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Posted on Monday, February 18th, 2019 at 11:07 am

Half way through loading the 8T drive. The 3D and general content drive, along with the boot and catch-all drives for MBP1 are onboard. That leaves the boot and catch-all for MB and the media drive. 40 hours down, 40 hours to go.

One compatibility issue is that my phone sends tiny data packages when it’s active on the office desk, and I get charged 1¢ every couple of minutes. Not sure of the exact cause, but I have an idea, since it just started doing it a few days ago. So I have to turn my phone off when it’s in the office. It would cost me about $8 a day to leave it on, and the text messages would drive me nuts. If I forget, the phone will remind me when it sends me a text message after it charges me 1¢.

Got the tail light lens installed. It’s so much nicer than the driver side lens. I may have to get one for the other side, just for vanity sake.

The hydralazine seems to be working for me. Not crazy about the three times a day, but I feel much better over all, more energy and ambition, and no side effects.