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Posted on Sunday, February 17th, 2019 at 8:45 am

The first leg of the backup copy onto the new 8T drive is in progress, with about 8 hours to go. 4000, containing 2.17T, is taking about 32 hours to complete. Next are catch-alls 2000 and 500, and the boot drives from both laptops. The four drives total about 800G, a little over 12 hours to copy them. At that point, I can erase 4002 and store for future use. It might act as a primary in case one of the two current primaries (4000 and 4001) fails. The final leg will be to copy 4001, containing 2.47T, which does’t have a hard drive backup yet.

Needless to say, this won’t happen quickly. It’s likely to be spread out across a couple of weeks. But I will be pleased to have everything on at least two hard drives, with most of the primary data on DVD burns. One reason that I like this system is that it handles the shift in hard drives as I increased from 500G and 1T to 4T drives. Many of the major folders got reassigned to new drives, and it made chaos out of 4002. This move to the 8000 will restore mirror order.

It has cooled back down again, though not chilly. It will be 40s and 50s for the next week, warming back up on the weekend. Not a full blown spring, but not winter either, which is not too unusual for this part of Texas. I can live with it.

Debating whether or not to get a beef tenderloin while it’s on special. They put way too much good stuff on special for Valentine’s.

Well, I decided to grab three 8 ounce tenderloin steaks rather than a roast. Spending $75 on a cut that small seems a little excessive with nothing in particular to celebrate except my good health, and while the separate cuts were a little more costly per pound, it wasn’t that much more. That will satisfy my vanity without splurging excessively. One is in the fridge, two in the freezer. The one in the fridge will be a hamburger.

Pork loin and turkey thawed and ready to munch. Not looking at any massive recipes this week. Going light, and I have plenty of options for that.

One thing that dawned on me today, that one thing that the internet has removed from our lives is “Put your money where your mouth is.” It might be an idea for a web site, for 10% of the bet, the site holds the credit card payments, and the payout is 90% to the winner. How to determine the winner in this day of conspiracy theories is the ringer.