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Bloody Valentine

Posted on Saturday, February 15th, 2020 at 2:04 am

I had blood drawn at the lab at the hospital on Valentine’s Day. The nurse was very good, got the vein on the first try without pain. The pain was the fasting for 12 hours prior. I also got the occult hemo sample turned in.

But I’m on this side on the asperity, eating and drinking again. Spaghetti is the main course, about halfway through. Had a loaded baked potato before the fast to grease the digestion. I hope that didn’t flare the cholesterol and triglycerides on the blood test.

Blood pressure has still been hounding me, though at times it dips for a while, giving me hope that it will subside soon. I’m on valsartan 160 mg every 12 hours now.

Was not a day of roses and candy… I did see an off-white plastic flower bloom at the entrance to the hospital. That’s about as close as I got.

I’m hanging loose, waiting to open the windows on Sunday.