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Posted on Friday, November 8th, 2019 at 10:54 am

Arctic front pushing this way, behind the front that hit yesterday morning. There will be a freeze Tuesday night after its passage on Monday. Cool and wet now, cold and wet later.

Got all the chores done. I will probably make the home fries today. Dirty rice probably Sunday, as I have several servings of jambalaya to polish off first. Brats and cheese there if the mood hits. Everything else in the fridge has been exhausted. Lots in the freezer. I may do a pizza for lunch.

Thinking of getting one or two more alpaca items, sweater and poncho. I want to move on it before the holiday shopping kicks in. I’ve got the funds for it in the budget, as well as for the party. Then my winter apparel would be complete for years to come. (I ordered the sweater and poncho.)

Two weeks to TRD. Next weekend is the work party. It’s time to start focusing.