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Posted on Sunday, February 10th, 2019 at 5:33 am

ZZZZZZZZZZ. I have been sawing logs at an unprecedented rate since I got back from Bryan. I can’t even begin to judge how many hours I’ve slept. Best guess is 20-22 out of 36. However, I am starting to get a bit of energy back. I handled washing dishes and refilling the ice bin and stuff like that, but no major cooking yet.

I may do a sausage gravy instead of baked potato soup to use up the milk. We’ll see when I get the energy. It has climbed out of the 30s and is in the low 40s. It will warm back to the 70s tomorrow. Just depends on which way the wind blows.

My blood pressure is back down in the normal range, 118/77. So the diuretic is doing well with the hypertensive. Traces of a reaction, but nothing alarming. It is taking care of the edema, the fluid weight is being shed. It might have something to do with how much I’m sleeping and how tired I’ve been. Never judge the long run on the first few days unless it’s severe. But I am paying attention to the details.

Myka has been highjacking my La-Z-Boy on a regular basis. As soon as I get up, it’s fair game to her, unless I’m in the kitchen or bathroom (treats and oat grass potential). When it warms up again, she’ll probably be back to sleeping in the front room.