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Posted on Thursday, March 21st, 2019 at 6:34 pm

The truck passed inspection today, as I expected. I also got it registered and sticker in hand. That is behind me for a year now.

Picked up the Apple Pencil today, though it doesn’t work with anything yet and needs a charge, which requires the iPad charger. (Expecting that tomorrow afternoon.) I also got a bluetooth keyboard for the iPad. If I had known that it would work with current iPad and the laptops, I would have grabbed it long before. I like it because it’s very portable and gives the iPad an easy way to type offscreen, with arrows to direct the text cursor.

Bluebonnets are popping up all over. It’s still early, but they are looking good. It will be a good year for wildflowers. 75°F and sunny as the day moves toward its close.

Got all my chores done for the week (knock on wood). Well, a small load of laundry is waiting to be done. I can sit back and relax through the weekend.