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The freeze is gone

Posted on Wednesday, March 6th, 2019 at 8:27 am

♫ The freeze is gone, the freeze has done gone away.
♫ Yeah, the freeze is gone, the freeze has done gone away.
♫ Won’t see you no more till falls comes our way.
♫ The freeze’s done gone away.

It’s 32.2°F, and if freezes again until the far side of summer, I will be surprised and dismayed. It was a perfect winter, an early freeze and a late freeze to kill mosquitos, mild in between. And alpaca got me through it.

But now it’s time to wish winter farewell. I am ready for spring. Bring on the flowers, shed the layers. I am ready for warmth, open windows, and bared skin, even the hum of the ACs. Bring it on.

Plenty of food in the fridge and pantries, won’t have to cook for a while. A pallet pleasing list of options, no complaining here.

Starting to learn OCMS’s Take ’em Away. The song was written by Critter Fuqua as a tribute to Mance Lipscomb’s music. The song takes place in the Brazos Valley near Navasota, which is about 20 miles from here. And I used to give Mance a ride to gigs at A&M and back home. He was a major influence on me in my early 20s. It is a personal song on several levels. I have the music down, all I need to do is learn five verses.