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Farewell November

Posted on Saturday, November 30th, 2019 at 4:28 pm

83°F outside, windows open from yesterday, drying off from a luxurious afternoon soak in the tub before the temperature drops back down into the 60s/40s. The sleeves are ready.

Not much of an appetite today. I had a piece of poundcake earlier. Can’t think of anything else since last night. I’ll probably start in on the brie later, with cold tenderloin and crackers. I may take the last of the older rib eyes out to thaw. I don’t want it to freezer burn. I’ll probably make the cheese risotto tonight or tomorrow.

Slept a lot today, maybe 9 hours total. No sign of fever today, but again, no sign of nailing 98.6°F either. Feeling better, though. Lungs are easier, not as tight. Feeling as normal as I have in a while. The weather helps. Glad that I’m on this end of things.

As usual, I avoided the stores on the TG holiday, especially on Black Friday. But I am well stocked on everything. Except for a new laptop, I can’t think of anything I need to get. I may go out to eat in December, maybe a trip to the China buffet on my birthday.

Boid gone

Posted on Friday, November 29th, 2019 at 6:12 pm

I killed off the last of the poultry in the fridge, the fajita turkey and the Popeye’s spicy. Down to less than half a pork tenderloin in the fridge. Glad to get down that far. Not sure what gets thawed next. I think a cheese risotto is coming soon.

78°F at 6 pm. The house may be open all night, with a low around 70°F. Increasing chance of rain through tomorrow, then cooling off again.

Still lingering with the bug. Not bad, but not 100%, temp still roaming, occasionally hot. Tuesday is the 14th day, so 4 days left. Coincidentally, Tuesday is my doctor’s appointment.

Retirement status being considered. I have a month left to decide.

Annual card

Posted on Thursday, November 28th, 2019 at 7:15 am

Fajita turkey tacos

Posted on Tuesday, November 26th, 2019 at 2:27 pm

Eating from the last chunk of turkey in the freezer. It may not make it until Thursday, but it was the correct week, halfway between party and holiday. And it isn’t traditional turkey.

Had a minor relapse last night, sure sign that I’m not over this bug yet. A good thing that I had not switched back to celecoxib yet. Doing okay this morning, which marks the seven day point. Still a touch of tightness in the trachea, so not calling it in.

The IR thermometer arrived, and I like it. Not quite as accurate as the oral, but definitely better than the temple contact one. Different results for different locations and conditions. IR thermographs have long shown that. I still have the oral for when I think I’ve exited the fever period and need an internal reading. But it’s there for “How cold are my toes?”

Garbage just got picked up. The one I missed last Friday has left the premises. Whew!

I should venture a sterile foray to the store today and avoid the TG frenzy. I’d get another turkey if I had the freezer space, but alas. Two idle freezers and, to quote Ricardo, “Nowhere to plug it in.” But I need bread and hash browns. Maybe milk. I could do with a cheese risotto. Brie sauce? Later tonight, toward closing time. I’ll give it some thought. I need to kill another $80 by Thursday night. HEB will be closed Thursday PM. No new sale until next week.


Posted on Sunday, November 24th, 2019 at 4:12 pm

The second half of the pork tenderloin is about to be done. Myka gave the first half ten claws up (GIVE ME THAT!). I have to agree, we will manage to consume the 10.6 lbs of it, one way or another. Pork tenderloin and brie go well together as a cold plate with crackers. I have bunches of both.

Been feeling remarkably well today. A nagging toxic mass in my digestive tract cleared, and I am much relieved in the wake. Being sick can be ugly. But I am improved to a great degree, despite the subnormal temps. Stamina is the big thing, and breathing is still a tad tight. There is still a little sensor going “Don’t celebrate yet.” But the fact that I’m turning out killer tenderloin says volumes, considering the various states of existence that I have experienced this last week. Feels so good to be feeling good again.

Okay, oven is off, last batch is resting. First batch has been bagged. 14 halves will be frozen, 1.5 halves refrigerated, if Myka and I don’t polish that .5 first. I still have turkey fajita to do in, so it has a better than 50/50 chance.

It’s 70°F outside, and I’m about to open the windows if it warms up another degree or so. But it’s late afternoon, and it not being likely to warm further, I will probably wait until tomorrow. I’m enjoying being out of sleeves.

Tomorrow is bath and laundry day. Open the house and let the past week be gone by wind, water, and gravity. (And a little elbow grease.)

The party should be thinning down about now, people getting out on the road before dark. I should start seeing party reports soon enough. All in all, the warm house was a blessing.

Time to do a little cleanup in the kitchen. Not a lot, a jelly roll pan, tongs, thermometer, cutting board, knives, catch pan, counter. Divide and bag four tenderloins and refrigerate the drippings in the middle of that. Back to work.

Four pork tenderloins. (5 lb/2.25 kg)

Ibuprofen to the rescue

Posted on Saturday, November 23rd, 2019 at 8:49 pm

Got off the celebrex long enough to start on ibuprofen as a fever reducer, and it made a marked difference. Currently subnormal. The concern last night was the swollen salivary glands, looking like it was heading into mumps. But I strongly doubt it, even though I never had them and never was vaccinated. (Not an anti-vaxxer, just didn’t.)

Doing much better today. Been playing music that I would have been playing at the party (I Know You Rider, Willin’, Salty Kisses, etc, all old party classics.

The pork tenderloins are marinating. It fills a jumbo ziplock, over 10 lb. The trials of prepping (at least partially) for a party and then not going. Life is tough.

Chores are caught up, kitchen sink, garbage, cat box, laundry, et al. I wasn’t much of a mess for four days, doesn’t take much cleaning up afterward. Defusing party prep is more work.

Turkey fajitas for dinner, fajita sauted and stuffed sweet onion and bell pepper, on a flour tortilla. I may not be eating at TRD, but I am not on a BRAT diet. I will be on a BRIE diet.

Ordered an optical (IR) thermometer, usually labeled as forehead/ear, from Amazon. I’ll probably be well by the time it gets here. I can always measure remotely the temperatures of the floor and ceiling. And next time I need it, it will be there.


Posted on Friday, November 22nd, 2019 at 9:09 am

Well, another spike in the 102°F range last night. This is definite not a 24 hour or 3 day variety. The question now is 7 days or 14? Derrr.

No TRD this year, and that is a fact about which I am not enjoying.

The new chewable vitamin C tabs are like rocks. And SOUR! I’m going to try dissolving them, first in water. Research first.


Posted on Thursday, November 21st, 2019 at 1:36 pm

The fever is lingering, in the 99s. I have decided that I will probably not be attending TRD, barring a miraculous recovery. So I am planning accordingly.

I made use of the Megathins and ate the avocado that I got on Tuesday. Myka still likes avocado. What can I say?

I need to marinate and cook the eight tenderloins in the next couple of days. Where in the freezer they will go is another issue.

This fever has convinced me that I want to get an optical thermometer. It’s not so much having the thermometer in my mouth, though that is part of it. The deciding issue is not being able to take a temperature reading after drinking something cold.

22 hours of warm weather before the front blows in. Chance of rain goes up considerably in 17 hours.


Posted on Wednesday, November 20th, 2019 at 11:01 am

I ran a fever of 102.5°F last night, with heavy shivering chills. It’s down to 99.8°F now, and I saw 99.2°F earlier. I became dehydrated from perspiration, losing 9 pounds of fluid weight, most of which was edema. I also had an accelerated heart rate, tender kidneys, and various chest discomfort. I am currently up and about, feeling considerably better. Still not 100%, but functional.

Well, if I am well enough to attend TRD on Friday, this gave me the fasting that is a part of training, to empty out the digestive system to make room for party food. If I’m not well enough to attend, then I need to either freeze or cook and freeze the eight pork tenderloins.

I would hate to miss the party, it would be the first TRD I would miss. I would hate to spoil a perfect record. I have four days to get well, preferably two. With 16 hours of downtime thus far, and my feeling this capable, I have hope that it won’t linger. Then again, I was doing some pretty serious exercise last night. The shivers were almost involuntarily constant. I am hungry now, so I have hope.

Got up to 80°F, so I hopped in the tub and washed myself clean of any infectious contact. Speaking of which, giving a two to three day incubation time, it seems likely that the infection was from the shipments. It could have been a company packer or a postal employee.

Windows have been open since mid-morning, much to Myka’s delight. And it has made me feel better too. I continue to improve, though besides the mild fever, there isn’t much at which to point. A mild nag in the trachea and tiring easily is about it. I ate, and there was no fever spike, so it’s viral. I will continue to eat lightly. If I go to TRD, I want an empty fridge as well as an empty stomach.


Posted on Tuesday, November 19th, 2019 at 1:29 pm

I got 8 pork tenderloins today, 4 double packages, 10.6 lb. total. I also got brie, crackers (club, triscuit), and chips (megathins). The guacamole and cheesecake will be purchased on Friday. The crackers and chips are the first things packed. Then the marinade from the cupboard. It’s official, I’m in active TRD prep.

Feeling a bit of soreness in the chest, as if a mild pleurisy, not severe, but not fun either. I might be fighting something, but it’s hard to say if it’s infection or reaction. Lymph nodes are not acting up, so it might be a reaction or viral. It’s not stopping me, but it is annoying. I’ll check my temp, blood pressure, etc. and see if time helps or hurts. I want this over with now.

One more store run, but this one could wait until post party. I might miss a sale, but I’d survive it. Killed the Blue Bell for space in the freezer. I’ll survive until I can pare down the cold stock.

Windows and back door are open. 75°F Sunny, dry, pretty day.


Posted on Monday, November 18th, 2019 at 1:14 pm

I haven’t started packing in the physical sense, or even made a digital list yet. But the gears are grinding, minimalist mode. The routines are falling away.

Having a hard time getting into full training mode. I’m eating, but I’m not getting much stretch. But alas, being limited by dentures does take some of the consumption out of the picture. So I’m not too worried.

Waiting for the sale circular to pop up tonight before I plan the store run. If nothing special shows next cycle, I may go with pork tenderloin, guacamole, and cheesecake.

I may not restring the Egee until after the party. They’re not that dead.

Windows and door are open. Myka appreciates it.

The weekend approacheth

Posted on Saturday, November 16th, 2019 at 2:33 pm

TRD is a week away. Nuff said.

The alpaca arrived today, as did the office chair arm pad covers. It was definitely the strangest online purchasing week of the year. I have an “info” source filter on my spamdeath account, because of a load of spam from a rash of .info mail servers. The alpaca address was info@, and the automatically generated emails couldn’t be replicated. So I was trackless and the package late. But I had faith, and indeed they did arrive.

The sweater is unique in the collection. It’s the thinnest of the three, it’s the only one with a hood, but it has the same style of woven pockets as the first one. (Second one has cotton pockets, like jeans.) It’s a nice party sweater. And it fits properly.

The poncho is the kick around alpaca. Heavy, no frills, nice to the touch, good sleeper. It will stand up to the task. I like it better than the picture tells. There is a subtle weave pattern that doesn’t show in the image.

The last few days have seen its share of light rain. Not that it didn’t soak up post haste. But it’s sunny now, around 60°F, and warming in the days ahead.

The fridge is bare, except for a ribeye. (No ribeye freezer burn in this house.) Well, there’s cheese and produce, et al, but only the one entree, and it gets broiled shortly. I need to think “party” in my diet this week. It’s time for stretch and fast.



Posted on Monday, November 11th, 2019 at 4:16 pm

Rowdy cold front just blew into town, dropped the temp 20°F in 10 minutes. (76°F > 56°F) It has dropped another 7°F in the hour since. Winds 25 mph/G 40. A rain that got everything wet, but didn’t run off. A possibility of sleet or snow tonight. Been watching things zoom past the window and the trees jive.

I made skin on, gold potato home fries w/ sea salt and ate my fill (about a third of the six spuds) while they were still nice and warm. What a perfectly yummy way to greet the onslaught. The remainder will go well with the dirty rice and Popeye’s spicy chicken in the fridge. No spoilage for tomorrow’s trash.

I order an alpaca sweater (3rd) and an alpaca/wool poncho on Friday, and it should ship tomorrow (today is a holiday) and arrive Thursday or Friday. The sweater is a little llamas design (all they had left for men with a zipper), but it’s hooded (and has good pockets). Consequently, the poncho has no hood. A first for both. It should round out the collection of (now) five quite nicely.

I also ordered covers for the office chair arm pads. They are starting to crack where I rest my elbows. I didn’t expect the upholstery to last forever at the price I paid, but this is a little early for it. But I bought it for the structural parameters, and covers don’t bother me (beach towel for the seat when it goes).

So I’m hunkered down and waiting for it to warm up again. The cooking is done. Need to bottle the oil when it cools and wash dishes. Otherwise, I’m kicking back and staying warm.


Posted on Friday, November 8th, 2019 at 10:54 am

Arctic front pushing this way, behind the front that hit yesterday morning. There will be a freeze Tuesday night after its passage on Monday. Cool and wet now, cold and wet later.

Got all the chores done. I will probably make the home fries today. Dirty rice probably Sunday, as I have several servings of jambalaya to polish off first. Brats and cheese there if the mood hits. Everything else in the fridge has been exhausted. Lots in the freezer. I may do a pizza for lunch.

Thinking of getting one or two more alpaca items, sweater and poncho. I want to move on it before the holiday shopping kicks in. I’ve got the funds for it in the budget, as well as for the party. Then my winter apparel would be complete for years to come. (I ordered the sweater and poncho.)

Two weeks to TRD. Next weekend is the work party. It’s time to start focusing.

Chicki chicki

Posted on Wednesday, November 6th, 2019 at 2:30 pm

Went to the bank in Navasota this morning, a very pleasant drive on a mild and sunny day. Picked up a big box of Popeye’s spicy chicken and a couple of biscuits. That ended up being four biscuits, as they lady at the drive thru forgot to give me the biscuits, so she gave me a couple of extras when I circled back for them. So the chicken is in the fridge, a portion to go into the freezer.

That joins the jambalaya, brisket, brats and half a country style pork rib that will go in dirty rice. And skin on, gold potato home fries are on the horizon. Not needy in the kitchen.

The weather is gorgeous today, sunny, 83°F, light southerly breeze. A cold front with high probability of thunderstorms is forecast for tomorrow afternoon.

My routine chores are done. Laundry needs to come out of the washer in a few minutes. Not feeling very ambitious about the shifter rebuild, though there won’t be a day like today for weeks at a minimum. But it’s not a necessity, I’m used to the loose shift pattern. Sunday would be the next window, a little cooler, which is not a major issue. It has been a fairly busy day, so I don’t feel guilty if I opt out of the operation. It’s not strenuous, but it is awkward.

There is not a whole lot else going on. Following the news, a few movies, though not the usual pace. Put Waltzing Matilda in the book. Got a new prescription drug insurance, changes at the first of the year. I have two 90 days scripts coming due in early December. The valsartan is due early in January. Might be wise to get it before the new year.

Tick tock tock tick tock

Posted on Sunday, November 3rd, 2019 at 3:01 am

Back on standard time, as of 15 minutes ago, on this 25 hour day. That means that the sun rises an hour earlier and sets likewise. Dark before 6 pm, bleech. But being retired, it doesn’t make much difference except for traffic and store times. Everything happens earlier with the clock, later with the sun. Noon is noon again.

Since October 20th, when I heard a band at the Arts and Music Festival playing Cookie and the Cupcakes’ Mathida (♫ Mathilda, I cried and cried for you. No matter what you do. Yes, these tears I’ve cried in vain. I want my baby back again.) Since then, it has led me to sing Harry Belafonte’s Matilda (♫ Matilda, Matilda, Matilda, she take me money and run Venezuela.) and of course Waltzing Matilda (♫ Waltzing Matilda, waltzing Matilda, you’ll come a-waltzing Matilda, with me.) Only in Australia would a song about a sheep rustler become an unofficial anthem.

The spaghetti is gone, the dishes washed, nothing left but the sketti belly. Jambalaya is the next entree, with cajun marinated country style rib, shrimp, and bay scallops. There will also be dirty rice with the other portion of the rib. And today, there will be skin-on gold potato home fries w/ sea salt. And there will also be brisket sandwiches. A good line up.

Tomorrow should be the perfect weather to rebuild the shifter on the truck. I’ve had the kit since February. Time to quit procrastinating.

All Hallows Day

Posted on Friday, November 1st, 2019 at 7:21 am

Today is the first come, first serve All Hallows Day candy sale.

Got the second order of denim shirts yesterday. They’ve been washed and hung up, and Myka is having a go at the shipping box.

Payday. Not much there to discuss, just the deposit clearing the account. Nothing on the shopping list.

Freezing, 30°F, first of the season. Woke from an unintentional nap, and my core temp was low. I put on the alpaca over the denim, instant toasty. I am pleased with the clothing options for this winter.

Hope the freeze got the skeeters.

Spaghetti cycle pretty steady. Good carbs for the cool weather. Fresh canister of shredded parmesan.

Daylight Saving ends this weekend, the 25 hour local day. However, it will be a standard 49 hour global day, as none of the time zones at the international date line are changing this weekend. Two more sunrises (one in 20 minutes) before the dive.