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Posted on Wednesday, July 10th, 2019 at 7:30 am

Nothing worse when cooking sausage to make gravy, than opening the flour canister to find weevils. Quick $10 store run.

Myka doesn’t want to come into the office, so I turned the carrier around where she can’t see the cage door. If that doesn’t work, I’ll throw it in a trash bag and cover it with shoes.

Got two four packs of HEB 3 cup storage canisters, rectangular instead of round, kind of tall and slim, which will make for good freezer storage. And the bodies and lids are the same colors. Important thing, the depth makes them better for spooning the puree. It’s an adaptation that I can make.

Catching my breath before I get back to the gravy. Mid70s at the moment. Other than the 100% humidity, it’s a good time to cook.