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Posted on Thursday, September 12th, 2019 at 11:59 am

Just finished prep on the chicken and country style pork rib (cajun marinade) for the jambalaya, two cups each. Shrimp is thawing now.

Weather is giving a little, mid-90s instead of upper-90s, and the dew point isn’t getting over 75°F and is more often than not in the 60s. Not quite the weather yet for hard labor, but better than what we had for the majority of July and August. Dew points in the 80s are still hanging around the coast, but the lack of rain is drying it out over a fairly short distance inland.

Not very peppy today. But after a fairly active week, I’m not bothered by the relaxation. I could stand a little more sleep. But I am playing music more, getting back in shape for the fall festivities.

Don’t have to go in and see the primary physician for six months (February) unless something comes up. That’s the same time frame as the next ophthalmologist visit.

A quiet spell, waiting for the heat to depart Texas.