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8 Hrs

Posted on Saturday, February 23rd, 2019 at 10:26 am

24 hours down, 8 to go on the transfer of 4001 to 8000. 68 hours thus far, looking at 76 total for all drives. I will be glad to have full use of MBP1 again.

Using MB for bog entry is a little funky. Nothing in the CSS is lining up where it’s supposed to line up. But it’s worth it to lay off MBP1’s RAM as much as possible.

Taking care of the horde out back for the weekend. Annie and Dixie are outside for the day, everyone has been fed. It’s been on the wet side, but I think that has ended. Radar looks clean. Glad to see the wet streak end. It lasted long enough to give the wildflowers a good send off. I could stand a little dry.

Got the driver’s side tail light lens yesterday. I expect to have it on today. I am looking forward to weather for polishing and waxing the truck. I still need to strip the roof of the shell before that happens. I want the Purple Power use to be done before I start detailing it. I will probably rebuild the shifter next, when I can find a warm spell.

Not much to talk about. Mostly passing time while the backup comes to a conclusion. My next system project is seeing if I can get this 256G stick drive to boot the MBP1.