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Posted on Friday, February 28th, 2020 at 1:58 pm

The windows are open in the first day of a long string of open window days. Aaaaahh. Hello March, hello spring.

Got paid this morning, $3 under cap, still need to pay the internet bill, which was posted today. No hurry, I have two weeks and change.

I might go rinse down the truck today, get the winter grunge off of it. Or I might just wash the windows today, of which I’m most of the way through, and wait for a warmer day to spray water, like Sunday or Monday. Windshield and ‘tween glass is what is left to do on the windows, and they are squeegee work. All the rag work is done.

Nice to have nothing pending for a week. At least at this point. Free time and agreeable weather inspire.

Okay, truck glass is clean. Ready for the self-wash. But not today. Then again, maybe today.

Yes, the truck got washed today.


Posted on Wednesday, February 26th, 2020 at 2:56 pm

Paid the insurance bill in person today. That $235 drop in premiums definitely helps, though it would have been nice to know sooner, to avoid the song and dance of adjusting the bank account accordingly. 34 hours to pay the internet bill to get under cap. Even as a leap February, the missing days mess up the payment schedule.

Jambalaya to be made in the next hour or so, as soon as the shrimp and bay scallops thaw. Every entre’ in the fridge has been consumed, no more leftovers. Going to thaw a beef tenderloin steak too.

Not a whole lot else happening. Blood pressure rose back to where it was before the switch. It may be a fluke, maybe not. I need to message the doctor and see about the next adjustment, after I give things a bit more time to be sure of the trend. In the meantime, nothing foolish.

Weather is cool and blustery. Tonight a mild freeze is forecast, but after that, spring, windows open every day, blossoms popping out everywhere. I am ready to put the sleeves away for the summer.

Having a slow day, other than the jaunt to the insurance office. I may make a store run this evening if the internet bill doesn’t show online, grab three things and get out cash to cover the cap so I can forget about it.


Posted on Tuesday, February 25th, 2020 at 12:49 am

Blood pressure is showing some improvement, emphasis on “some”. Not enough. But still, some in the right direction. An indicator is better than nothing. It is a flood of angiotensin II in my bloodstream. Hey, I’m still alive.

Had the windows open today for a few hours. It was nice. A string in the long range forecast, starting on Feb 29th, shows at least 11 days in a row with highs in the 70s. YEAH!!!!! But a very light freeze on Thursday morning before that happens.

Ate up all the leftovers. Going through chili-dog adventures at the moment. Jambalaya coming up. Dishes washed, ice bin full, floor moped, on top of the kitchen. Garbage in the morning.

Got my insurance bill and ID slips in the mail. It’s not online yet, but it’s something that I can pay on the spot in the office. I will make cap, one way or another.

Sitting the horde this weekend, Friday through Sunday. Two beddings and two feedings.

Filling my days as usual. Wrote an essay on SAA. Movies, news, games, puzzles, email. Taking it easy, monitoring the transition.

Poked and played

Posted on Sunday, February 23rd, 2020 at 1:41 am

Got my blood test results back. Glucose was a little on the high side, everything else was on target. Lungs, heart, kidneys, liver, etc, all good. Minerals, blood composition, cholesterol, et al, on the money.

Switched from valsartan to lisinopril. Not an instant check on blood pressure, but I wasn’t expecting it on the first dose. A few more days should have my system with the proper levels. So far, a considerable drop in the average, moving in the right direction. So I am hopeful that it is the right solution.

The jam on Thursday was fun. It started out being just me as leader, mainly due to the messy weather. After 90 minutes, the rest of the musicians showed up and took over for me. I was between medication, to avoid a conflict with valsartan and lisinopril, and I played it safe. It was as fun listening as it was playing. It was an in between show, not like the first or second jam extremes, but there in between where I had been expecting it to be. Everyone there was present for the second jam, so it was familiar. The jam lasted a couple of hours past the usual time.

I got word that my truck insurance was being shifted from state level underwriters to preferred national level, which means that I save $235 twice annually ($470 a year). Not fussing, but it did change my budget plans to stay under cap for the bank account. I’m $3 from cap, if I get the insurance and internet paid by the 27th. I may need to go visit the store fronts if the bills don’t show online in time. February was a frugal month, though there was no suffering for it. March will be easy, thanks to planning ahead and adjusting to windfalls.

Made cheese risotto, broccoli/rice with white cheddar sauce, and tuna mac. The milk was used up. The broccoli rice is the only survivor and going fast. Chicken, pork tenderloin, bay scallop, and shrimp jambalaya is next. Split pea and steak coming up, and eggs ackley tacos are finally scheduled.

I have the next couple of weeks off, except paying bills in person, if needed. Next few days will be warm enough to open windows, but not any warmer than threshold. I’ll take what I can get.

Bloody Valentine

Posted on Saturday, February 15th, 2020 at 2:04 am

I had blood drawn at the lab at the hospital on Valentine’s Day. The nurse was very good, got the vein on the first try without pain. The pain was the fasting for 12 hours prior. I also got the occult hemo sample turned in.

But I’m on this side on the asperity, eating and drinking again. Spaghetti is the main course, about halfway through. Had a loaded baked potato before the fast to grease the digestion. I hope that didn’t flare the cholesterol and triglycerides on the blood test.

Blood pressure has still been hounding me, though at times it dips for a while, giving me hope that it will subside soon. I’m on valsartan 160 mg every 12 hours now.

Was not a day of roses and candy… I did see an off-white plastic flower bloom at the entrance to the hospital. That’s about as close as I got.

I’m hanging loose, waiting to open the windows on Sunday.


Posted on Wednesday, February 12th, 2020 at 10:08 am

My elevated blood pressure is resisting medication. Not the first time that I’ve seen it happen. “No matter what you put in me, I’m doing what I want.” It usually settles down after an unnerving period. Unfortunately, the doctor is in on this one now.

Rainy and cool. The rain should end today, in a few hours, but it will stay on the cool side until the weekend. It’s not as nice as the weekend was, windows open, mild nights. Some 30s due before that comes back around.

Got the spaghetti sauce made. Haven’t cooked any pasta yet. I have a couple of things that need cooking. Made a baked potato w/ pork loin last night. I discovered a new smoked boudin which I enjoy very much. I got seven packs while it was on sale. (The first one vanished.) Also got more ground chuck. So much for spare room in the freezer. Had a half pound gouda bacon burger on Monday.

Not a whole lot else going on. BP has muted a lot of activity.


Posted on Friday, February 7th, 2020 at 9:46 am

The second jam session at Pioneer was the opposite of the first. I had a rough count of 17 musicians, and I knew seven of them. Lynn McDaniels was there, I haven’t seen her in years. It was hard to find a spot in the circle and hard to find a spot on the floor for guitar cases. There was no end to the talent. It was quite a spectacle.

I only performed six leads, which I welcomed. I got several rounds of ovations from the full house. I even had the manager tap me on the shoulder and tell me how much she enjoyed my playing.

Afterwards, eight of us continued the playing next door. It ended up being quite a night. I was ready for it to end. I burned a lot of energy, and it took several hours to wind down.

I skipped out on the ophthalmologist appointment on Tuesday. I just wasn’t up to driving to College Station and back with dilated eyes. And my vision has been constant. So the cancelation was not something that I regretted. It gave me a chance to relax. But I still need to get a blood test and see the nurse next week.

I have the weekend off. I’m looking forward to it. Sunday should be warm enough to open the windows.


Posted on Sunday, February 2nd, 2020 at 10:30 pm

The palindromic super bowl probably won’t be remembered as the one where guys wore baggy pants during halftime. It was the first one I actually watched in at least a decade.

Thawing out a second pork loin segment. The first one went entirely for secondary purposes. Myka is not complaining.

Windows were open from 10 am to 6 pm today. Myka wore herself out watching the outdoors. I have been doing chores as they arise, but I haven’t gone looking for them.

I am not concerned that today was a slow one.

Leap month

Posted on Saturday, February 1st, 2020 at 3:54 am

February 2020, a 29 day month. Sproing!

Been through another cheap big avocado atop eggs, pork loin, gold potato, and cheddar. Haven’t eaten a meal since. The hambone was a little off when I boiled it for split pea stock, so I trashed it. The split pea soup will be rescheduled. I have a rib eye ready for the broiler, and the thawed pork loin too, much to Myka’s delight. I may end up thawing another so I can make tacos.

Shifting into insurance payment month mode. 6 month bill posted at the end of the month. Keeping bank activity at a bare minimum after being paid. I am well stocked and poised for it.

Three more days off. Weather will be good starting tomorrow and through Tuesday (College Station, ophthalmologist appointment). Windows open for two days.

Doctor’s appointment went well, physical was good, except for blood pressure, but that was attributed to being in panic mode when the truck wouldn’t start. I read the bottom line on the eye exam, which stunned the nurse who later poked me with flu and pneumonia vaccines. I wasn’t expecting them. Doctor was hard sell and I gave in. I didn’t fast, using breakfast at 3 am to get to sleep so I wouldn’t sleep through a second appointment. I need to get a blood test in the near future.

I’m taking it easy until Tuesday’s turnaround. Two or three doctor visits (counting labs), plus a jam on a cold Thursday night. Charging my batteries for a busy week.