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Posted on Friday, September 6th, 2019 at 10:46 am

Getting close to done on the kitchen (restaurant grade) cleaning. All the counters are done, only thing above the floor that needs cleaning is the microwave interior, and it’s a mild chore. Mostly rice or crumbs that can be brushed out, and only a few. The mop down will be easy, since I’m using splatter guards and a bacon rack that mesh perfectly around a large paper plate. Clean machine.

The kitchen floor will get done tonight. Trash to the curb shortly, then I’ll be done for the day. Triple digits through the weekend. At least the dew point is staying below 72°F, and mostly in the 60s. Drying time has been excellent.

Trying to get the house tidied up before it gets closed up for winter. So much easier to do than when the dew point is in the 80s.

The scripts weren’t done for me by the stand-in doctor, so I had to order online, with two requiring an okay. And the pick-up order kiosk had crashed with no repairman in sight. Maybe around dark, maybe tomorrow late morning. No big hurry for either. Made the grocery run this morning as the dawn was breaking. Except for the failed run yesterday, none of which is required until next week, I’m fully stocked for the weekend.

Waiting for a new pair of Muk Luks to appear on the front porch in the next few days.

Time to get the trash to the curb and kick back.