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Rub a dub

Posted on Sunday, May 10th, 2020 at 12:08 pm

The bodhran is getting its first triple treatment, First was the thick lanolin gel rubbed lavishly into the skin until it formed a thin tacky coating and let set for a few minutes. Then mink oil was added and rubbed in until it blended well with the lanolin, leaving a less tacky but slightly oily surface. In about two hours, the shea butter will be added atop the mix. Two hours later, the skin will be wiped down to remove any excess. Then it will dry for a day or two, allowing full absorption. Then it can be played and stored in the case, which should be here by then.

The bodhran case finally showed as shipped from San Antonio yesterday (Saturday). It should be at the post office in town now, but there is no one to do the scanning until tomorrow morning.

I have added tennis racket tape to the shopping list for enhancing grip and comfort on the tippers. I can get that locally. But I’m not going to the store just for that with a tacky bodhran in the house.

It was a cool night, central heat was running. Myka hammocked between my calves last night. She may not get another chance until September or October. However, today is a blue sky day in the 70s, dew point in the low 50s. Very pleasant day. Windows open, mild breeze. No complaints about the weather.

Stimulus deposit hit the bank. Has me thinking about a new laptop. But not immediately. I want to see what else is being distributed before I make that leap.

Wiped out the chicken dressing a short while ago. I guess I need to think about the next recipe. Sketti will be the next major project in the kitchen. I need to look at expiration dates in the fridge.