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Old habits

Posted on Tuesday, February 26th, 2019 at 3:42 am

I am officially abandoning a habit that has spanned the better part of three decades, the gathering of 3D content. I think I’m there, where I set out to be, a 3D vocabulary. Now that I’m retired and not rendering like I used to do, I think I’m covered for anything I might chose to do in the future. And I’ve juggled content from hard drive to hard drive for long enough. This will give me the chance to finalize the library in proper order, getting all the sort folders emptied.

I think I am heading to Bryan tomorrow, catch a music school, do a little business. Ellen can drive again, so she will probably be up to playing. I hope I can get my sleep schedule straight.

It’s nice being retired. No pressure. Going your own speed.

Lunch hour, raining, the utility tree trimmers are parked out front. At least it’s quiet. Except for the rain. For the moment.

I did Picture Cards clean without a PDF for the second time. I have the three lyric lead offs in my head. The rest follows.

The tree cutters decided that radar wasn’t agreeable and took the cherry picker, but they left the tree shredder and the traffic cones. They’ll be back to finish the job when the rain stops.