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Posted on Tuesday, March 12th, 2019 at 3:26 am

Been looking at office chairs, tall person, heavy duty, intense usage, long life office chairs. I’ve had experience with office chairs that were designed for two hours a day with someone who weighs 110 lb. Bleeech. I’m looking for one that will last and last. I found one on Amazon that is rated at 500 lb, 12 hours a day, 10 year warranty, for under $300. Right now, it is leading the pack.

I’m also contemplating an iPad upgrade with an Apple Pencil. Best buy has a 9.7 w/ 128G of memory for $329. Both would be under $460 w/ tax. I know, it’s not saving for a new laptop, but I don’t want the 3rd generation I have to fail on me and leave me with no music book. And the pencil is a good pressure sensitive tool, making the pad almost equal to a Wacom. (Software…)

I’m waiting to hear about a prescription refill. I have one dose left, today’s. I will call when the pharmacy opens. I’m still leaving my phone off, but there are no records of attempted calls or voice mail from the pharmacy.

Yesterday stayed in the 60s. Not cold, but sleeves nonetheless.

Music School tomorrow.

The fries were yummy and plentiful, three medium spuds worth, max for the frier. But they turned out very much to my satisfaction. And they are all gone.

Got into the upper 70s today, and Myka just got to chase first gecko with just the screen between them. And then a repeat. It gets her pumped.