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Cat vax

Posted on Tuesday, July 9th, 2019 at 4:04 pm

Myka got her annual vaccinations today. She was more resistive than I’ve ever seen her, claws and teeth bared, probably due to the way she was restrained. And she got car sick on the way over, which didn’t help, nor did the long wait (they were busy). But that is over now, and she is back home and got her wet food.

A good thing that I had plenty in the bank. The prices have gone up. But it wasn’t a burden, well within budget this month. And I have the Advantage Multi.

So now I only need to worry about my own medical visit on Monday morning. It won’t be nearly as warm as it was this afternoon, nor as expensive. Until then, my time is my own. And I should eat something. I held off eating, like Myka, but for me it was to keep from getting sleepy and missing the appointment. Now I can eat and snooze away.

Sausage gravy is tonight’s endeavor, so I can make a dent in the bag of spuds. The camembert is history, shifting over to the brie. The tenderloin has one more serving, a sandwich. I have brats and pastrami as fall backs. Plenty in the freezer too. Thinking about a chicken penne (whole wheat) alfredo.