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Posted on Friday, February 28th, 2020 at 1:58 pm

The windows are open in the first day of a long string of open window days. Aaaaahh. Hello March, hello spring.

Got paid this morning, $3 under cap, still need to pay the internet bill, which was posted today. No hurry, I have two weeks and change.

I might go rinse down the truck today, get the winter grunge off of it. Or I might just wash the windows today, of which I’m most of the way through, and wait for a warmer day to spray water, like Sunday or Monday. Windshield and ‘tween glass is what is left to do on the windows, and they are squeegee work. All the rag work is done.

Nice to have nothing pending for a week. At least at this point. Free time and agreeable weather inspire.

Okay, truck glass is clean. Ready for the self-wash. But not today. Then again, maybe today.

Yes, the truck got washed today.