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Tiny engines

Posted on Friday, March 8th, 2019 at 12:55 pm

Ah, spring. The sound of weed eaters, lawn mowers, saws, leaf blowers, and other tiny engines, competing with the sound of larger engines propelling traffic. It’s 76°F at noon, and the windows are open. Myka is making use of the 32 muscles in each ear to maximum effect.

The cooing of doves has started, the fussing of song birds staking out territory, the barking of dogs… The world has come back to life. It even smells different, with pollen and sea breezes. It is spring. A collective sigh.

Even the geckos are active again. Myka stared one down in the window last night, beginning a new season of night time interactive viewing. Life is rebounding at all levels.

Bare sleeves and sandals. The central heat is off. Time to wash the alpaca for storage and clean the fans. It is spring.

Of note, the phone has been on for 24 hours without a single data charge of 1¢. It’s back in action. Had one spoofed spam call that I didn’t answer. There are four voice mails, only one is from someone I know.