 4 without a pickup. Now the recycling center was open for those who were desperate enough to haul theirs to the bins.


I had two bags, neither that large. The house across the street had 11 bags. Now the normal twice weekly limit is 3 per, so today as make up, the limit would theoretically be 12. So that would leave the question of if a limit was enforced today. With all the family gatherings and parties, I could envision some pretty serious piles for those too lazy to truck theirs.


Feeling better, now that I’m getting a chance to rest a bit. That much is obvious with last night’s ladder purchase. I went to Lowe’s last night, expecting from their online store to find one of four available 300 pound test multi-ladder for $60, on sale, half price. Turns out an inventory error happened, and they had none. So I bought a ladder of the very same design, except 375 pound test. It cost me $100 plus tax, not half price, but with a larger discount. The ladder weighs 35 pounds, as solid a ladder as I’ve ever seen. The adjustments pieces are all very heavy steel and there are no quick releases or other whistles. It acts as both a two sided step ladder (4-7 ft) and an extension ladder (8-14 ft), thanks to the hinge in the middle. It fits easily inside the truck’s camper shell. It’s the last ladder I’ll ever buy. When I can no longer move it into position, I’ll have no reason to be on a ladder. Until then, I’m set.


Anyway, that was the last item purchase for a while. It was planned for well over week, though the extra $45 wasn’t. Not seeing anything impulsive ahead. Now I can sit tight, I’ve got everything I need for a while.