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July the 4th be with you

Posted on Thursday, July 4th, 2019 at 7:50 am

Four pork tenderloins have been marinated (lime/mesquite) and are waiting for the proper temperature to begin. Three and a half will be in the freezer when they are cooled down enough in seven packages. The eighth will be in the fridge, or at least what portion survives the day.

I haven’t thawed out any rib eyes, though I may do that later. They are on special this week, but I haven’t committed to cooking or buying any. Definitely under consideration, but not written in ink. The thing to do would be to cook all four and then get more, freezer willing.

The rain of June has finally departed this morning. Forecast is for sunny skies and mid 90s. At least its not the typical upper 90s or worse. But summer has arrived, the furnace has been lit for the next couple of months. Winds will be steadily out of the south, so hopefully no cyclonic upper level high over Texas this summer.

Nothing much to report, as the light rain has been keeping me in the office most of the time. Mostly this and that, nothing noteworthy. Taking care of things. Myka has her vaccination appointment next Tuesday afternoon. I have my appointment the following Monday.

Blood pressure went down for a while, but it’s back up again. Looks like I may be in for an increase in dosage.

Happy 4th! ♫ Oh the monkey wrapped his tail around the flagpole… (Apologies to Edwin Eugene Bagley.)

Pork tenderloin (yum) fit in the freezer. Strawberries cored and pureed. Jambalaya is in the past tense. Time for post holiday menu planning.

The 256G USB stick is now “bootclone”, a bootable copy of the internal drive. Rewrote the stick with the proper partitioning, then copied the internal drive over. It even boots on a hub, though that slows things a bit. So now I’m protected from boot failure all around.

One more drive (4000) to back up on the 8T and I’ll be done with cloning. Still a little cleanup and copy from 2000 before I start that up.