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Posted on Wednesday, May 1st, 2019 at 12:05 pm

Myka has been enjoying her new double wide, catnip loaded scratch pad to no end. And the avalanche of Temptations and tuna water soaked kibbles were a big hit as well. She has been a happy girl for the first half of her big 5th birthday. Her extra gravy chicken pate’ is next, in about an hour. (I will probably regret all this tomorrow. She is amazingly swift at adapting to pampering, the blatant opportunist that she is.) But today, we celebrate.

Got the battery squared away, topped off with fresh sulfuric acid, cleaned with baking soda, rinsed thoroughly to the ground level, and installed a new terminal. I had to cut the positive cables and strip insulation, as I couldn’t unscrew the bolts holding them in contact with the old terminal. It was a thorough job, professionally executed. Engine cranked up perfectly and the charge was on the money. I’m cleaned up and everything stowed away. Done deal.

I think I will wait on rebuilding the shifter. It works well enough as is. And my back is complaining loudly. I got the essential work done today. That is good enough for me.

The forecast keeps nudging upward on temperature, going from lower 80s to upper 80s for highs, along with the dew point. Summer is creeping in from the Gulf.

Well, Myka got her pate’, which is all gone, and more Temptations, along the small planter of oat grass for her to pick and choose. Nothing quite like a birthday. A very happy kitty.