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Saturday Morning

Posted on Saturday, May 11th, 2019 at 6:51 am

Saturday Morning – Guy Clark

The truck started after four days of holding charge. I’ll probably run a followup charge to test the battery. I’m hopeful now that the fresh acid just need a good solid bump. Now that I know it holds a charge, tests will tell. I’m hoping it will last a few more years.

Feeling better now that the side effects and withdrawal from the hydralazine have faded. Still a little limited, but definitely improved.

Making a eggs ackley later this morning, have an avocado to waste.

Still on the cool side. Sweater came off the rack. Closed the house, turned on the furnace (humidity control). I think it ran three times all night. 62°F outside as the sun breaks.

The good news on the battery, 13 V across the posts, a healthy reading.
The bad news: the ohm meter showed 10 ohms across the terminals (disconnected).
I will be hunting a short. Derrr…