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Poked and played

Posted on Sunday, February 23rd, 2020 at 1:41 am

Got my blood test results back. Glucose was a little on the high side, everything else was on target. Lungs, heart, kidneys, liver, etc, all good. Minerals, blood composition, cholesterol, et al, on the money.

Switched from valsartan to lisinopril. Not an instant check on blood pressure, but I wasn’t expecting it on the first dose. A few more days should have my system with the proper levels. So far, a considerable drop in the average, moving in the right direction. So I am hopeful that it is the right solution.

The jam on Thursday was fun. It started out being just me as leader, mainly due to the messy weather. After 90 minutes, the rest of the musicians showed up and took over for me. I was between medication, to avoid a conflict with valsartan and lisinopril, and I played it safe. It was as fun listening as it was playing. It was an in between show, not like the first or second jam extremes, but there in between where I had been expecting it to be. Everyone there was present for the second jam, so it was familiar. The jam lasted a couple of hours past the usual time.

I got word that my truck insurance was being shifted from state level underwriters to preferred national level, which means that I save $235 twice annually ($470 a year). Not fussing, but it did change my budget plans to stay under cap for the bank account. I’m $3 from cap, if I get the insurance and internet paid by the 27th. I may need to go visit the store fronts if the bills don’t show online in time. February was a frugal month, though there was no suffering for it. March will be easy, thanks to planning ahead and adjusting to windfalls.

Made cheese risotto, broccoli/rice with white cheddar sauce, and tuna mac. The milk was used up. The broccoli rice is the only survivor and going fast. Chicken, pork tenderloin, bay scallop, and shrimp jambalaya is next. Split pea and steak coming up, and eggs ackley tacos are finally scheduled.

I have the next couple of weeks off, except paying bills in person, if needed. Next few days will be warm enough to open windows, but not any warmer than threshold. I’ll take what I can get.