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Posted on Wednesday, February 26th, 2020 at 2:56 pm

Paid the insurance bill in person today. That $235 drop in premiums definitely helps, though it would have been nice to know sooner, to avoid the song and dance of adjusting the bank account accordingly. 34 hours to pay the internet bill to get under cap. Even as a leap February, the missing days mess up the payment schedule.

Jambalaya to be made in the next hour or so, as soon as the shrimp and bay scallops thaw. Every entre’ in the fridge has been consumed, no more leftovers. Going to thaw a beef tenderloin steak too.

Not a whole lot else happening. Blood pressure rose back to where it was before the switch. It may be a fluke, maybe not. I need to message the doctor and see about the next adjustment, after I give things a bit more time to be sure of the trend. In the meantime, nothing foolish.

Weather is cool and blustery. Tonight a mild freeze is forecast, but after that, spring, windows open every day, blossoms popping out everywhere. I am ready to put the sleeves away for the summer.

Having a slow day, other than the jaunt to the insurance office. I may make a store run this evening if the internet bill doesn’t show online, grab three things and get out cash to cover the cap so I can forget about it.